Best pepper mill 2024 – selected by experts

Our expert shoppers found the best pepper mill for every occasion. They're perfect for spicing up everyday cooking and for making a house feel like a home.

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The best pepper mill will make it easy to enjoy freshly ground peppercorns. Available in a range of styles, colors, and sizes, there's a perfect mill for every kitchen.

Also known as pepper grinders, pepper mills grind large peppercorns into a finer powder. Like coffee grinders, they use burrs to release the aromatic oils from the peppercorn, adding flavor to your food. There are electronic models, as well as traditional, petite, and oversized ones too. Plenty have designs worthy of spicing up your dining table décor too. 

I worked my way through hundreds of pepper mill reviews and tested some myself, so I can personally vouch for their quality. A good pepper mill is faultless with its grind consistency, spans a range of textures, and is built to last.

If you're an aspiring home cook and looking for kitchen essentials, these pepper mills are must-haves.

Best pepper mills 2024

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What material should my pepper mill be made from?

Whether it's ceramic, wood, or stainless steel, as long as your pepper mill is durable and food safe, it is perfect. I look for wood or stainless steel, because they're easier to maintain and less likely to chip.

What pepper mills do chefs use?

Pepper grinders are some of the culinary industry's worst-kept-secrets. Most professional chefs like Peugeot grinders and Olivier Roellinger even collaborated with them. They're top quality and incredibly consistent too.

What's the difference between a pepper grinder and a pepper mill?

For the average foodie, there's no notable difference between a grinder and a mill. Pepper grinders are made with ceramic mechanisms, whilst pepper mills have hardened steel. The results are incredibly similar, so don't worry about the differences.

Final thoughts

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Pepper mills are a brilliant opportunity to make a subtle style statement. You'd be surprised how many people ask me about mine (the Cole & Mason set). Classic pepper mills don't change in style, so if you're looking for timelessness, they're an excellent option. 

The modern, electric grinders are an excellent gadget. They're not gimmicks; they're a luxury. When I cook with an electric grinder, it feels like I have superpowers. One hand can grind, the other can stir, chop, wave, and dance. For me, the most important next step is finding a matching salt mill.

How we test

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At Homes & Gardens we try to test everything we recommend. I have used both the large and small Le Creusets, the Peugeot, and the Cole Mason set, so know what it feels like to use these on the regular. However, for many of the others, I had to employ my expert research skills. I read through a range of customer and expert reviews to find the strengths and weaknesses of each pepper mill. With either my personal review or my throrough research, you can rest assured: there will only be pleasant surprises with these pepper mills. If you're interested in finding out more, we have a dedicated page discussing how we test our products.

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