This spring home cleansing ritual promises to get rid of negative energy in your home

Harness the power of springtime energy with this spring home cleansing ritual

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As the seasons transition from winter to spring, there is no better time to revitalize our homes through cleaning, cleansing, and decorating. 

There is more to cleansing your home than working through your spring cleaning checklist, however, spiritualists remind us. Smoke cleansing can also help to chase stagnant energy from winter out of our homes and welcome the fresh energy of spring. 

This spring home cleansing ritual promises to harness springtime renewal to increase your luck and prosperity in the new season. 

Spring home cleansing

According to spring Feng Shui, spring is a period of intense energy – it is a period of renovation and growth, making it the perfect time to set new goals and look forward to the brighter parts of the year ahead. It only makes sense, then, that we would look to increase our luck and prosperity in this fluctuating season. 

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One of the best ways to do this is to smoke cleanse your home to burn out negative energies. While cleansing a house with sage is the most common way to do this, Tanae Stewart, spiritual coach and Founder of The Witch of Lupine Hollow, suggests using cinnamon and orange to cleanse for spring:

‘Cinnamon and orange are lovely plants to work with in a spring cleansing ritual as they are both associated with the fire element and with the zodiac sign, Aries. The spring equinox occurs when the sun reaches zero degrees of Aries so this is a great time to work with fiery plants and crystals that are associated with this sign.’  

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Dried orange and cinnamon sticks can be tightly bound together before being burned carefully to cleanse your home. 

‘The key when smudging is to make sure the vibration/smoke gets into the corners and into heavy fabrics and closets – any place where energy can get stuck,’ explains Kelle Sparta, spiritual coach and Founder of Kelle Sparta Enterprises. ‘One can also cleanse using bells (I like tingshas for their clear single tone) or rattles; both of which are also safer than walking around and wafting smoke from a burning bowl which can loft embers onto your carpets and furniture and are one-time purchases rather than recurring ones.

‘Once your home is clear, now you want to fill it with positive energy. You can create a crystal grid or fill a simmer pot with things that bring good energy.’ You can also try blowing cinnamon on your front door to welcome luck in spring.

Smoke cleansing your home is also a great way to prepare for spring cleaning. Now that the energy has been cleared and your windows have been open to release stale air and freshen your space, you can begin to clean away dust and dirt that has accumulated over winter. 

For Tenae Stewart, spiritual coach, this is the perfect time to incorporate some fresh, invigorating floral scents. Not only do these help make a home smell nice for spring, but can help to neutralize negative energy, she shares: 

‘Scents such as lavender and lemon essential oils are perfect for the season,’ she says. ‘You can create a cleansing spray by mixing these oils with distilled water and/or witch hazel in a spray bottle and spritz them all around your house, especially around doors and windows. If it's a nice day, you can even open the doors and windows to let out the stagnant, stale energy from winter and sweep your floors from front door to back door to sweep that energy out as well.’ 

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Should I burn laurel in springtime?

Some spring cleansing rituals suggest burning laurel for smoke cleansing, but experts generally urge you to avoid this to protect your health. When burned, laurel releases cyanide, explains Kelle Sparta, spiritual coach and founder of Kelle Sparta Enterprises. 

This highly toxic practice should be avoided at all costs – there are plenty of alternatives that offer more benefits without the risk. 

Is it good luck to spring clean?

It is generally considered good luck to spring clean your home. In ancient civilizations, cleansing your home at the change of seasons was generally considered to bring good luck and fortune for the months ahead. Pairing with this spiritually cleansing your home or spring Feng Shui is a great way to set yourself up for success in the warmer months of the year.  

If smoke cleansing your home is not for you, be it for health or safety reasons, there are several other ways to cleanse the energy in your space. Cleansing your home with salt or sound cleansing, for instance, are great alternatives for welcoming in the positive energies of spring.  

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