Spring Feng Shui secrets – how to channel renewal and create harmony at home

Welcome new springtime energy into your home with these spring Feng Shui secrets

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As spring brings new energy, it is the perfect time to revitalize your home to encourage its flow throughout your living spaces. 

Altering your home’s layout at the change of seasons is one of the best ways to create good Feng Shui, helping you channel the unique energy for balance and harmony. 

Here, Feng Shui consultants reveal how to increase your luck and boost prosperity in the new season with some spring Feng Shui tips. 

Spring Feng Shui 

From quick decluttering to embracing the power of natural light, these five spring Feng Shui secrets are the perfect way to welcome fresh energy after a stagnant winter.  

1. Makeover your front door

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If you know anything about the meaning of Feng Shui, you will be aware that your front door and entryway Feng Shui is essential for welcoming in positive energy, so you should always start here, Amanda Gibby Peters, Feng Shui expert and owner of Simple Shui begins: 

‘A little quick shui explanation first – the architecturally intended front door is referred to as the “mouth of chi”. This is where all energy (opportunities, possibilities, and luck) enters our homes and lives,’ Amanda explains. ‘So, anytime we want to give the energy in our lives an upgrade, this is such a brilliant starting spot – as this is your point of influence for what “enters” your life.

‘If this space feels more like an obstacle course (say, the “everyday busyness” of your life piles up here), consider that it might be blocking opportunities from coming “into” your life. Evaluate the outside of your door as well as inside your front entry, and strive to make both welcoming.’

2. Take care of your houseplants

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If you don't already have some Feng Shui house plants around your home, now is the time to add them, suggests Hannah Yang, Psy.D, licensed psychologist and Founder of Balanced Awakening. 

If you already have plants, the start of spring is a time to focus on their upkeep, or get rid of any that didn't do so well over winter, she adds. 

‘Make sure you get rid of dead leaves, as these promote negative energy – the opposite of what you want in spring, then fertilize as needed. It’s also a good time to rotate plants or move them around in your home. A bit of rearranging goes a long way to refresh the energy.’

3. Incorporate the wood element

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Speaking of houseplants, spring is the perfect time to focus on the wood element in your home, suggests Abby Henry, house therapist, designer, and Feng Shui expert at Holistic Homes.

‘Spring Feng Shui moves us from the water element, the internal quiet portion of the year, and into a wood expression, more growth-oriented energy of new beginnings,’ she explains. 

Luckily, wood is one of the easiest elements to add to your home, and you likely already have multiple ‘wood energy’ objects lying around. Houseplants, for instance, are one way to introduce more of these elements into your home, but you can also use brown and blue tones in your interior decor, use plant-based textiles such as jute, bamboo, and hemp, and emphasize your wooden furniture and textures.

4. Clean windows and mirrors

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When the sun lasts longer and longer each day throughout spring, it is the perfect time to increase natural light in your home to encourage positive energy and growth in your space. The simplest way to do this is to clean windows, suggests Feng Shui expert Amanda Peters:

‘In Feng Shui, windows represent the “eyes” of a home, symbolic of our ability to see things. They are also symbolic of the outside world and our ability to consider “outside perspectives.” So, when weather grime coats them, we aren’t “seeing” the whole picture or even what is right in front of us.’ 

Similarly, cleaning mirrors to remove dust and streaks can help the flow of light through your space. ‘Mirrors “double” everything they reflect, so keeping them streak-free is an excellent habit to pick up,’ Amanda says.

Lastly, once the windows are clean, it is important to open them up regularly through spring, adds Hannah Yang, Psy.D, licensed psychologist – ‘Open windows whenever you have the opportunity. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes,’ she stresses. ‘This helps to get the winter air out and bring in the new spring air of opportunity. You can also cleanse a house with sage or similar if you feel inspired.’ 

5. Ace your spring cleaning

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It is not just your windows that need cleaning for spring Feng Shui, tackling the rest of your spring cleaning checklist is important too. 

Decluttering, home organizing, and removing dust in your home removes dead, wasted energy from the space while giving fresh, rejuvenating energy more space to flow. Clearing key spots such as your home office, entryway, and bedroom is essential if you want to see growth and promote wellness.  


What is the spiritual meaning of the spring equinox?

The spring equinox is seen as a time of rebirth. It is celebrated by several spiritual practices as a time to flush out old, stagnant energy, usher in positive energy, and encourage renewal in the new season. This can be done by cleansing your home, practicing feng shui, starting a new hobby or wellness practice, or simply spring cleaning your space.  

Aligning our home with spring’s fresh energy can have several benefits for both our physical and mental well-being. From simple cleaning tips to a quick furniture refresh, prioritizing wellness and mindfulness in your actions will quickly boost your mood and energy after winter.  

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