5 things you must organize in May – to start your summer right

Give your home a May makeover by organizing these 5 things

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Marking the real start of spring, May is a month of rejuvenation and renewal – so it makes perfect sense to spend some time rejuvenating your home.

You won't need to descend into May madness to get your home in shape, however. Professional home organizers suggest there are only five areas you need to focus on this month to truly transform your home in time for summer. 

These are the main areas you need to organize in May to help maximize your space and transform your home for the warmer months ahead. 

Things to organize in May

Once you have finished tackling the things to declutter in May, then you can turn your attention to home organizing. If you don’t have time for anything else this month, focus on these five key spots. 

1. Finish organizing your seasonal closet

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With warmer weather truly upon us, we can safely finish organizing our seasonal closets to remove old winter items for storage and arrange our spring and summer options for easy pickings, begins Barbara Brock, professional organizer, and home stager, past president of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals. ‘Changing a seasonal wardrobe is always a good way to start your seasonal organizing,’ she says. ‘Remember to look at your wardrobe and remove items that are rarely worn and prioritize the seasonal ones you do. 

Although it is easier to keep your seasonal clothing in storage, such as in underbed storage bags, if you are left organizing a closet without seasonal storage, you can push all your winter offerings to the furthest side of your rail. Consider adding in a divider, such as pieces you can wear year-round, to split up the two sections. This creates a nice visual gap that makes getting ready in the morning a little easier. 

2. Clear up craft supplies

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Spring is often a hot season for getting some crafting and DIY done. As the weather dries up we are more likely to turn to painting and revamping our homes, while events such as Mother's Day mean we might get a little crafty – especially with young children. 

This makes it an ideal time to arrange DIY tools,  organize art supplies, and organize craft rooms as we come to use them. Try to keep everything together and easily accessible for easy use as and when the mood strikes us, without leaving the items out and in the way of daily life.  

3. Tidy up your garage

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Although the weather has started to improve, it is not yet too hot. This makes it the perfect time to address organizing an attic or organizing a garage, suggests Audra George, professional organizer and owner at Pretty Neat: An Organizational Solution. Take out any items you might have been storing over winter ready for summer use, and tuck away any seasonal winter items you don't need until the weather gets chilly again. 

When organizing these spaces, ensure that heavier items are always stored on lower shelving to make it easier to remove them and put them back without hurting yourself, and pick large, airtight totes to keep the items safe from pests and moisture. 

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Keep your belongings neatly stowed away in these sturdy and stackable bins. 

4. Bring order outside

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As you reorganize your garage space and bring spring and summer essentials back outside again, it is a great opportunity to organize and declutter your backyard ready for hosting and nights spent sitting in the sun, Audra George, professional organizer, continues. She recommends planning for everything from pool parties to outdoor picnics to sports practice, ensuring you have adequate seating and free space.  

5. Spruce up supplies after spring cleaning

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With our yearly extra deep clean out of the way we can finally organize our cleaning supplies – including any new ones we might have bought to help with spring cleaning – and find lasting homes for them that are easy to access as we need them, says professional organizer Barbara Brock. 

‘Take stock of cleaning products, discard old or expired ones, and organize supplies in a designated area. It can be helpful to keep the supplies you need for each room in that room. For example, store bathroom cleaning supplies in the bathroom, being sure to keep them away from any personal hygiene products to prevent cross-contamination.’ 

We also like to color-code cleaning supplies to prevent contamination and ensure we have everything we need for each room. It’s also a great aesthetic organizing hack, too. 

After organizing in April and tackling these five seasonal spots, your home will be in top condition and ready to host throughout summer. Remember to pair your organization with some good decluttering tips to keep clutter under control and make organizing home storage ideas a little simpler. 

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