Best silk pillowcases for smoother skin, and hair – tried and tested by H&G's sleep expert

Sleep your way to smoother skin and hair with these recommended silk pillowcases

Best silk pillowcase: Cultiver silk pillowcase styled in white bedroom
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Silk pillowcases are a must-have when it comes to getting your beauty sleep. Proven to transform your skin, hair, and sleep, there's no going back to scratchy cotton covers once you've tried one. The intensely smooth surface that's cool to the touch reduces irritation and friction on your face and hair. 

But you shouldn't pick up just any silk pillowcase. There are different types of silk pillowcases out there, made of various material compositions, some of which may not even be actual silk. It's worth doing your research first. Mulberry silk is the finest silk you can get, but there are vegan alternatives and even cotton sateen options that give the same luxurious look, without the big price tag. 

To help uncover the best silk pillowcases to buy, I've tried and tested the most popular silk pillowcases on the market. Just as in our tests of the best pillows, my reviews are based on the quality of sleep, improvements to my skin, and overall value for money. 

Best silk pillowcase 

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6 tried and tested silk pillowcases

How we test the best silk pillowcases

Cultiver silk pillowcase styled in white bedroom

(Image credit: Cultiver )

Silk pillowcases make bold claims and command a hefty price tag. Whether to improve your skin, help with hair irritation, or to keep you cool at night, silk pillowcases have benefits that go beyond a good night's sleep. I put the most popular pillowcases through a rigorous testing process to assess these claims. I slept on them for several nights before washing, drying and starting the whole process all over again. I compared each pillowcase based on look and feel, to see how they lived up to expectation. Of all the silk pillowcases I've tested, these six are the best. 


Which silk is best for silk pillowcases?

The highest quality silk is mulberry silk. For silk pillowcases 'mulberry silk provides the most durability and smoothness.' explains Parima Ijaz, founder, and CEO at Pure Parima. That being said, cotton sateen pillowcases are perfect for offering the same luxury look, with increased breathability. 'Due to its natural moisture-wicking capability, cotton sateen won't trap heat the same way silk does, and will still keep your skin and hair protected'. 

What is mulberry silk?

Mulberry silk is the most luxurious silk type on the market. Made from the cocoons of silkworms that feed on the leaves of White Mulberry trees, Mulberry silk is known for its super soft feel and shiny appearance. The mulberry tree diet allows for a consistent, strong silk thread that is bright white in color. The cocoons are collected by manufacturers before being carefully hand-woven, into various silk products. If you're searching for only the best silk pillowcase quality, then make sure to check if it's made from Mulberry silk. 

What is momme?

'Momme is used to measure the density and weight of silk,' says Ijaz. 'The greater the momme, the higher the quality it will be.' Most silk currently on the market ranges between 19 - 22 momme. 25 momme silk is rare and the most superior in quality and durability. 

What is OEKO-Tex?

Oeko-Tex is a certification that confirms any textile products are free from any harmful substances that could affect your health. From fabric, to thread and any added features, if a product has been STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified, you can rest assured no chemicals are present. This is especially important to take note of when shopping for a silk pillowcase as it is something your face will come into contact with most nights. 

How can you tell a silk pillowcase is good quality?

As I covered above, Ijaz says that 'The best way to tell if your silk pillowcase is of good quality is to look for the measurement of momme the silk is.' Make sure your pillowcase is between 19-22 momme. 

 Secondly, you can check for the materials and be sure it is OEKO-Tex certified for genuine, chemical-free silk and simply take notice of the feel and texture. Ijaz explains good quality silk 'should feel extremely smooth and soft with a noticeable sheen to it,' and stay that way even after a few washes. 

It's true, a silk pillowcase can do wonders for your skin, hair, and sleep. But only if you know how to wash silk properly. Not washing your pillowcase regularly, with the right methods can eliminate all the acne-fighting, frizz-reducing properties you invested in a silk pillowcase for. 

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