The best Walmart outdoor furniture 2024 – style without the cost

As a shopping expert, I've found the best Walmart outdoor furniture, saving you from scrolling thousands of patio sets, chairs, tables and more

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Buying outdoor furniture can be overwhelming and expensive. With so many styles, designs, and brands to choose from, finding the right patio set to suit your budget isn't easy. Outdoor dining sets and sofas can start at around $500, which makes getting stylish outdoor furniture on a budget feel almost impossible.

But forget designer furniture brands and high-end retailers for a moment, as Walmart currently has some of the best outdoor furniture available. Known for practical buys and affordable price tags, there is an extensive collection of outdoor furniture available at Walmart – and I've rounded up the very best.

I've been a product tester and writer for years, and I've spent years on the beat researching and sourcing outdoor furniture. After working through thousands of pieces, I've found my top finds from Walmart. From 5-piece patio sets to sunloungers and more, these are my favorite finds from Walmart's outdoor furniture collection.

Best Walmart outdoor furniture

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Whether you have a backyard – big or small – terrace, balcony, or decking, there's furniture fit for any outside space. Sure, it's not always the most beautiful or the highest quality, but there's good furniture here at a reasonable price point. From well-known brands like Best Choice and Mainstays, you know you're getting great value for money, and some sets are even on sale.

If you want to head straight to Walmart and do the scrolling yourself, you can find thousands of fantastic outdoor furniture buys. Otherwise, I've listed the best outdoor furniture at Walmart below by type, so you can filter out the top buys according to your backyard needs.

Patio furniture at Walmart

Dining sets at Walmart

Outdoor chair at Walmart

Outdoor sectionals and sofas at Walmart

How I chose these best outdoor furniture buys at Walmart

We haven't tested these outdoor furniture buys from Walmart. Instead, they come highly recommended by other users. I've made sure to choose products with a minimum of 100 reviews to give a good enough amount of ratings for a fair verdict. 

What's more, as a shopping editor, I've done hours of research intro every product and brand, and cross-compared reviews and prices on competitor sites, too. All of the outdoor furniture products listed are made of quality materials, are easy to assemble, and great value for money. 

How to choose outdoor furniture from Walmart

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There are a few outdoor buying rules to keep in mind when choosing your next patio furniture set. But when you're buying from Walmart, you should pay particular attention to the price, delivery, and returns. 

Since Walmart hosts a range of outdoor furniture brands, prices can vary and returns policies can differ. Make sure you check if free returns are available, how many days you have to return, and where you'll need to send it. Having trawled the site, the majority of furniture is delivered by Walmart within 3 days – which is great if you're buying during summer and need to set up an outdoor oasis ASAP. 

There are some brands, however, that take much longer to be delivered. You don't want to be caught out with month-long delivery dates, by which time the hot weather is over. In some cases it might be easier to go to your nearest store and pick up the furniture for yourself. 

Nor do you want difficult returns processes that leave you stuck if something goes wrong. Always pay attention to warranties and returns, and be sure to read other people's reviews.


Is it worth buying expensive outdoor furniture? 

Outdoor furniture can be expensive, but if you want value for money then price isn't everything. Generally, outdoor furniture will get more expensive depending on size, with some large sectional sofas costing more than $3000. However, you can find outdoor seating big enough for your outdoor space for much cheaper. Outdoor furniture from Walmart is a great example of good quality products that don't cost a lot. 

The best indicator of whether outdoor furniture is worth buying is material. Outdoor furniture that is made of durable, high-quality materials, like the best wooden outdoor furniture, is best as these pieces are weather resistant, unlikely to break, crack, or warp, and won't need too much maintenance. 

However, just because a piece of outdoor furniture is expensive doesn't mean it will look great in years to come. Untreated teak furniture can quickly pick up water and food stains. Prioritize material and you're sure to find great value outdoor furniture. 

When is the best time to buy outdoor furniture?

The best time to buy outdoor furniture is, of course, in time for the hot weather. You want your seating set so you can enjoy your morning coffee outside during the hottest days of the year. But unfortunately, in the few months before summer arrives, outdoor furniture tends to be its most expensive. 

But I'd never suggest buying outdoor furniture at full price. If you time it right, you can find beautiful outdoor furniture on sale with huge discounts. Memorial Day sales in May offer the best time to buy outdoor furniture on sale, ready for summer. Other major sales events, like July 4th and Amazon Prime Day, also offer a great opportunity to grab a new patio set while there are still a few months of sun left. 

If you're really savvy, you can buy your furniture around Black Friday when prices plunge, as retailers try to sell off old furniture they no longer want.

Walmart often has sales that offer great markdowns on popular outdoor furniture products. As long as you've planned ahead, and thought about the furniture you want to buy, you will be sure to find a great set on sale.

Outdoor furniture from Walmart may seem cheap, but I'm a true believer that affordable shouldn't mean lower quality. Lots of these outdoor buys from Walmart are made of durable materials and offer timeless style. How long your outdoor furniture lasts is then down to how you look after it. Ensure to clean your outdoor furniture and store it properly to ensure it looks just as good next summer.  

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