Jennifer Lopez's picture-perfect front porch taps into 2023's favorite outdoor trends – 4 ways to get the look

The Jenny From The Block singer's beautifully designed front porch is a masterclass in style, symmetry, and substance, and of course, we're inspired

Jennifer Lopez in garden with evergreen shrubs
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Front yards and porches are often neglected, even though they're more on show than our backyards. With care and consideration, the smallest space can become green and inviting, as well as accommodate off-street parking.  

A well-planned front yard can also help reduce street noise and pollution, give privacy, shade, support wildlife and have a positive effect on where we live. And passers-by will love looking at your perfect plot, which is why we had to stop and take note of the beautiful porch featured in Jennifer Lopez's latest Instagram video, even if it may only be a location house. 

Here's how to get Jennifer Lopez's look below. Be inspired to make your summer porch decor ideas brim with life.

Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to a carefully-curated room, so it’s not exactly surprising that she's chosen a front porch and yard that beautifully showcases this season's outdoor decorating trends for her video.  

While it may appear challenging to decorate a front porch area, don't let its diminutive size put you off. Do as Jennifer Lopez has done and use these five fail-safe design tips to turn your porch into a place to enjoy year-round.

1. Set up symmetrical planters

Jennifer Lopez understands the benefits and power of using symmetry in interior design, and it is the best way to make your front door more attractive. A simple solution is to introduce a symmetrical pair of container planters to your front door ideas, as demonstrated in this space. 

Use container gardening ideas to add beautiful highlights to all areas of your front yard path and front yard flower beds adding rich textures, bright colors, and fresh display ideas to your plot. Choosing plants at different heights allows each flower to be seen, while also filling in vertical space.

If you are buying new containers then think about blending the colors with your home's brick or stonework, the local stone, or your garden color scheme. It helps tie everything together and gives a more established feel to the overall design.

2. Create a sensory space

Filled with enticing sounds, scents and textures, sensory gardens are intimate outdoor spaces designed to delight our ears, noses and fingertips as well as our eyes. Sometimes stimulating, sometimes calming, these spaces offer tangible, visceral experiences that can evoke emotions and aid relaxation – and they are not just for backyards either, as shown here.

Many sensory spaces are simply walks or paths with scented plants, such as herbs, between stepping stones; a winding route works well as it invites you to slow down and look around. If your front yard is spacious, a keyhole garden is another excellent sensory design, with a narrow entry opening into a larger space where you can rest. Whatever the design, include comfortable seating in the shade.

When it comes to color, it is generally believed that hot colors such as red and orange are stimulating, while greens and blues are calming, so aim to create different areas with this in mind.

3. Choose a timeless front door color

Evoking purity and cleanliness alongside confidence and sophistication, a white front door color scheme is a wonderfully versatile color for both the interior and exterior of your home. 

Connected to the metal element in Feng Shui, white also represents precision, and communication, something which the singer embodies.

For a smart but subtle entrance, follow this home’s lead with the door painted to match the façade. Bear in mind that cleaning a front door is a more regular task the lighter the front door paint color.

4. Light up a pathway

Transform your front yard into a magical space with outdoor lighting ideas that enhance curb appeal. Illuminating elements in your garden can not only serve practical purposes, lighting up steps and front yard walkways for reasons of safety and to ensure safe travel, but can have many other uses.

Approach your front yard lighting in the same way you do your interior lighting ideas. Work out which elements of your backyard you wish to highlight, and consider areas that can be highlighted both for aesthetic reasons as well as practical ones. Together these two elements will establish the basis of your outdoor lighting design.

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