Lewis Hamilton's simple kitchen colors evoke modern luxury – the inviting look goes beyond trends

The F1 driver's contemporary kitchen is simultaneously cozy and luxurious – and it all comes down to the use of these two beautiful colors

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Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton might be in the business of going fast, but his kitchen design is as slow and intentional as they come. Namely, his black-and-white color palette is utterly timeless.

Hamilton's kitchen features polished black floors and crisp white walls, ceilings, and cabinetry. Gorgeous brass pendant lights hang from the ceiling, echoed by the brass edging snaking around the cabinets. An entire wall of windows floods the space with natural light, and Hamilton's choice of glossy white paint bounces it throughout. The overall effect is to create an inviting but opulent mood.

'Lewis Hamilton's black and white kitchen is the epitome of modern luxury,' says Jennifer Ebert, interior design expert and digital editor at Homes & Gardens. She continues, 'Rather than using more "old-world" details like marble and intricate molding, Hamilton's designer has opted for clean lines and striking colors to create a contemporary luxe feel. The brass accents work well with the black and white paint to evoke this energy.'

The varied textures in the space make Hamilton's kitchen colors stand out all the more. Ebert says, 'The finishes in this space are expertly-chosen. Though the floors are black, their glossy finish makes it so they reflect light to keep the space bright. The white paint on the walls is equally reflective. None of the natural light streaming through the back windows goes to waste in this room.'

Furthermore, Hamilton's space strikes the perfect balance between a luxe look and a liveable look. Though the brass accents against the white harken a sense of quiet luxury, the wood floors and clean lines keep it from feeling cool and imposing. The brightness in the space also creates this sense of warmth.

Furthermore, the look is much more than a passing interior design trend. 'Though black and white color schemes have been in vogue for at least the last 40 years, they are not going anywhere,' says Ebert. 'The start contrast of these two neutral shades always creates a striking effect that can be easily tailored to a variety of design styles,' she adds.

White kitchen with sleek island

A kitchen with a similar, contrasting color palette to the one seen in Hamilton's space.

(Image credit: Studio Gild)

Shop H&G's Black and White Kitchen Edit

For those who want to recreate Lewis Hamilton's look, we tracked down pieces that replicate the design through simple kitchen styling, without requiring a full redesign.

First, this mid-century-modern-style pendant light can incorporate a metallic pop at an accessible price point. Second, accessories like this contemporary, Scandinavian-style gooseneck kettle can bring in black with a touch of modernity. If you're not convinced yet, remember, Hailey Bieber uses the same one. White marble coasters replicate the heritage luxe feel of Hamilton's modern kitchen.

Decorating with black and white is all about balance. To ensure that the darker shades do not overpower your space, our editors recommend a strong focus on lighting when installing a black kitchen. This means selecting ceiling or floor lamps that properly light the space, but it also means paying attention to where the windows are. Pairing black paint with an abundance of natural light gives the shade a warmer, cozier feel.

Lewis Hamilton's kitchen is on trend in 2024, and it will be just as fashionable in one hundred years. Choosing a timeless color palette pays off time and time again.

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