Tan France opts for this stabilizing color palette to 'ground' his guest cottage, experts say

The celebrity-favorite color of the moment is a relaxing home staple with benefits beyond its aesthetics

Tan France
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Tan France's home is a site to behold. We've already unpacked how much we love his luxe, wallpapered home theatre and his serene, blue walk-in closet, but our latest fixation is on another property entirely: his guest cottage.

The offshoot of his main home is a cozy but open space, including a sunny bedroom, with wood finishes, big windows, and most notably, a green color palette. Between the striped wallpaper and the painted doors, the monochromatic scheme makes the room feel vibrant and inviting, without being overpowering.

A mainstay colorway in the home, we've recently observed a host of celebrities decorating with green in creative new ways. From Emma Stone's California house, (which recently sold) to Emily Ratajkowski's living room, it's the color celebrities can't help but experiment with. Part of its popularity is due to its psychological impact.

'The color green connects us with nature and grounds our emotions, making us feel more stable,' says Leigh Spicher, National Director of Design Studios for Ashton Woods Homes. 'It’s a personal favorite of mine currently. It can be soft and neutral or bold and powerful… just like nature.' 

Of all the spaces to experiment with green, we can, therefore, see why Tan has introduced this hue to his bedroom color palette, where feeling grounded and well-rested is particularly key.

leigh spicher interior designer
Leigh Spicher

Green's range is ample, veering from pale pastels to moody mosses. One of Spicher's favorite shades is sage, the ultimate middle-ground shade.

'Sage green’s versatility makes it so easy to love,' she says. 'Sage can be considered a neutral as it pairs well with natural elements and textures, or it can be a chic way to incorporate a burst of color.' 

Green bedroom with floral wallpaper

Green wallpaper in a space similar to Tan France's. 

(Image credit: Boz Gagovski)

Spicher recommends incorporating green not only through paint and wallpaper, but accessories as well for some bursts of color throughout a space.

'Whether through accent cushions, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinetry, or an entire room that is painted, it adds an instant pop of liveliness and vitality,' she explains. 'Sage also creates a unique sense of serenity in the home that we can all benefit from in 2024.'

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Below, find some green home pieces that fit the bill for a blissful and modern space (beyond the guest cottage).

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