Teri Hatcher's kitchen cabinet color scheme proves that this paint color trend isn't dead yet

This once-popular kitchen color is having a resurgence and we welcome its return

Teri Hatcher
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Calming, creative and with strong links to nature, dramatic dark green is a versatile color that can work in many schemes, which is why green kitchen ideas were once the most requested kitchen cabinet color choice. 

If iconic actor, Terri Hatcher's kitchen is anything to go by, this kitchen color trend has never waned or fallen out of favor with the masses. At a time when our happiness and health have seemed more important than ever, it's only right that we'd want to surround ourselves in shades that symbolize nature, growth, and renewal, just as Hatcher has done.

This hasn't gone unnoticed by designers, who recognize the power of green – despite the renewal of beige kitchens – and have introduced it into their kitchen ideas in a variety of smart and sophisticated ways.

'Despite many regarding the kitchen as a "neutrals only" space, rich, bold colors marry unexpectedly well within a kitchen setting,' explains Helen Shaw, Benjamin Moore's Director. 'The reason being that these spaces tend to be a busy and bustling heart to the home rather than a room for serenity.'

But why forest green? The majesty of ancient forests has long inspired interior design. Whether the grandeur of an oak tree or the enchanting shape of an acanthus leaf, rich, velvety greens offer homes a nurturing connection to nature.

‘Green reassures us on a very primitive level. We know we can find food and water, which means green equals life. Using dark greens in our home, brings in these feelings of reassurance and rest,’ says Karen Haller, color and design psychology specialist and author of The Little Book of Colour. ‘Surrounding ourselves with too much green or the wrong shade, however, can lead to feelings of stagnation and lethargy.’

Karen Haller
Karen Haller

Karen Haller is the leading international authority in the field of Applied Colour Psychology. 

The Little Book of Colour: How to Use the Psychology of Colour to Transform Your Life | $14.91

The Little Book of Colour: How to Use the Psychology of Colour to Transform Your Life | $14.91

The definitive guide to using the power of colour to improve your happiness, well-being and confidence at home.

A bottle green kitchen with marble backsplash and countertop, brass handles and vintage framed oil paintings lining a wall shelf.

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For a soothing ambiance, layer lighter or darker tones with rustic or textured materials like timber and stone. Rich greens work well with antique dark woods and in period kitchens that are blessed with architectural details, such as beams and exposed brick.

‘I use a lot of green because it is very calming,’ says interior designer Sarah Vanrenen. ‘I don’t think space is a barrier to going bold – don’t be put off by using strong colors in even a small kitchen and use it on all four walls or on all kitchen cabinets. The effect is dramatic and green works with so many other incredible colors, too.’

In Teri Hatcher's kitchen, green and white marble are an inspiring kitchen color combination

Green, like most shades, looks fabulous with white – and is perfect for cabinetry, if you are looking for classic painted kitchen ideas. You can’t beat the clean crisp feel that the two colors together create – especially in dark or low-ceilinged kitchens. 

If a green kitchen isn’t your thing, but you want to introduce a shot of this fresh shade, then use it on one area – like in your kitchen island ideas. It will still take pride of place but will be subtler. 

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