Christmas tree themes – 15 ideas and trends for a seasonal look

To find Christmas tree themes for 2022, take inspiration from Christmases past and future

Christmas tree themes
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Looking for Christmas tree themes for 2022? Then look for them in both the past and the future. 

Having a theme for your Christmas tree ideas helps to create a coherent look – and while it’s good to keep up with trends, the most important thing is to make sure it’s one that’s true to your personal style and suited to your home. 

‘When it comes to deciding on your theme, consider what space you're decorating – is it the family room, formal dining room or kitchen?’ says Daisy Coombes, marketing manager at Sass & Belle. ‘Also consider the feel of that space – is it casual, sophisticated, or colorful? By understanding what the space is used for, you can then decide what theme to opt for.’ 

Christmas tree themes 2022

Choosing a theme for your Christmas decor ideas this year is therefore not necessarily about keeping up with trends, but how you can make your style look and feel good right now. From sustainable decorations to reduce your holiday carbon footprint to traditional styles that have endured for decades, take a look at these ideas for Christmas tree themes and get some expert tips too. 

1. Go for a color coordinated scheme

Christmas tree themes with traditional scene

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Choosing room color ideas is one of the hardest parts of decorating, and the same goes for choosing your Christmas tree theme. If you are someone who likes a more sophisticated or tailored look, try decorating by pairing the colors on your tree with those you can see around the room. 

Here, the Christmas ornaments subtly mimic the shades and tones found elsewhere in this traditional living room beautifully for an understated glamor that looks straight out of your favorite magazine. 

Go one step further by ensuring that your Christmas gift-wrapping follows the luxurious color theme too.

2. Pretty up with decorative ribbons

Christmas tree themes with traditional tree

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Christmas ribbons will make a pretty and playful addition to your Christmas tree this year, and they are so simple to master. For some time, decorating with bows fell out of fashion, but in 2022 we saw more and more people wanting to add an element of nostalgia to their room ideas. 

'As well as being a great way to channel an elegant Christmas tree theme, decorating a Christmas tree with bows is easy to achieve by simply tying lengths of ribbon on the ends of individual branches,' says stylist and interiors editor Pippa Blenkinsop.

3. Decorate with a patriotic red, white and blue

Christmas tree decorated in red, white and blue ornaments

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Celebrate the stars and stripes by decorating with a patriotic Christmas tree theme. A red, white and blue color scheme is a tried-and-tested method for success when it comes to festive decorating, and not just on the Fourth of July either. Here, this thoroughly modern space is picture-perfect, and simple to recreate. You can even take this theme into the dining room for added effect.

4. Get crafty with homemade decorations

Christmas tree themes 2022 with straw decorations, red baubles and gold lights

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A Christmas tree should always be personal in its design, but this year, consider making it more unique than ever before. ‘The recent pandemic has given many people the opportunity to learn new skills, so expect to see more handmade Christmas wreaths, table decorations, candle holders, and crackers reflecting the creator’s style and personality,’ says Daisy Coombes. 

This stunning example features numerous woven rattan snowflakes among the decorations and Christmas tree topper ideas, in a style that could easily be recreated at home with a bit of crafty know-how. 

5. Choose a tree theme that is entirely unique

Christmas tree theme with modern tree branches

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Not every Christmas tree needs to look traditional or classic in design and theme. Here's a few branches of Christmas fir, decorated with loosely hung Christmas decorations and berries are certainly eye-catching yet understated at the same time. Be sure not too overload your tree to avoid any dropping or unexpected breaks. While this may be unusual, we do love an out-of-the-box idea.

6. Decorate with festive red

Traditional living room with wood burning stove, christmas tree and brick wall fire place

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Decorating with red can be hard to get right, but if you are going to use red at home, Christmas is the best time to do so. In moderation, red is a highly sophisticated color and exudes warmth, comfort, and frivolity – perfect for yuletide gatherings. 

'Red makes people sit up and take notice and is a festive color that says you are self-reliant, optimistic, and know what you want,' says Emma Deterding, founder of Kelling Designs and KDLoves.

7. Keep it traditional 

Christmas tree themes 2021 with a traditional scheme of gold and silver baubles and miscellanous character decorations in a traditional living room

(Image credit: Mark Bolton)

If you’re wondering how to decorate a Christmas tree in the 21st century, there is no problem in looking into the past for inspiration. Traditional schemes that mix and match unique decorations collected over the years with baubles, bows and fairy lights in festive colors are an enduring favorite, simply because Christmas is a time to have fun with decor, rather than being too rigid about it. Pick a couple of colors that recur throughout the scheme for consistency, but embrace childlike joy otherwise. 

8. Span the spectrum with a colorful theme  

Christmas tree themes 2021 with multicolored baubles and neon lights

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Christmas doesn’t have to be all about red and green – if your tastes are bright and beautiful, embrace all colors of the rainbow. In this example featuring decorations by John Lewis, a multicolored tree with statement neon lights spans the spectrum. 

‘Knowing when to go for a splash of color or keep it simple can make or break a room, so decide what pairs best with your chosen décor,’ says Michael Meiser, president of Lumilum. ‘Our rule is that white and cream lights – which emanate a bright and pure feel – are designed to direct your attention to your eye-catching decorations. On the other hand, multicolored flashing lights are designed to be the focal point and use your existing, perhaps simpler decorations to bounce a range of colors around the room.’ 

Alternatively, if you’re worried about how to keep a Christmas tree alive and are thinking of going artificial, consider ditching natural green and go for a bright-colored option to make a real chromatic statement. 

9. Rip up the rule book with an alternative tree 

Christmas tree themes 2021 with an alternative christmas tree made from photos and string lights pinned to the wall

(Image credit: John Lewis)

This year, Christmas trees don’t even have to be trees at all. Alternative Christmas tree ideas are a growing favorite among those looking either for a contemporary look or for a festive focal point that isn’t quite as physically and visually domineering as a traditional conifer tree. Think outside the box, and opt for a representational tree, like this one made from Christmas cards and a string of fairy lights. 

10. Go all out with a maximalist tree

Christmas tree themes 2021 with red and gold decorations in a maximalist red, gold and black living room

(Image credit: Mind The Gap)

Maximalism has been one of the biggest interior decor trends of 2022, so why not apply it to your Christmas tree too? Take the ‘more is more’ approach to your Christmas decorations this year because cramming every branch of your tree has never been cooler. 

In this example by Mind The Gap, a maximalist room is given a tree befitting its pattern overload with lit garlands, baubles, streamers, orange slices and much more. If you’re wondering how to make a Christmas tree look fuller, large-scale decorations and bushy garlands in their abundance can also help fill the gaps in between the layers of branches.

11. Pare it back for a minimalist look

Christmas tree themes 2021 with minimal lighting as the only decoration

(Image credit: Emma Lee)

If it’s the simple things in life that make you happiest, apply that to your Christmas decor ideas this year. At the other end of the scale, a minimalist approach decorated with one recurring ornament is perfect either for clean room schemes or ones where you want to balance bold design statements elsewhere. In this example, a tree decorated only with lights brings focus to how delightful such a simple addition to the room can be. 

12. Stay sustainable with recycled decor

Christmas tree themes 2021 with paper and wooden decorations in a traditional living room

(Image credit: David Brittain/Emily Brittain Delgardo)

In a year where we’ve become perhaps more conscious of our carbon footprint than ever before, rethinking the environmental impact of our Christmas decorations is one of the biggest patterns to evolve in 2022. 

‘Sustainable decorations are a must-have, so consider artisanal, handcrafted, wooden, recycled glass and papier-mache decorations which are fast becoming a firm favorite in many households,’ suggests Coombes. ‘Just because they’re the sustainable option, this doesn’t mean that you’ll miss out on color, texture and the sparkle of Christmas. Rich hues, opulence, and glitz are still on the agenda for 2022.’

13. Channel the countryside with farmhouse style

Christmas tree themes 2021 with green and gold decorations in a farmhouse with beams and views of the countryside

(Image credit: Polly Eltes)

Whether you’re surrounded by rolling hills or are just longing for a little bit of the countryside in your home, farmhouse Christmas tree ideas are what you need for a more rustic look. Swap the high shine decorations for matte finishes and more muted colors to fit in with rooms where wooden accents are key. In this example, natural decor such as pine cones and feathers are used to reflect the country views out the window, as well as on-trend green accents. 

14. Stay up to date with a modern look

Christmas tree themes 2021 with gold and blue baubles in a bloue and gold modern living room

(Image credit: Future)

For a modern take on Christmas tree themes, keep your finishes slick with one eye on the boldest interior design trends of the year so far. In this living room, the Christmas tree fully embraces the deep Prussian blue that covers the walls and the contemporary velvet sofa. Blue is a growing trend in both year-round interiors and holiday decorations this year, so explore this scheme in your Christmas tree with some contrasting gold for a little luxury. 

15. Dazzle with a metallic scheme  

Christmas tree themes 2021 with a white tree decorated with gold and silver shiny baubles in a dark blue dining room

(Image credit: Jonathan Adler)

If Christmas for you is all about glitz and glamor, embrace a high-shine metallic scheme that runs from your topper right down to your Christmas tree skirt ideas. In this room put together by Jonathan Adler, a dazzling silver-white tree is lit up and decorated with reflective silver and gold baubles. 

‘I know some people like to decorate their Christmas trees with new decorations every year, but consider giving perfectly functional baubles a color update with a lick of [our] Chalk Paint,’ says color and paint expert Annie Sloan. ‘Gilding waxes and gold leaf imitate much more expensive shop bought alternatives.’ 

Christmas decor trends this year have been largely influenced by the way the world is changing around us. Sustainability is a hot topic in seasonal decor, so look out for recycled, sustainably sourced decorations and embrace artisan pieces that are made to last a lifetime. 

The pandemic has changed our relationship with our homes too, and interior design trends towards blues, greens and natural materials that remind us of the great outdoors also have their place in Christmas decor. As we’ve all looked towards our homes as a source of comfort, look for Christmas decorations that enhance a sense of coziness, like fabric ornaments and festive soft furnishings. 

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