3 simple to use paint trends that will lead in 2024, according to Farrow & Ball

2024 is all about creating balanced yet experimental home decor

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As we edge closer to the start of a new year, we're anticipating all of the interior trends that will dominate in 2024. When it comes to paint and wallpaper trends, we can always turn to Farrow & Ball's expertise. 

Joa Studholme, Colour Curator at Farrow & Ball, has shared her predictions for the most popular color trends and schemes to embrace in 2024 – and they're equally perfect for both pared-back interiors and maximalist decor styles. 

'As we continue to embrace our new ways of living, creating personal interiors has never been more important,' says Studholme. 'Decorating over the next year is going to be all about balance. This can look like a myriad of different styles, but it’s paramount that our homes are sustainable, authentic, and carefully crafted.'

1. Clay tones

clay colored bedroom

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'Many of us are drawn to clay tones' says Studholme. Known for creating an earthy and organic feel in the home, clay tones are soft and muted hues that work well as a more modern take on decorating with neutrals, and Studholme sees these sophisticated hues being adopted by homeowners in 2024 for their calming and reassuring quality. 

While there are many clay tones to choose from, Studholme provides her advice on the best hues to incorporate into the home: 'The warm tones of Jitney and Stirabout create an earthy, reassuring atmosphere. When used together, they create a harmonious space that’s easy on the eyes.'

When it comes to styling these two shades together, Studholme recommends: 'The subtle balance of Jitney on the walls and lighter Stirabout on the panels, ceiling, and trim, result in a beguiling room with an ethereal quality – a wonderful, warm scheme for those who prefer neutral spaces.'

If you're looking to increase the brightness of rooms throughout your home, this paint trend can easily be adopted to ensure a spacious feel remains, as Studholme explains: 'Using a lighter tone like Oxford Stone on the walls and the much stronger Tanner’s Brown on the trim instantly makes the walls feel lighter and the room feel bigger.'

Image of Joa Studholme
Joa Studholme

As Farrow & Ball's Color Curator and author of titles including Recipes for Decorating and How to Decorate, it’s no surprise that Joa Studholme knows Farrow & Ball's palette and finishes inside and out. Joa has been with the brand or over 25 years – in that time, she’s developed color ranges and consulted on design projects all over the world, as well as helping countless color consultancy customers to transform their homes.

2. Mixing paint finishes

blue kitchen

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It's not all about the color of paints we reach for in 2024, but also the paint finishes. While gloss paints are known for making a retro statement in the home with their light-reflecting qualities, there are more modern ways to integrate this into your home decor in 2024. 

'Balancing ultra-matte with full gloss is a gorgeous, albeit unexpected, way to give spaces a modern, polished feel,' suggests Studholme. 'The use of full gloss on cabinetry has really come to the fore, being used for statement schemes to highlight accent pieces.'

For the muted blue kitchen above, Studholme says: 'This island painted in Full Gloss is practical as well as glamorous. The high-shine finish creates a beautiful but subtle contrast to the walls, which are also painted in De Nimes but using Dead Flat.'

yellow kitchen

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Referencing the yellow kitchen pictured above, she explains: 'India Yellow in Full Gloss on the upper of this paneled wall and in Dead Flat below accentuates the architectural detail without it overwhelming the color scheme. Using a combination of finishes like this bounces light around and makes spaces feel more interesting, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.'

3. Contrasting wallpaper

bedroom with blue wallpaper walls and orange wallpaper on the ceiling

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If you prefer decorating with wallpaper ideas, Studholme sees this as an equally creative decor trend for 2024. 'Wallpaper is one of the most transformative elements in our arsenal,' she says.

For the year ahead, it's all about maximalist decor ideas when it comes to wallpaper, as Studholme suggests: 'Wallpaper always brings unexpected delight to every decorating project. For a special touch of originality, try two colorways of the same pattern in the same space.'

To create the illusion of more space, this wallpaper trend is one to consider: 'Taking wallpaper up and over the ceiling also makes a room feel taller, for a statement that’s practical and packs a punch.'

Feeling inspired to get creative with your home decor and experiment with these new trends in the coming year? For a closer look at paint ideas, we've rounded up the top bedroom color trends for 2024 to give you some more ideas. 

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