Is farmhouse decor still on trend for 2024? Interior designers weigh in on this ever-popular rustic style

Channel farmhouse decor with a modern twist for the year ahead

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Farmhouse decor has been a prominent design style in recent years, popular for its ability to create inviting and warm spaces in the home. Embracing natural wood, vintage furniture, and cottage architectural details, farmhouse is a cozy and timeless style of decorating.

While farmhouse decor ideas typically lend themselves best to older homes that have interesting details that help create the look, the farmhouse trend has no doubt been embraced in recent years in newer homes too. With the right furniture and colors, a farmhouse style can be successfully achieved to create a cozy home. 

But is this rustic home decor trend still relevant in the world of interior design? We spoke to the interior design experts to get their take on whether this is one to take forward into 2024. 

Is farmhouse decor still on trend?

'Farmhouse style has seen many iterations over the past decade, with Joanna Gaines of Magnolia Farms starting a craze when she popularized shiplap on her show, Fixer Upper. It's evolved quite a bit since then,' says Lina Galvao of interior design studio Curated Nest.

'I would not say it's no longer on trend, though the look of it has evolved to become fresher, more colorful, and more modern,' she suggests. While Lina proposes that farmhouse decor may be somewhat less of a core interior design trend, she suggests that the farmhouse look is more of a timeless design style that will be continually embraced by homeowners.

'Many aspects of farmhouse decor are still widely embraced by designers in unique and updated ways, like the use of shiplap and beams on ceilings for texture. A typical farmhouse kitchen will have country accents such as curved "feet" on the toe-kick, beams, schoolhouse or barn-style lighting, and maybe a vintage range,' Lina says.

For Lina, embracing farmhouse decor yet keeping it relevant for 2024 is all about ensuring it has a modern twist: 'I think there's room for this farmhouse look, which could be easily updated to become more modern via the hardware or lighting to adapt to current interior design trends as needed.'

Cozy, country bedroom with textured cream walls, wooden chest of drawers, round mirror, table lamp, patterned textured rug, bed in corner

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Nicole Cullum, interior designer and founder of Color Caravan also suggests that the timeless nature of farmhouse decor means it's one that's here to stay; striking a balance between modern and traditional decor

'Any good trend has something timeless to it. Farmhouse decor has stuck around because it speaks to our love of pairing natural textures with modern color trends and palettes. Rustic wood tones mixed with matte blacks, warm neutrals, and crisp whites give a comforting and sophisticated style without going overly modern or too traditional.'

'I hope the beautiful parts of farmhouse decor, like mixing organic textures with modern color palettes continue in design,' Nicole says. 

farmhouse style entryway with wooden beams and staircase

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Chicago-based interior designer Kate Marker's advice is to embrace the simplicity and natural beauty of farmhouse decor by focusing on its original details.

'Farmhouse decor can still be relevant if done in an authentic, repurposed way. Actual farmhouse details that can be installed in a fresh setting lend warmth and interest – think of a farm sink, reclaimed barn wood or beams, or an old steel window. Keeping things rustic and simple so the natural beauty of materials is on display is always a winning way to channel a farmhouse style.'

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Kate Marker

An artist at heart, Kate has been honing her talents while developing her signature fresh, timeless look since 2000. As Principal Designer of Kate Marker Interiors, Kate oversees all design projects to ensure they are a reflection of the client while incorporating the KMI aesthetic. Kate's strengths lie in her endless ideas & inspiration, relentless work ethic, unwavering vision, and great sense of humor, which, lucky for everyone she works with, is infectious.

While interior designers say that farmhouse decor is a timeless look that will most likely continue to be embraced in 2024, the design style can be interpreted in a number of ways, especially in the kitchen. Tom Howley, Creative Design Director at Tom Howley Kitchens explains how you can achieve a farmhouse kitchen, creating a classic and homely feel.

'Farmhouse interiors are known for their original features – rustic beams, exposed stone walls, weathered floors, and quirky nooks. Kitchens within these idyllic properties are often designed with a focus on comfort, traditionalism, and tactility, making this style an appealing choice for those wanting to create an inviting sanctuary.'

farmhouse kitchen with brick walls and shaker style kitchen units

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

'Traditional shaker-style cabinetry is perfect for creating a welcoming, lived-in look. The shaker style has universal appeal with beautifully balanced proportions that focus on scale, symmetry, and simplicity. Natural wood is an integral part of farmhouse kitchens, as it adds a sense of warmth and tactility. You can incorporate wood in the form of flooring, stand-alone furniture such as a farmhouse table, shelving, chopping boards, or integrated wooden trays to break up painted cabinetry.'

It's clear that farmhouse decor is a timeless design style that's here to stay. Perfect for achieving a home that feels welcoming and laid back, farmhouse decor is all about embracing the original, rustic features and building upon these by decorating with neutrals and adding cozy textiles. 

However, to ensure this style doesn't end up looking dated, consider a more modern farmhouse style that balances the old and new for a fresh take on this core design trend.

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