Maximalist bedroom ideas – 5 ways to create a vibrant and personalized decor scheme

Create a truly unique bedroom with these expert decor ideas

maximal bedroom ideas with patterned wallpaper
(Image credit: Mind The Gap / Matthew Williamson, Photography by Iaia Cocoi / Future)

Maximalist decor embraces an eclectic and layered approach. Generally, creating a maximalist-style room is all about decorating with color, loud prints and welcoming plenty of ornate accents. When this style is adopted in the bedroom, it can result in a uniquely charming and cozy space.

'When it comes to decorating a maximalist-style bedroom, it’s important to go your own way and not follow a generic style or trend,' says interior designer Matthew Williamson. 'Create layers from what you have and tell your own story in your own space, as I believe that the best interiors are those which have soul and a unique personality.'

While there are no real rules to decorating with maximalism, we've rounded up five decor ideas as suggested by designers, to help inspire you to create this over-the-top and eccentric interior design trend in the bedroom. You can interpret this trend however you like, whether you want to go all out or embrace a more considered approach. 

'Maximalism doesn't have to equate to garish spaces full of over-the-top decor; rather, for me, maximalism is achieved through strategic and carefully considered use of color and pattern,' says designer Samantha Stathis-Lynch of Samantha Ware Designs.

1. Start with statement wallpaper

maximal bedroom with patterned wallpaper

(Image credit: MMB Studio)

'When a client tells me they want to go big in their bedroom, the first thing I'll suggest is a patterned wallpaper,' says Samantha Stathis-Lynch. Decorating with wallpaper is perhaps the easiest way to make a loud statement. You can use wallpaper to act as the focal point of the room, establishing the bedroom color palette and overall theme which you can then decorate the rest of the room around. 

Rather than opting for a standard wallpapered feature wall, you can go a step further and use wallpaper on all four walls, or even the ceiling to create a maximum-impact, vibrant look. 

'Regardless of whether or not the design is a classic English-inspired floral or a modern abstract motif, to pack more of a punch I'll put the pattern on all four walls and sometimes even the ceiling as opposed to just the wall behind the bed,' explains Samantha. 

2. Exaggerate the headboard

Headboard ideas with entire wall covering

(Image credit: Future / Michael Sinclair)

To add drama to your decor and create a playful look, think outside of the box when it comes to headboard ideas. While headboards usually come in a standard size to align with the bed, opt instead for a custom oversized headboard – either by length as pictured above, or height. 

'If wallpaper isn't on the cards, an extra long headboard upholstered in a colorful fabric can pack a huge punch,' says Samantha. 'Consider running the headboard the entire length of the back wall for that extra wow factor.'

3. Layer bedding

Maximalist wallpaper behind bed in bedroom with lots of country floral prints

(Image credit: Mind The Gap)

Layering lots of different textures, colors, and patterns is essential when creating a maximal bedroom. If you're not looking to do a full bedroom remodel but still want to nod to maximalism, this is an easy and cost-effective idea.

'For your bedding, add in more pattern and texture by mixing different types of fabrics like cut velvets, loopy chenilles, raw silks, faux fur and nubby linens. Instead of having a bed full of decorative pillows, think about a long, down-filled bolster in a luxurious statement fabric to add that final touch of polish to your maximally designed bedroom,' advise designers Christy Scott Spearman and Kate Duffy of Duffy Scott Interiors

4. Take inspiration from nature

Yellow bedroom with yellow four poster

(Image credit: Future)

'As the trend for creating personal and unique interiors evolves, in 2024 we’ll see a shift towards "maximalism meets nature",' suggests interior designer Naomi Astley Clarke. 'People want to express themselves, have fun with it, and not take life too seriously, but also keep materials and finishes sleek and natural.'

There are many ways to embrace nature in your maximalist bedroom, but Naomi suggests opting for natural wooden flooring as well as incorporating lots of plants. 'Think of oak floors paired with a wild Pierre Frey patterned curtain and marmorino walls. Large indoor plants, such as olive and fig trees, will rule 2024. These natural elements will be used in an impactful way, creating stylish design statements.'

naomi astley clarke headshot
Naomi Astley Clarke

Named as one of Andrew Martin Top 100 in the World 2022, Naomi is a highly experienced interior design practice with expertise in the sympathetic renovation and refurbishment of residential and commercial properties. Naomi has worked in the industry for over 25 years and is now one of the most sought-after designers with a client base that includes world-famous movie stars, producers, music moguls, professionals, and entrepreneurs. 

5. Decorate with art

maximal-style bedroom

(Image credit: Matthew Williamson, Photography by Iaia Cocoi)

Decorating with art will always be an effective way of creating a maximal look. Opt for visually interesting artworks that feature bold colors or source antique pieces to bring some vintage charm. 'An oversized piece of art above the bed adds visual interest by filling what would otherwise be an empty space. Don't be afraid to layer art on top of papered walls – go big or go home is the name of the game when going maximalist,' advises Samantha Stathis-Lynch. 

Another way of decorating with art in a maximalist bedroom is to create a gallery wall, which will help establish an eclectic look. 'Pull together varying art pieces in size and color, as well as subjects,' advise Christy Scott Spearman and Kate Duffy. 'Using abstracts with portraiture can be such a beautiful and interesting blend. Then go for some pieces framed in bold gilded frames, others left unframed, and still others just in simple black frames. Try to keep the frame colors used to a minimum, such as just two, to help tie things together.'

Creating a maximal bedroom should be all about letting your creativity run wild; displaying the decor items that bring you the most joy. This can evolve over time, adding furniture and smaller furnishings over the years for a truly authentic maximal room. 

'Build an interior using what you may already have to create a more personalized and unique home,' says Matthew Williamson. 'Can a rug from a different room be moved to the bedroom to appear fresh again and change up the floor?' Think creatively for your maximal bedroom and you'll no doubt nail this look. 

Matthew Williamson
Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson is an award-winning, British interior designer known predominantly for his unique use of pattern and color. Alongside his growing residential and commercial design portfolio, Matthew has also launched a series of homeware collections in collaboration with John Lewis, Pooky, Roome London, Obeetee, and more.

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