Nate Berkus has 'strong opinions' on light or dark sheets – but here's how you can follow his advice for a cozier bedroom

For the interior design expert, this is the best way to decorate with bedding

Nate Berkus and pink bedding
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Nate Berkus admits he has 'strong opinions' when it comes to decorating with bedding. The expert interior designer took to Instagram to share a video in which he discusses what decor ideas he approves of for the ideal bed setup. 

From adding throw blankets to the end of the bed to whether sheets should be light or dark, there are lots of bedding ideas to consider. While a bedroom should always aim to be as comfortable and cozy as possible, considering how you can refresh the overall look with the best bedding can elevate the room's decor as a whole.

Continue reading to find out what Nate's strongest opinions are when it comes to bedding – you can follow suit and create the ultimate cozy bedroom setup for winter in just a few simple steps. 

1. Throw pillows on the bed?

Adding throw pillows to a bed is an excellent way of making the whole bedroom feel more cozy, and so it's no surprise that Nate's answer to this is a definite yes. Not only do throw pillows help to create a cozy feel, but they can also act as decor pieces. I

f you have plain bedding with neutral colors and plain texture, you can opt to add a splash of color with pillows to add interest to your bedroom. Plus, they can very easily be swapped out over time if you want to refresh the look.

2. Throw pillows on the couch?

Similarly, Nate also approves of adding throw pillows to the couch and adds that 'they can even be the same pillows' as the ones on the bed. Again, the throw pillows that you opt for on the couch can help establish your wider decor theme and are a great opportunity to experiment with creating a layered look. Layering has been a popular interior design trend of late and is all about creating a maximalist, lived-in feel by layering different colors, textures, and fabrics.

3. Dark sheets or light sheets?

Whether you opt for dark or light sheets in your bedroom all comes down to your personal taste. Light sheets are more commonly embraced in minimalist, modern homes, whereas dark sheets can help create a moody, opulent feel. For Nate, he admits he's a 'white sheet; off-white sheet person.' If you're not sure which you prefer, you can always opt for light linen bedding sets in the summer months, and swap them out for darker colors made from heavier cotton in the winter to reflect the seasons. 

4. Throw or blanket at the end of the bed?

Answering this one with a definitive 'always', there's no doubt that Nate approves of adding either a throw or a blanket to the end of the bed. During the winter months, adding a throw is essential if you're looking to add warmth to your bedroom, and much like decorating with pillows, blankets can also help create a layered look. Make sure to experiment with incorporating different fabrics with your throws or blankets, such as velvet to add interest through texture. 

Decorating with bedding can be a great way to enhance the look of your bedroom whilst of course aiding with sleep by ensuring your space is as comfortable as possible. Whatever your preferences are, ensure you avoid making these bedding mistakes.

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