Shea McGee predicts these 5 unexpected interior design trends will dominate home decor in 2024

From bold reds to playful tiles, these surprising decor ideas are set to define 2024, according to Shea McGee

interior design trends 2024
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The new year is very nearly upon us, and we're looking ahead to the interior design trends that will define 2024. This year, we've seen a focus on personality-led interiors, bold color trends, and of course, the height of quiet luxury. For 2024, it's looking to be a continuation of these core trends, yet even bolder by embracing unique and personality-driven home decor ideas.

Taking to Instagram, Shea McGee, expert interior designer and co-founder of McGee & Co. shared a video in which she talks through the design trends she predicts will lead the way in the new year. Below, we've rounded up five our our favorites to give you some inspiration for your home decor projects – whether you're looking to add personality to your space through textural surfaces or uplift your home with bold colors. 

1. Mixing nautral with luxe

Mix and match kitchen with wood and glass cabinets

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This year, modern rustic style has firmly established a theme of pairing organic, natural materials with more modern finishes. With modern rustic decor, which is most commonly embraced in kitchens, materials such as wood are offset by sleek marble, and this is something Shea predicts will continue next year. 

'We're seeing a lot of textural stone on walls' which she explains is then coupled with steel elements. 'I think that textural quality is going to continue to be really big,' she says. To experiment with this trend, consider opting for modern, textural kitchen countertops to add balance to a traditional kitchen

Shea McGee
Shea McGee

Interior designer, Shea McGee founded her iconic design firm, Studio McGee, with her husband Syd in 2014. They later launched their e-commerce brand, McGee & Co, and starred in their very own Netflix show, Dream Home Makeover.

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2. Red

living room with green walls, red sofas, blue rug and white stools

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As a color trend for 2024, Shea predicts that decorating with red will be a standout. 

'This is one of my favorite trends,' she says. 'We're seeing a lot of red in fashion – the pop of the red sock, the red sweaters – and we’re going to see that in interior spaces as well.' While you may think of red as a very daring hue to embrace in your home decor, it doesn't have to be highly saturated tones, as Shea explains: 'I think the tones will be a bit warmer, maybe leaning more burgundy than bright red. I think a great way to experiment with this is through accents like pillows and accessories.'

3. Italian decor

Bathroom with a veined marble vanity unit, marble floor tiles, floral wallpaper and painted paneling

(Image credit: Interior by Plaster & Patina, photograph Amy Bartlam)

Linking to this year's hugely popular quiet luxury trend, which is all about embracing an understated approach to decor, focusing on high-quality pieces that bring timeless appeal to the home, 2024 will most likely continue to welcome lots of opulent materials. 

Specifically, Shea predicts that we'll see a rise in Italian-inspired decor, explaining: 'I'm not talking olive garden or that faux Tuscan look of the 2000s, I'm talking beautiful iron details, marble and tapestries.' This design trend is one that can be reflected throughout the home, but as pictured above, brings a sophisticated and timeless feel to bathroom ideas

4. Playful tiles

green tiled bathroom in contemporary apartmnet

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Tiles can be a great way of adding interest to the bathroom or kitchen, and in 2023, we've seen a rise in unexpected and playful tile trends, which Shea predicts will continue in 2024: 'This is a design trend that has been around but we’re seeing it really in full force right now, where designers will pair two tones of tiles together – they’ll turn them in different directions, will add a stripe,' says Shea. 'It’s not just about a subway tile right now, it's about taking classic tiles and doing them in interesting ways.'

5. Personality-led interiors

colors that go with light pink, bedroom with light pink walls, stripe upholstered bed, indigo blue blanket, navy nightstand, navy ottoman, vintage rug, hardwood floor, wall light, patterned shade on table lamp, stripe bed pillow, turmeric checked blanket, wardrobes

(Image credit: Rebecca Amir Design/Kirsten Francis)

Lastly, and perhaps most unsurprisingly, Shea predicts that interiors with 'maximum personality' will lead the way in 2024. This links to this year's popular dopamine decor trend, where home decor is used first and foremost to express personality, creating an eclectic look through layered, meaningful decor.

Shea predicts that this will go a step further in the new year: 'People are braver, they’re feeling like they can infuse their personality through pieces that really tell a story.' The beauty of this trend is that it's not so much about following rules, but rather using your home to embrace the decor that brings you the most joy. 

In 2024, there's no doubt that interiors will continue to follow a personality-led approach, while we'll see a focus on the use of luxe materials and natural textures. Whatever your interior style, these trends can be adapted to best suit your home for a timeless look. 

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