What are the most luxurious colors? 5 luxe shades and how to incorporate them into your home

From rich jewel tones to neutrals, these colors add a sense of luxury to home decor

(Image credit: Susan Yeley Homes/photography Sarah Shields, Nadia Watts Interior Design/photography Nickolas Sargent, Hanna Li Interiors/photography Jess Isaac/styling Kate Flynn)

Color plays a hugely important role in setting the mood and tone of a room. Indeed, the right color choices can set you on your way to mastering a sense of luxury, no matter what decorating style you favor.

But what are the most luxurious room color ideas? We spoke to interior designers to hear their suggestions, rounding up five of their most popular ideas below.

Beyond the expected jewel tones that we instantly associate with elegance, designers say neutral tones can be just as impactful in mastering a feeling of luxury throughout the home, albeit in a more reserved manner.

Luxurious color ideas

Read on to see how designers integrate these timeless colors into their interior projects to create a sumptuous look that transcends the latest trends.

1. Jewel tones

maximalist living room with teal walls and ceiling, bright pink artwork and colorful sofa and cushions

(Image credit: Nadia Watts Interior Design, photography Nickolas Sargent)

If you're a fan of maximalist decor, decorating with jewel tones is an effective way to create a feeling of grandeur and luxury. Interior designer Nadia Watts demonstrates this in this living space which is a celebration of the most vibrant jewel tones.

'Richly saturated jewel tones convey a sense of elegance and indulgence,' explains Nadia. 'Emerald green evokes prosperity and growth; navy blue is refined and polished; ruby red brings warmth and sophistication; and of course, purple is long associated with royalty and opulence.'

As a starting point for introducing jewel tones into an interior scheme, Nadia often uses fabrics that can inform the rest of the room's color palette.

'I love designing with rich colors,' Nadia continues. 'Starting with the fabrics, I create the perfect mix of colors and textures to create a sense of grandeur. Pops of natural wood – the older the better – balance out the glam and glints of mixed metals are the “jewelry” that completes the look.'

2. Green

green maximalist bedroom with large plant and balcony doors

(Image credit: Matthew Williamson, photography Damian Russell)

'Tonal shades of green offer a great foundation for a luxurious scheme,' says interior designer Matthew Williamson.

As shown in this maximalist bedroom, decorating with green is a timeless color choice that feels calming, and certain shades of green can feel luxurious, too. 'Picture rich emeralds, lush moss greens, and hints of jade intermingling seamlessly,' suggests Matthew.

While green works well as a room's dominant color, the designer recommends incorporating complementary colors to give the room depth and further interest.

'To elevate this palette, I'd introduce complementary hues such as sumptuous golds and pops of mustard. Imagine accents of shimmering gold metallics or warm mustard yellow creating a harmonious and lavish ambiance. This combination evokes a sense of grandeur and elegance, perfect for creating a truly luxurious space.'

3. Neutrals

neutral dining room with wooden chairs

(Image credit: Hanna Li Interiors/photography Jess Isaac/styling Kate Flynn)

If your interior design style leans more minimalist, decorating with neutrals – especially warm-toned neutrals – can be just as effective in creating a luxurious scheme. The quiet luxury trend embodies this approach, favoring pared-back hues as a refined take on luxury decor.

'A combination of warm neutrals is always a safe bet for a luxurious interior,' says designer Brandon Lange, Creative Director at BZ Interiors. 'Making sure that tones will coordinate – and not clash – is vitally important, and combining different textures and shades will result in a luxurious effect.'

Warm neutrals are incredibly versatile and can work seamlessly in many rooms throughout the home, especially those that aim to feel calm. Interior designer Hanna Li, co-founder of Hanna Li Interiors designed this neutral dining room with warm white walls, reflecting a simplistic take on luxurious colors.

'We curated a space adorned with leather vintage chairs, and sourced deadstock fabric for window treatment and natural materials from nature for a large rug and ceramic vase,' shares Hanna. 'By leaving the walls empty without art, we removed distractions to encourage dialogue and intimacy around the dining table. Our vision of luxury transcends opulence, focusing instead on authenticity and mindfulness in the interior.'

4. Chocolate brown

Bathroom painted dark chocolate brown with a warm beige bathtub

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Decorating with brown has been a prominent color trend thus far in 2024, and is often recommended by designers to achieve a sophisticated and slightly moody look.

'We associate chocolate brown with a luxurious interior scheme,' say designers Kyle O'Donnell and Christopher Sale of Gramercy Design. Below, the design duo share their tips for decorating with chocolate brown to achieve a sense of luxury.

'Wall surfaces aren't the only place to make a statement since brown can be equally effective at creating a feeling of luxury in smaller doses. We recently designed a custom headboard upholstered in chocolate brown mohair and a lounge chair upholstered in chocolate brown boucle to provide contrast in two light-colored rooms. Utilizing chocolate brown in sumptuous textures helps amplify the luxe factor even further.'

5. Deep cool hues

bedroom with charcoal gray feature wall and four poster bed

(Image credit: Susan Yeley Homes, photography Sarah Shields)

Much like the sophistication of a dark brown color scheme, designers also point to cool-toned dark hues. From deep shades of inky blue to charcoal gray, these cool shades are classics that create a bold statement when used across the walls.

'Using a dark, enveloping color scheme makes it easy to achieve an opulent quality in a space,' says designer Susan Yeley, Creative Director at Susan Yeley Homes, who designed this bedroom with Sherwin-Williams' Peppercorn, a dark charcoal gray paint, on the walls.

'With the exquisite antique rugs and warm wood furniture, the space feels quiet, grown-up, and decidedly luxurious,' adds Susan.

Similarly to dark gray, using a deep blue paint as a room's dominant color, such as Farrow & Ball's Hague Blue, will instantly create a moody and dramatic look. 'Deep, moody blues are a luxurious choice that offers depth and moodiness,' explains Brandon Lange. 'Pair with unlacquered brass or polished nickel hardware, or with rich, dark woods to enhance the depth of this color choice.'

Looking for more color inspiration? We've rounded up the top luxurious color combinations to help you pair colors effectively while maintaining a sophisticated look throughout your home.

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