Bar countertop ideas – 10 ways to create a unique design

These bar countertop ideas will add beauty and interest to your kitchen

Bar countertop ideas. Three kitchens with bars, showing different bar countertop ideas, natural stone, wood and black marble
(Image credit: Cullifords, Davide Lovati)

Bar countertop ideas bring style to the kitchen feature that frequently provides additional seating and socializing space for friends and family.

Located at the heart of your kitchen, a bar countertop should complement the kitchen design, but it can still make a style statement of its own.

Popular materials used in home bar ideas and for kitchen countertop ideas include granite, marble and wood, but there are a variety of stylish options to choose from that celebrate both the beauty and versatility of natural and manufactured materials.

Bar countertop ideas 

Whether your kitchen ideas include extending your island countertop or creating contrast in your space with a different material, be inspired by our top bar countertop ideas, even if your home bar is just a bar cart.

1. Opt for a stylized countertop

Bar countertop with marble

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Remodeling a kitchen or expanding your basement ideas to include a dedicated home bar is one of the top projects in brand-new homes. This is because a generous home bar is now the epicentre for modern home life.

If you are looking for luxury home bar countertop ideas you will be pleased to know that they can be built in just about any home. The best way to achieve this is by constructing yours from natural materials, such as exotic stone – whether real or lookalikes – paired with a book-matched marble backsplash. 

If you are a tidy person, why not show off your favorite glassware and bottles? Having everything on display, however, is not for the those of us with very little time to tidy as it requires a certain amount of dedication to keep bar shelves looking smart and uncluttered. For a stylized look, stack collections of your most-loved glassware, crockery, line up fresh herbs and incorporate small pieces of art along your bar countertop.

2. Choose a waterfall countertop design

Kitchen with wooden flooring, black and cream fitted units, bar stools by the breakfast bar, high ceilings and coving.

(Image credit: Davide Lovati)

Many bars are integrated into the kitchen island space, creating a central, welcoming area used for socializing and eating, as well as for cooking and food preparation. 

A waterfall countertop design can create a seamless finish where the countertop design flows all the way down to the ground.

 ‘From waterfall worktops to integrated breakfast bars, there are a number of ways to be creative with your kitchen island,' says Hege Lundh of Lundhs Real Stone.

This kitchen creates a sophisticated bar area on one side of the island, with the white waterfall countertop creating a beautiful contrast with the overall black scheme.

3. Take a minimalist versus maximalist approach 

Bar countertop with metallic backsplash

(Image credit: Simon Brown)

Minimalist design is everywhere on social media and when it comes to interior design and home styling, less can often mean more, but that doesn't mean that you can't add shimmer and shine with a gorgeous metal backsplash idea.

Elevated from a purely practical role – it is, after all, about protecting the walls from hob and sink splashes – these days it’s also more of a statement piece, sporting a new choice of luxe metallics. Along with bar countertops, backsplash ideas are often the first element that’s noticed among your home bar ideas when walking into the room, so interior designers are keen to make it count.

4. Incorporate a sink into your bar countertop

Home bar ideas with bespoke cabinetry

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When designing a home or breakfast bar it is worth considering how you can incorporate amenities into the space, and kitchen sink ideas are such a worthwhile addition. Sinks are easily overlooked in favor of more glamorous fittings, but this hard-working element of home bar design is more than just practical.

‘Adding a sink or hob into the mix will boost the functionality of your bar countertop This will make serving a breeze whilst still allowing you to be part of the conversation,’ says Tom Howley, design director at the eponymous kitchen company.

5. Create a sense of drama

Bar area in an open plan kitchen dining area, black painted island with bar stools.

(Image credit: Davide Lovati)

Black kitchen ideas can create a striking look, and using a beautiful black stone or quartz for bar countertop ideas can elevate the design of a black kitchen.

In this room, the bar acts as a beautiful centerpiece in the space, with the luxurious marble countertop adding inviting texture and pattern to the all-black look. 

6. Embrace the natural beauty of wood

Mezzanine kitchen with blue cabinets and dark wooden floor, kitchen bar with metallic frame and exposed wooden countertop with jagged edge, rounded bar stools with metal frames and blue upholstered seat

(Image credit: Future)

Wood will always be an inviting and long-lasting option for bar countertop ideas. The natural material is both durable and versatile to work with and there are many different finishes and types to choose from.

'One of the benefits of using wood for countertops is the inherent natural beauty of the material, as each piece has its own unique character and markings,' says Alex Main, director of The Main Company.

In this kitchen, the bar countertop is defined by an exposed wooden edge, creating an eye-catching design. A simple twist on a traditional wooden countertop design, a beautiful detail like this can add a unique character to your kitchen space.

7. Pick a water-resistant counter for an outdoor bar

Bar countertop with hidden garden bar

(Image credit: Urban Outdoors)

This garden bar idea, complete with sink and dishwasher, means crockery and glassware can be washed and stored in situ. 

Horizontal surfaces bear the brunt of the weather so it’s essential to choose surfaces that can handle downpours, direct sunlight and frost. Low maintenance is also a key factor, especially as acidic drinks can stain surfaces. Natural stone, quartz and concrete are all popular options, while large-format porcelain tiles are great for modern backyards. Include a slight gradient to prevent rain pooling on the surface.

‘When closed, the kitchen is completely weather resistant, making it perfect for the unpredictable climates,’ says Tony Young, creative director, Urban Outdoors.

8. Use a unique natural stone

Kitchen bar in Turtle Green Quartzite, vase with flowers and decorative bowls on table, black chairs, two black hanging pendants over bar

(Image credit: Cullifords)

A bar or island in a kitchen is the perfect place to be creative with material, color and pattern. 

'Using a unique natural stone for your bar countertop can create a refined atmosphere of elegance and luxury, with veined kitchen countertops becoming increasingly popular for kitchen designs of all shapes and styles,' says Sarah Spiteri, editorial director of Homes & Gardens.

The impressive turtle green quartzite used on this bar countertop by Cullifords creates a truly stunning design feature in the space, and the metamorphic quartzite rock is extremely durable.

Other natural stones such as quartzite, marble, granite and sandstone can equally create stunning bar countertop ideas that remain practical and luxurious for years to come.

9. Invest in an easy-to-clean quartz surface

Home bar with tiled backsplash

(Image credit: Future)

Choosing bar countertop ideas carefully is a vital part of the home bar design process. It is tempting to focus on the area's finished look, but the functionality, durability and ease of cleaning of the bar countertop you choose is a priority, too, because longevity must be a top consideration for anyone remodelling. 

One of the most popular choices of bar countertops, quartz is a non-porous, low-maintenance and long-lasting surface. You can find finishes that replicate the look of granite, marble and concretes, so the drawbacks are minimal. 

'Also containing pigments and polymers, quartz surfaces are more durable than most natural stone, and impervious to stains and scratches, resistant to heat and easy to maintain,' Melissa Klink, head of design at Harvey Jones

Hege Lundh, Marketing Director at Lundh's Real Stone adds, 'Your choice of countertop will have a direct impact on the overall look of your home bar; it will frame the space and be one of the most used parts of the room, so it’s vital to make the right decisions.'

10. Go for a luxurious marble counterop

Bar countertop ideas with marble surface

(Image credit: Future)

Beautiful to look at and cool to touch, marble is highly desirable. ‘It’s one of our favorite bar countertop options,’ says Claire Birkbeck, kitchen designer at Neptune

‘Carrara marble, with its subtle grey veining, is always timeless.’ For a home bar, it is great for making a statement, especially when paired with wood cabinetry. However, take care maintaining an authentic marble countertop to prevent staining from spills and citrus fruits.

'One of the key considerations to take into account when choosing a real stone surface for your home bar is that each piece is unique and therefore can vary in its appearance. Whilst this is part of the beauty of opting for a 100% real stone surface, it's important to ensure you're happy with the exact piece of stone your bar countertop will be made out of,' says Hege Lundh.

What can I use for a bar countertop?

There are many materials you can use for a bar countertop from beautiful, natural materials such as stone or wood, to those crafted from concrete or with tile. 

‘It’s important to pick a material that can make a style statement whilst still being able to withstand the demands of a busy kitchen,’ says Lucy Searle, global editor in chief of Homes & Gardens.

‘Think, too, about how you want to integrate color and texture into your kitchen with the bar countertop, and whether you want your design to stand out or seamlessly blend in.’

How far should a counter bar overhang?

The overhang of a bar counter should be from around 12 to 15in (30 to 38cm) to allow space for sitters’ knees in front of barstools. ‘This isn’t something to compromise on as it will make it uncomfortable to sit at the bar otherwise,’ says Lucy Searle.

‘And if the bar countertop is table height, the overhang should be greater to allow knee room for people seated on chairs.’

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