This is how we will be decorating our homes this autumn, according to the experts

After a spring and early summer that none of us were expecting, making the most of the remainder of 2020 is important when it comes to enjoying each room of your property.

For the many who have spent months staring at the same rooms and décor, the promise of approaching the autumn and winter seasons could indicate the perfect time to introduce some new colour, styling or interior features to your home. Theseautumn trend predictions are sure to make your feel cosy, warm and ready for the year ahead.

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As we begin to welcome visitors back into our homes, here are just some of the most popular home trends that Lucy Askew, Interiors Expert at predicts Britons to be adopting in their décor this autumn and winter.


Following the start of lockdown in March, a huge number of Britons decided to combat the boredom they faced – either due to furlough or having to stay isolated from regular life – by indulging in crafts or painting. It is therefore to be expected that walls and shelves up and down the UK will be adorned with handcrafted pieces come Autumn. Whilst these unique and handmade pieces might not be for everyone, displaying the work and pieces you’ve had time to create during lockdown will serve as an important keepsake to such a unique period of our lives.

autumn trends predictions

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It might not be the first Autumnal colour that springs to mind, but delicate and chalky or pastel shades of pink that represent a sense of tranquillity will continue to be a popular decorative choice in British homes as we approach the colder months. The colour has come a long way since Pantone named ‘Rose Quartz’ as one of their chosen colour shades of the year back in 2016 and is no longer simply reserved for the walls of little girls bedrooms! When paired with contrasting grey, green or deep blue tones, pink can be given the grown-up glow-up it deserves, in any space of the home that you desire.

autumn trends predictions

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With its rich and inviting tones, walnut has long been a popular choice for durable and long-lasting flooring, but we foresee the hardwood becoming even more prevalent in UK homes later this year. Chairs, coffee tables and even beds in walnut are set to increase in popularity, with the versatility of shades and unique patterns of the grain making for an eye-catching piece that will impress guests.

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As a nation we are becoming increasingly more interested in space, the solar system and what else could possibly lie beyond this little home we call planet earth. It’s therefore only logical that many people want to bring this fascination with astronomy into their own homes with a decorative flair. A gold or silver dust effect using metallic paint on top of a deep blue shade will mimic stars in a night sky without looking too obvious, and shimmering dark velvet fabrics – when used convincingly - can also help to create a sophisticated nocturnal ambience.

autumn trends predictions

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