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Carpet trends 2022 – stylish new looks for fabulous floors

From decorating with neutrals to playing with pattern – our look at the best carpet trends reveals interesting results

Carpet trends 2022
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There's something about carpet trends, with their cozy-chic, plush underfoot feeling, that wood just can't impart. And, while wooden flooring isn't going anywhere, carpet is making a comeback in a big – and very stylish – way. Looking into carpet trends 2022, it seems we will be expressing our creativity in bold, imaginative and innovative style.

'Carpet is a fantastic way of introducing color or pattern into the home,' says creative designer at Brintons, Jodie Hatton. 'The floor is no longer an afterthought. The entire room can be styled working from the floor up.' 

Some carpet trends are timelessly elegant – others require bravery, but will create an indulgent finish that's pure luxury.

From mixing bright and bold contrasting colors to fiery red tones, geometrics and intricate patterns, our 2022 carpet trend see self-expression as key. At the other end of the scale, the earthy, organic natural trend is set to endure throughout next year, bringing a calming landscape into our interior design schemes.

1. Patterned carpets are making a comeback

Carpet trends with patterned rug

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Until recently, carpets and rugs tended to be plain, neutral and for the bedroom only, but patterned carpets are now coming back into favor, and moving into the living room and dining room, too. In the right hands, patterned carpet designs are akin to introducing a work of art into a room and setting a strong design tone. Think of the floor as the room’s main canvas, says Lorna Haigh of Alternative Flooring (opens in new tab)

Lisa Conway of Brintons agrees: ‘We believe that a design scheme should start from the floor up, with the carpet being the basis for all the design choices,’ she says. ‘Pattern and color have been brought to the forefront to create a statement.’ 

A heavily patterned design is a bold decision, but if you love it, go for it, recommends Lisa. ‘It will withstand room renovations for years to come because you can pick out different colors and design details to carry through to the wider scheme.’

2. Use a bold carpet in small rooms

bedroom trends with art

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2022 will be the year of color and creativity, so it is no surprise that a plethora of patterns will enter the design relm, but that is not to say that you can't use them in tiny homes. 

Patterned carpets work well in smaller spaces – perfect for your bedroom carpet ideas. Where a busy pattern on a wall might be overwhelming, introducing a pattern on the floor with a patterned rug or carpet can add interest without taking over the space. 

‘We often use boldly patterned or brightly colored carpets in small rooms or forgotten back stairs – they liven themselves up when you introduce something unexpected and strong,’ says interior designer Adam Bray. 

3. Make a statement underfoot with carpet tiles

Carpet trend with patterned tile carpet

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In the past, patterned carpets were thought to be the preserve of pubs and hotels, favored for their ability to absorb stains and spillages rather than being a key design detail. These days, new designs are raising the game of wall-to-wall patterned carpets – witness these amazing carpet tiles from Bolon at Flooring Concepts. 

Designers are adept at creating carpets tiles and shapes that are akin to pieces of abstract art for the floor, so if you want the floor to be the room’s main canvas, these make a strong statement. Pull back on other decorative details if going down this route – interlocking patterns, Bridget Riley-esque stripes or edgy abstract graphics can hold a room on their own.

4. Look beyond the walls when it comes to color

Small entryway ideas with colorful features

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‘Color in a carpet or rug lifts a scheme from the floor up, which is a room’s main canvas,’ says Lorna Haigh of Alternative Flooring. 

‘Soft duck egg blue is always popular, but we’re seeing more teals and blacks being used with popping accents.’ Hallway carpet ideas offer an opportunity to be adventurous. ‘People want to create an impact here, so bright hues, such as pink and lime green, and strong patterns are a large part of our collections,’ says Andy Guard of Roger Oates Design (opens in new tab).

5. Lay down smart stripes

Carpet trend striped rug

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A smart stripe – whether wide or narrow – is a classic pattern that will visually elongate and widen a room, just as floorboards do. Striped floor coverings began to be introduced into homes about 10 years ago in a rather tentative way when the first collections arrived on the market.

Appreciated for their dirt-defying nature, stripes were initially confined to high-traffic areas, such as stairs, but their appeal is now spreading. Taking inspiration from the fabric world where stripes are everywhere, flooring has now caught up and offers a far greater choice of designs than ever before.

Staircase carpet ideas featuring stripes make a design statement as soon as you enter a house, but it needn’t be limited to this area. More people are finding the confidence to play with different breadths and scales throughout the house, from broad to ticking and pencil stripes.

Wall-to-wall broad stripes work well for living room carpet ideas and people are much more willing to experiment with breadth and scale. You can layer elements on top to soften the look, while still maintaining a bright and colorful feel to the space.

6. Create a sense of calm with a neutral option

Living room with cream woven carpet and pink chairs

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If you adore minimalism you will be pleased to know that decorating with neutrals are very much here to stay. 

Choosing a carpet in a classic base note will bring a sense of calm to your living room ideas. A neutral shade is a wise investment too, as its versatility and longevity add value to your property. It will also make co-ordinating the flooring in different rooms a breeze – with a neutral palette, everything goes – enabling you to combine plains and subtle patterns, while keeping a consistent flow throughout the house.

7. Warm up with a pink and red color scheme

Carpet trends 2022 with pink rug

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Sensuous shades, from spicy chilli through to lush berry tones, will make a bold but beautiful statement in your home. A high-footfall area, such as a hallway or living room, is the ideal place to introduce a classic pattern, as it can help to disguise the effects of everyday wear. Choose hall and living room furniture with elegant lines and keep the rest of the scheme simple, so the floor provides all the impact.

Is carpet coming back in style for 2022?

Carpet is making a welcome comeback for 2022. Whichever room you are decorating, it’s worth making a fuss of the floor. In a living room, we recommend a statement rug or carpet. Not only will it ground the room but it can serve as the starting point from which to build the scheme. It’s a worthwhile investment, and your feet will thank you come winter. 

‘Fitted carpet gives a feeling of luxury; a small repeat pattern can ground a room and add interest without taking over, while bolder ones will add dimension and focus,’ says Kit Kemp, design director, Firmdale Hotels.

How to choose carpet

Jodie Hatton, Residential Designer at Brintons (opens in new tab) advises: 'It’s key to have the intended use of the room at the forefront of your mind when choosing carpet. What kind of feel do you want to create? How will the room be used? Is the space a reception area where you want to make a statement? Or a room you want to use as a retreat creating a calming and relaxed feel? Having that decision at the forefront of your mind as you choose your carpet will help to guide you towards the perfect choice for your space.'

Which carpet is best for which room?

'Bolder statement patterns always tend to lend themselves well to hallways, stairs and landing spaces as these tend to be high traffic areas. As these areas aren’t "lived in" as such they also lend themselves to creating more of a design statement, as there is a limited amount of space for furniture,' continues Jodie Hatton.

'The feel of a room is important and a very personal choice, as a successful interiors scheme will reflect elements of our personality. Some will want a calming, relaxing bedroom to retreat to whilst others may want to opt for more of a boudoir feel. Carpets to consider for a relaxing room would be a neutral plain. However, for ultimate luxury and a plush feel – take a look at a velvet option.' 

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