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Take a tour around The Goldbergs star Hayley Orrantia's house in Los Angeles

Explore this verdant Studio City sanctuary with the woman who knows it best

Minimal living room, Hayley Orrantia, The Goldbergs star
(Image credit: Nils Timm)

Nobody knows a house quite like its owner, so there is no better person to show us around Hayley Orrantia's house than Hayley herself. The musician and star of The Goldbergs has just entered the interiors industry herself – following the launch of her home renovation and flipping company, set up with her father in Tennessee. 

With a love of interior design running through her veins, it is therefore unsurprising that she used her new home as a canvas in which to showcase her expertise. 

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Hayley Orrantia showed Homes & Gardens exclusively around this Bohemian hangout, hidden just beyond the Hollywood hills – take the tour. 

Home bar belonging to Hayley Orrantia, The Goldbergs

(Image credit: Nils Timm)

Living room

Minimal living room, Hayley Orrantia, The Goldbergs star

(Image credit: Nils Timm)

'One of the main features you notice when you first come through the front door are these cutouts around the fireplace,' Hayley begins. Though the previous owners had used the space to display their guitars, Hayley chose to fill them with a moss wall that evokes nostalgia and emotion for the actress and musician. 

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'In the two years before I moved to this home, I wrote an EP and shot a music video that was very close to my heart. I had some of my neighbors in Venice Beach decorate these walls with mushrooms and flowers. After we had finished the video, I had fallen in love with their aesthetic, so I asked if I could install it into my apartment. Then, when we moved, my boyfriend suggested installing them here.

'The moss wall sets everything I want to say in my home and represents a big part of who I am. It's about pulling elements of things I am inspired by. This living room is an accumulation of these styles,' she adds.

Living room designed by Hayley Orrantia, The Goldbergs actress

(Image credit: Nils Timm)

Hayley then focuses on the multifunctionality of the room's accessories, explaining how she combines the overall aesthetic with practicality.

'As far as the books go, they're very practical because my boyfriend and I use these planners to center ourselves. Everything you see here is sentimental to us, but they also work well in the space. Everything is curated in their placements, but overall, they are practical to our everyday lives,' Hayley explains. 

Dining room

Green dining room designed by Hayley Orrantia, The Goldbergs actress, bohemian wall art

(Image credit: Nils Timm)

Upon entering the dining room, you are immediately struck by the immensity of the 'bohemian' wall art – making it, therefore, a natural place to begin. 

'I have a place in Nashville, and originally my mum back in Dallas located a local woman who creates these pieces. When I had my LA apartment, I had her custom-make this piece. After she finished it, I bought this home; and I wanted it to sit somewhere special. When I am in the backyard, it's the one thing I see when I look in towards the house – perfectly framed in the center of this window. It's meant to be there.'

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White kitchen designed by Hayley Orrantia, The Goldbergs actress, crystal lights over kitchen island

(Image credit: Nils Timm)

Mirroring the living room's Scandi character, the kitchen exhibits a bright and natural allure through its glossy white features and a striking living wall in the window space. 

'I can't fully take the credit – that was the previous owners,' Hayley shares. 

'However, I did have my friends who made the moss walls in the living room add succulents to make it feel very forestry. Whenever it comes to greenery, they just add so much. They give off an energy that I appreciate.' 

The actress and singer expanded on the light fixtures that crown her kitchen island: 'One of my other favorite things are these lights that look like crystals. I collect many crystals, so these lights are a subtle tribute to something I love.'

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Home bar

Home bar designed by Hayley Orrantia, The Goldbergs actress

(Image credit: Nils Timm)

It's hard not to love Hayley Orrantia's home bar – from its organic green hues to its Gatsbyesque storage – the space is a shrine to some of the biggest interior trends of the season. 

'One of the main things I took away during decorating is that I'm drawn to natural elements. I've focused on these while we're all stuck inside and have a craving to be outside, feeling free, which we were not able to do,' Hayley shares. 

'Green brings joy, it is about life, and so, it was a great color for this space. We have a decent amount of windows in this house, which looks out to lots of greenery. I wanted to continue that color throughout the home to create a flow.'

Hayley focuses on perhaps the most stylish statement in the room – complete with exquisitely presented glasses and a liquor selection that rivals any exclusive hangout in the Golden State. 

Home bar designed by Hayley Orrantia

(Image credit: Nils Timm)

'I challenged myself to learn how to make signature cocktails, and that eventually formed the bar. Someone had listed that bar on an app where you list items for sale. It was the perfect size for that space, and that was the first piece that made us ask, where do we go from here?' 

Where did Hayley go? To an arch, which frames the bar. This arch, Hayley explains, was inspired by an interior trend she spotted online.  

'I knew that area needed something else because my whole house is white, and while this works with the different furniture being colorful, I needed something different here. The painted arch was the perfect solution. I am so glad we did it; even though I was nervous, it was a trend that would come and go quickly. That's the joy of paint – you can just go over it,' she adds. 

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Garden designed by Hayley Orrantia, The Goldbergs actress, large tree with lights

(Image credit: Nils Timm)

Moving to the Californian sun-drenched exterior of her property, Hayley explains how the interior's green tones continue outside. 

'This space is just covered by trees and greenery. It is very private, and it does offer elements of a fairytale,' Hayley shares. She then pays homage to this mystical aura through the garden's biggest asset: a tree covered in fairy lights. 

'My dad hung these string lights, and we're also thinking of finding an outdoor chandelier to hang off the branches,' Hayley shares. The man behind these lights is also Hayley's business partner in their company which is, according to Hayley, a 'family affair where everyone is involved.'

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'If anyone is interested in following along that journey, we do have an Instagram and Tiktok page, where I post different things – whether that is in this house or a home we are flipping. It's something that we love doing, and I'm sure we won't be stopping anytime soon.'

If Hayley's projects look anything like her home, we couldn't be happier to hear her work will continue long into the future. 

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