The expert home staging tips that you can do yourself

There’s no doubt that staging your home – whether or not you use a professional company – can give it real ‘buyer appeal’.

Preparing your property prior to selling it is one of the best investments you can make to ensure it achieves the highest sale value.Homes & Gardens caught up with Alex Willcocks, Managing Director of Burbeck Interiors to discuss the benefits of styling by sharing his favourite home staging tips.

Staging a home incorporates a vast array of different services, from basic decluttering to a complete interior makeover. Prices can also vary depending on the scope of the work that needs to be undertaken, however there is a lot a vendor can do by themselves to increase the marketability of their property.

home staging tips

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No matter what your budget these four golden tips are sure to have an impact.


This timeless expression is applicable to selling your home. A buyer's decision making process doesn’t start once they are in the property, it started 100 meters before that. As such any remedial work or improvement that can be made to the entrance of the property will pay dividends.

This can be as simple as weeding the path leading to the front door to a new coat of paint on the door itself. Try and clean any windows you can, especially the one at the front of the property. As summer continues new flowers or a hanging basket can give a positive impression, their aroma can also create a good first impression.

home staging tips

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Nearly all of us have too much ‘stuff’, which has been accumulated over years if not decades. Decluttering each room is an excellent investment of your time. Its important potential buyers can envisage themselves living in the property, for that to happen it has to feel like you don’t.

Try and free up as much surface space as you can on shelves, coffee tables and especially in the kitchen. Wicker or rope baskets are excellent for throwing items in that you need but don’t necessarily want to see. Storage units and containers are another great option should you require more space.

home staging tips

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If you do nothing else, make sure your home is clean, clutter and odour free (you may be used to your pets’ pong but buyers won’t be!), and that there are no ‘yet to be finished’ DIY jobs as they’ll give the impression that your house will need a lot of maintenance

Making small changes to a room can often have a big impact on its ambiance. I would recommend always replacing bed linen and towels with new crisp white replacements. The same rule applies to bath and hand towels. Scented oil diffusers and candles are always a good idea to create a warm welcoming environment.

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If you are lucky enough to have any outside space, you really need to maximise this as much as possible. It doesn’t matter if its 6ft by 6ft or 300 ft long, you need to get this to do the selling. Just like with the front of the property, assess what needs to be done to make it as presentable as you can. Treat it as an extra room and stage it accordingly. Start by measuring your outdoor area and deciding what type of furniture will best suit your needs and lifestyle – a bistro two-seater table and chairs is perfect for romantic al fresco dining on a city balcony, whereas a large sofa set is a good choice for a sociable family household.

home staging tips

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According to the 2019 Home Staging Association report, 85% of estate agents reported that a staged home sells up to three times faster than a non staged home, and 70% of agents stated home staging increased the offer value by up to 10%.

'These statistics enforce our own performance at Burbeck Interiors in 2019, as 80% of the properties we staged went under offer in 4 weeks or less,' says Alex.