These are the only interior trend predictions you need to know for next season

Late 2020 sees the resurgence of maximalism, warm colour palettes and functional furniture.

Looking ahead to the autumn/winter trends 2020, we’ve enlisted the help of the talented interior designers at BoConcept, Arlo & Jacob and build-to-rent brand,UNCLE. So what are the trend predictions for next season?


After the madness of this year, people will focus on creating really special spaces throughout their homes – whether this is a corner of your living room or revamping your office space, people will be getting creative as they have spent so much time at home. The home revamp is a trend in and of itself.

autumn trends

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We feel many people will have a major clear out so their space feels fresher, and therefore make more considered purchases. Try to incorporate ottomans that work as footstools and desks that can be folded up against the wall to save space. People will start investing more in ‘clever designs’ and ‘clever furniture’ to utilise their space.

interior trend predictions

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Autumn/winter provides the perfect excuse to get cosy, and a great way of doing this is by incorporating warm colours to a space. This autumn we will see a lot of burnt oranges and peacock blues incorporated into people’s décor. These are great colours that work well with darker colours like grey and navy, but also add depth to a space. These colours are also great for this time of year, and add a playful element of colour that is very needed during the colder winter months.

autumn trends

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Another trend, that is less specific to 2020 and a more timeless autumn/winter trend is adding soft and comfortable elements to your space. A mixture of textures – linen and wool on sofas and armchairs and warm wood tables combine to make a comfortable place to relax.This adds texture and warmth, whilst also making the space feel lived in, a feeling that we crave in the colder months.

autumn trends

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Embrace the optimistic energy of the early 1970s by giving your house a stylish retro makeover. Make your home feel like an exclusive bohemian escape.

The trend is driven by our need to connect and socialise in the real world, not just the digital. It draws on the era of 1970s hippy collective as inspiration for patterns, hues and textures. Expect off-pastels such as lilac and hazy pink that, when thrown together, have an uplifting vibe. There is a sense of positive in the use of shaggy textures, sunset and sunrise pastel tones and abstract patterns. Comfort remains a central focus, with slouchy, relaxed designs and soft knit fabrics.

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Engage your senses with meaningful design and calming fabrics. This popular trend plays to our desire for spiritual connection and well-being balanced by a commitment to sustainability.

Colours and textures have a hint of craft with warm tones coming to the fore. The new colour palette includes golden beige, moss green, soft olive and earthy orange. Further, tactile fabrics serve to comfort and cocoon such as matt velvet, boucle and linen. In addition, these soft and resilient fabrics are suitable for intensive use seating.

We will also see a renewed focus on craft and multifunctional furniture. In sync with the rise of the conscious consumerism comes the desire for furniture that offers longevity, quality and durability. Our need to feel grounded, calm and connected to nature is expressed through understated furniture, textile fabrics, sustainable materials and multifunctional, warm minimalism.

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Elevate your home with dramatic touches of luxury. The ultra-glamorous trend brings a luxurious jolt to the home. Consider how playful opulence and patterns lift an interior's mood and why this has become so important for this new decade. It's a feeling of sumptuous that redefines the home with all the comforts and refinements of boutique hotels.

A major trend in 2020, the glamorous revival was first signposted when Pantone declared its Colour of The Year as Classic Blue. The trend depicts a return to premiumisation with inspiration from hotel design, art deco style and Viennese Modernism. With the growing desire to host elegant gatherings comes a love for geometric shapes, luxury velvets, monochrome prints and cashmere throws.

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Curate your own interior identity by adding personal touches to your room. Maximalism is having a major moment as we seek to curate our homes.

After a decade of minimalism we love the inventive return of highly decorative and personal interiors. We are evolving our homes as spaces to be fulfilling, memorable and cabinets of curiosities. Homeowners are styling their interiors to tell a story, layering old with new to create exciting interior stories. Every piece in their home makes a statement either through the silhouette, fabric choice, colour or unique backstory. It also reflects a growing interest in furniture and objects acting as souvenirs of our lives. People are regaining a sense of individualism by using historical references, dark floral patterns and stained woods in their homes.

interior trend predictions

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