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John Lewis shopping report highlights home decor trends 2020

These are the homewares we loved this year, and what we'll be buying in 2020...

The John Lewis annual retail report has been released, giving us an insight into what homewares we loved this year, what fell out of favour, and what interiors trends are on the rise for 2020.

The 'How We Shop, Live and Look' roundup showed that 2019 was a year for decluttering and investing in storage solutions (thank you, Marie Kondo), embracing JOMO (the Joy of Missing Out) over FOMO (the Fear of Missing Out) by staying in and throwing informal dinner parties while relaxing in luxe loungewear, and making the most of the drinks trolley.

What we left behind? Landline phones, mantelpiece clocks, and cocktail shakers have all fallen out of favour.

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Looking to the future, we'll be going bold on interiors, and making use of the 'fifth wall' by covering our ceilings in beautiful printed wallpaper. Cosy nights in and the home cinema trend will see us continue to invest in bigger and better TVs, corner sofas, and at-home entertainment products like bar carts.

Keep reading to see what we've been flying off the shelves in 2019, and what we'll be buying for our homes in 2020...


John Lewis home decor trends 2020


Artfully crumpled bed linen (up 187%) ruled the bedroom this summer as we opted for chic, fuss-free bedding.


Increasingly, we want the ability to receive instant alerts when someone rings the doorbell and speak to visitors from our smartphones. John Lewis grew its home monitoring range by 20% this year, as clever new solutions entered the market to help customers keep an eye on their homes, wherever they are.


Apparently, we continued to bring mindfulness into the home with botanical house plants blooming in popularity when it comes to reconnecting to nature.

John Lewis home decor trends 2020


Reinventing living spaces is no longer about quick fixes to 'brighten up a room'. Instead, we've upscaled our ambitions for home projects of all sizes. Whether the aim is to create a home cinema, a picture perfect nursery or an outdoor paradise, we took interior updates seriously, carefully planning and thoughtfully styling each room.


This has been the year of JOMO (the Joy of Missing Out), as we choose to stay in and create memorable experiences at home with friends and family. Here are a few of the most popular ways we're enjoying missing out this year:


John Lewis home decor trends 2020

The growing popularity of artisan, boutique spirits and infused tonics have made it possible to emulate the kind of cocktails that mixologists would be proud of. Consequently, we are witnessing the return of the home bar, with drink trolleys up 136% and drinks cabinets and decanters back in vogue. Champagne stoppers are also a best-seller; telling of the nation’s penchant for fizz.


Friends and families gathering together on the sofa to enjoy their favourite films is nothing new. And yet, with sales of supersized 8K screens on the rise (up 17%), home movie nights are entering a new dimension, with viewers immersing themselves in the full home cinema experience. We like to put our feet up and get cosy (sales of corner sofas up 9%) and watch the big screen (sales of 82in TVs up a whopping 377%).


Ambitious cuisine in the home is off the menu, as hosting becomes less formal and more impromptu. As a result ofthe nation’s healthy appetite for simple, hearty, one-pot meals, casserole dishes are increasing in popularity, while sales of oven to table dishware are on the decline (-8%), alongside fish kettles (which John Lewis has now stopped selling), and soufflé dishes.


This year, warmer tones came to the fore in a move away from greys and muted pinks. The palette of the year is undoubtedly “living coral” (celebrated as Pantone’s Colour of the Year) and terracotta shades, punctuated by forest and emerald greens.

When it comes to patterns on upholstery, cushions, bedding and wallpaper, it is again a case of the bolder, the better. Inspiration comes from our feathered friends, with sales of parrot prints and peacock prints taking flight.


John Lewis home decor trends 2020

As we're spending more time in our homes, we're upping the luxury stakes. No matter the size of the room, a taste for theatrical opulence is both accessible and acceptable. For instance, over the past year nearly one third of customers brought brass, copper, velvet or marble into their homes, according to the report.


Green is not just for upholstery and walls. Living spaces today often feature botanical elements, particularly easy-care succulents. Sales of the Little Botanical plant “gangs” have gone wild, with the New Home range, proving most popular.


It seems 2019 was the year to tidy up and get serious about storage. The launch of a new series from organisation expert Marie Kondo kickstarted the tidy revolution, showing viewers how storage could be both beautiful and functional. We fully embraced the chance to do away with crammed cupboards and overcrowded shelves. Stylish baskets are one of John Lewis' bestselling storage solutions, fashioned from natural materials including seagrass, water hyacinth and jute (a natural vegetable fibre).

As we become more mobile and work is more flexible than ever, our homes need to be everything from places to unwind and socialise to practical office areas.

John Lewis partner and futurologist John Vary said: "Our customers are leading less predictable lives. As the trend for flexible working evolves, developments in technology and 5G connectivity enable consumers to be ‘always on’ wherever they are. The desire for more functionality and adaptability, particularly in the home, continues to trend as people are embracing co-living and using their living spaces for a plethora of activities, beyond just eating and sleeping.

"The growing concern for environmental responsibility shows no signs of slowing in 2020, with consumers taking matters into their own hands through urban farming to reusable solutions.”

John Lewis home decor trends 2020

This is what we'll be buying and the trends we'll be embracing:


The pressure cooker is set for a revival. Already hotting up in the States as a must-have kitchen gadget, it won’t be long before the UK’s stews, curries and risottos are being concocted under pressure.


With growing awareness of our responsibility to the environment, 2020 will see us continuing to utilise underused urban spaces to grow our own produce.


The trend for bold home styling and statement wallpaper will reach new heights in 2020, with the ceiling set for a makeover.


Following the rapid adoption of smart devices and voice assistants in the home and the expansion of 5G, there'll be further integration of technology in the day to day objects we use.


Crystals and their healing powers are going mainstream. Australian brand Wicks and Stones will land on the shelves at John Lewis, offering a choice of crystals that meet your wellbeing requirements, embedded in a beautiful scented candle.


Whether it’s a washing machine that auto-doses and can be set remotely, or an e-ink order that places itself when the printer is running low, home tech is about to eliminate even more of the boring bits from everyday life.

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