What happened when Katy Perry met The Home Edit – and the stunningly simple storage solution

What happens when a pop princess gets together with organization royalty? Take a look inside Katy's regimented cupboard – organized by The Home Edit

Katy Perry
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Katy Perry meeting The Home Edit is the unexpected crossover we never knew we needed. However, now we can't stop looking at the popstars ultra organized cupboards – nor can we wait to replicate its look in our own bathrooms. 

The singer and American Idol judge opened her Los Angeles home to famed home organizers Clea and Joanna (yes, from Netflix's The Home Edit), who worked with Katy to resolve her 'hoarding problems' and create a tidy space that is (now) effortlessly tidy. 

'Big shout out to The Home Edit for helping me with my hoarding problems, err, I mean... my collecting problems,' Katy says. Clea and Joanna taught Katy a lesson in organizing a bathroom closet (as seen below), but their technique works in every cabinet in the home. The secret? Transparent trays

Every product in Katy's organized bathroom is displayed in clear trays and rotating stands on the built-in shelving that reaches up to the ceiling. 

Showcasing everything from hair products to soaps and mouthwash, these transparent containers show Katy precisely what she has in her cabinet – so she can see what she wants with ease – and not rebuy things she can't find (we've all been there).

It's clear that clear organizers are Home Edit and Katy Perry-approved, and there is no better time to invest in fresh storage than amid spring cleaning season. 

'We had the best time organizing Katy Perry's house! For her household closet, we used our turntables, bins, and baby bins – so basically, our idea of a good time.' the duo says. 

Plus, to maximize the benefits of transparent storage further, Clea and Joannarecommend removing your product's outer packing to make them even easier to store (and, once again, allow you to keep track of your stock). Just as you would decant your goods in your pantry, the trick works the same in containers in your bathroom cupboard. 

'Many products that are found in a bathroom come in a box or bag that is extremely awkward to store. To maximize space, it helps to remove items from their original packaging, especially backstock items, and store them within drawer inserts, bins, or canisters,' they say in their blog. For example, when arranging your bathroom storage, it is better to remove toothpaste tubes, cotton swabs, and razors from their bulky packaging. 

We're taking this as our cue to pick up new transparent containers and decant our products, the way Clea and Joanna intended. 

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