'Game changing for fibromyalgia' - the Nectar mattress is now 40% off

Nectar's flash sale brings 40% off sitewide, saving you hundreds of dollars on the best memory foam mattress.

Nectar mattress flash sale- A Nectar Classic mattress made up with pillows and sheets
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Need a good mattress deal? We've just caught the lowest price of the year on Nectar's classic memory foam mattress. There's 40% off sitewide, too, so if you need pillows or bedsheets, now's a smart time to save. With a little savvy shopping, that means savings of hundreds of dollars. 

We loved this bed when we put it to the test in our quest to find the best mattress. It's our pick for the best memory foam mattress you can buy, which we don't say lightly. While it's not perfect, there's a lot to love, and at these prices, it makes a smart investment. 

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What's the deal?

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress | was $1049, now $629 for Queen

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress | was $1049, now $629 for Queen
Nectar's Daylight Savings Sale brings their classic memory foam mattress to the lowest price we've seen this year. Saving you more than $400, there's also $450 off a sleep bundle to help you get started. 

There's more detail in our full Nectar Memory Foam Mattress review.

Our review

Nectar mattressH&G gold badge

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Best memory foam mattress


Sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, Split King
Depth: 12”
Type: Memory foam
Comfort: Medium-firm to firm
Sleep trial: 1 year
Warranty: Lifetime
RRP: $499-$1,338

Reasons to buy

Lifetime guarantee
365-day trial period
A breathable outer layer keeps it cool
Helps with back pain

Reasons to avoid

Edge support could be better
Easily forms impressions

In our run down of the best mattress, we selected Nectar's classic bed as the best memory foam mattress you can buy. It's a great mix of quality and affordability that will suit most users. 

Our tester Casey loved this mattress, and found that it's a great choice for tackling back pain. There's more detail in Casey's full Nectar memory foam review, but she suffers from Fibromyalgia, and said that this mattress was 'game-changing'. While she still had a little pain every once in a while, none of it was caused by the mattress. Casey found that the Nectar hits the 'sweet spot of not being too firm or soft', which kept her spine in 'perfect alignment', stopping back pain before it starts. 

Towards the firmer side of medium-firm, this mattress is a good mid-point if you're not sure which firmness you like. It has good pressure relief, cradling the hard points of your joints in a soft memory foam layer but with firm, supporting foam underneath. 

We have some minor issues with this mattress. The first is a problem with most memory foam mattresses — that gross off-gassing smell However, this was gone by the second day. While it has excellent motion isolation, the edge support is poor, so it feels a little mushy in the corners. 

How does it compare?

The fairest direct comparison is between the Nectar and another memory foam mattress, the Tempur-Pedic Pro Adapt. In my head-to-head between Tempur and Nectar, I found that the Pro Adapt was the better bed. It sleeps far, far cooler, and has better edge support and pressure relief. 

Nectar mattress construction

The layers of Nectar's Memory Foam mattress

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However, there's no escaping that at the time of writing, the Pro Adapt costs thousands of dollars more — $2770 dollars more, to be exact. At that price, Tempur should come out on top; you'd want a much better bed for that money. That's why I found that the Nectar is much better value for money than Tempur's Pro-Adapt.

If, like most of us, a $3,000 dollar mattress is out of reach, Nectar's classic mattress is a budget-friendly alternative that doesn't cut quality for a lower price. It's a genuinely good bed that, while it can't beat the titans of the luxury mattress industry, presents good value for money. Nectar also offer a lifetime warranty, so if you use this bed for the average 10 years that a mattress lasts, that's only $60 a year. That gets even cheaper if it lasts longer.

Should you buy it?

Yes, I think you should. If you need to save a little money, this is great value, a high-quality bed at a more than reasonable price. It offers excellent support and has worked wonders with back pain. It's a smart investment for those who like a firmer mattress, and works well even if you like a medium mattress. 

However, if you know you like a soft bed, I'd direct you to a bed like the Leesa Original, our pick for the best bed for side sleepers. This mattress also sleeps a little hot, so if you overheat in the night, one of our picks of cooling mattresses is a better bet; perhaps the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid, our #2 mattress overall and the best-value cool mattress. 

All in all, the Nectar presents a good deal that's worth considering. It's a comfortable bed that won't break the bank. However, you need to act fast, as this deal only lasts until March 13th. 

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