Amazon Basics mattress protector: effective but truly basic

As a sleep expert, I had to try one of the cheapest mattress protectors around. I found the Amazon Basics Mattress Protector cheap but far from perfect.

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Homes & Gardens Verdict

The Amazon Basics mattress protector performed well for the price. Best-suited for mattress storing, this protector encases the full bed, covering the sleep surface, sides and underneath the mattress. It’s fully waterproof so will shield from spills, but isn't the most comfortable. If you prioritize hygiene over sleeping soundly, then it does as described.

Reasons to buy
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    Great for mattress storing

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    Easy to wash and dry

Reasons to avoid
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    Can feel slightly through sheet

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I've tested plenty of mattress protectors, and while the very best are pretty expensive, you should be able to get a decent mattress protector for a low price. 

A good mattress protector should be waterproof, keep dust mites out and wash well to keep your best mattress in top condition. There are additional features, like being made from eco-friendly materials, having cooling properties or offering anti-allergy defense that make a protector even better. 

The Amazon Basics mattress protector does everything a protector should, but it is truly basic. It won’t give the most comfortable night's sleep or adhere to specific sleep needs. 

If you have a guest bed or you’re looking to store your mattress for some time, this basic protector is a simple solution. I wouldn't recommend it for everyday use, since how well you sleep should come first, and it is difficult to remove and put back on the bed. Whilst it did pass the waterproof test, I’d suggest something simpler if you have little ones and want to wash it frequently.  

Product Specifications

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Construction materials: 100% Polyester
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King

Who will it suit?

  • Those on a budget: If you to pick up a cheap mattress protector, then the Amazon basics protector is ideal. For $30, it just about does what you need.
  • Those who have a guest bed: Every mattress should have a protector, whether it’s being slept on frequently or not. This mattress protector shields all sides of the bed, offering all-round protection from dust and dirt. If you have a guest room where the bed is rarely slept on (and so not cleaned as often) the Amazon mattress protector is a great choice.
  • Those looking to store or move their mattress: Whether you’re moving house, keeping your bed in storage or are keeping it not on a frame (for the time being), then a full mattress encasement is best. The Amazon basics mattress protector shields the whole bed from stains, dust and dirt.
  • Those who have issues with bed bugs: Having bed bugs can be quite common in the US, and while many mattress protectors will stop them getting in between you and your mattress, they don’t all cover the entire bed.

Setting up the Amazon Basics mattress protector

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Putting the mattress protector on the bed was no easy task. As someone who finds the weekly change of the bed sheets almost as hard as a gym session, getting this protector on is not something I’d want to be doing too often. It’s a full mattress encasement which means it goes underneath the bed as well as on top, wrapping the sides, too. There’s a zip that runs along the end and three quarters of the side of both lengths of the bed. I’m 5 ft 4 and not the strongest – having an extra pair of hands would have helped. To put it on, I had to lift the mattress enough to slip it inside the case and do the same on the other side.  


Honestly: after sleeping on this protector for a month (with 2 washes in between) I was glad to go back to my cooling protector from Sijo. I slept on the Amazon Basics during a heatwave, and because it’s made from polyester, it didn't do me any favors when it comes to keeping cool. 

The polyester fabric is not the softest, and it doesn't get any softer when you wash it. I could feel it through the bed sheets on the first few nights of testing, but luckily I have some of the best bed sheets, so it wasn't too bad after it had flattened out a little.


The Amazon Basics Mattress Protector on the bed during testing

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The Amazon Basics mattress protector is waterproof, and protects well against any spills. I conducted the water test, which is done in all mattress protector reviews, whereby I (deliberately) pour about a quarter of a glass of water onto the bed. The water sat on top of the surface, as rain does on an umbrella, and I was able to mop it up without anything seeping through. 

After about a week or so of use, it came time to test how well it kept any dirt or debris getting through to the mattress. Of course, cleaning your mattress should be part of your bed change. I gave the sleep surface a quick vacuum after stripping off the sheets and removing the protector to be washed. Compared to other protectors, this was pretty clean.  There was little to clean up and it washed well, though it didn't get any softer.  


It’s also quite noisy. Though polyester is waterproof and great at stopping any liquids from getting through to the mattress, it has a synthetic composition that makes a sound when it moves. Even though this protector sits tight to the bed, it doesn't stop the sound of friction with any toss or turn.  

Construction and design

Unfortunately, this mattress protector isn't eco-friendly, and is not a sustainable choice. But for the price, that is to be expected. It’s made from polyester, which is generally soft and very durable. I washed this protector according to the instructions twice, dried it naturally outside once, and tumble dried the other time. It washed well. However, I suspect that if you dried it on too high a heat for too long, it is likely to pill.

However, you wouldn't want to wash this protector that often anyway, as its design makes it incredibly hard to get on and off the mattress. This protector is a encasement style. To put on and off you have to zip/unzip the top side of the mattress and lift your bed out of its frame. If you’re storing your mattress as you move or using it on a guest bed that doesn't get used that much, this is fine. For weekly use, you'll want something else. 

Ordering, Delivery, and Warranty

Like most things you can buy on Amazon, you can order this protector online and have it delivered the next day if you’re a Prime Member. It’s only a smaller package too so there’s no issues with transportation.  

How does it rate online?

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 This product is sold by Amazon only. So there aren't any reviews available to compare elsewhere. But on Amazon itself, the Basic mattress protector has an impressive 8,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.6 stars. If want a cheap mattress protector that will keep your bed clean, then yes, this makes sense. But if you’re after some additional sleep qualities and are wanting to invest in getting a better night's sleep, there are better protectors out there.

Generally, customers compliment how good it shields from stains thanks to its waterproof design. But lots also comment on how difficult it was to get on, requiring help from others. 

How does it compare?

This mattress protector simply isn't as good as others on the market, However, it's far cheaper. For example, our favorite mattress protector is the Saatva mattress protector. It's also waterproof, but soft and cooling. It's also soundless, unlike the Amazon Basics. However, a queen size will cost you $175, nearly six times the price of this Amazon Basics mattress topper. It's also cheaper still than our runner up mattress protector, the Coop Home Goods Premium Bamboo Mattress Protector, coming in at $59. The Amazon Basics protector isn't as good as either of these, but if you just want something cheap to keep a guest bed hygienic, or you want to protect a dorm bed, this just about does the job. 

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