This pillow is perfect for all my guests – they can personalize it to how they sleep

It couldn't be easier to adjust the Lagoon Fox Pillow to the ideal firmness and feel of any sleeper

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The older you get, the more you realize the importance of a quality pillow, like the Lagoon Fox Pillow. You can adjust this pillow to your thickness preference by removing or adding CertiPUR-US shredded memory foam. In terms of comfort, it's a plush pillow with a machine-washable cover. If you opt for the Fox Performance Pack, you get the added benefit of a silk pillowcase and other goodies.

Reasons to buy
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    100-night sleep trial

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    CertiPUR-US shredded memory foam

Reasons to avoid
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    On the more expensive side

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    Insufficiently firm to suit all sleepers

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I've only ever bought myself a 'nice' pillow once and, unfortunately, I wasn't that impressed by it. However, over the past few years, I started to take notice of the pillows in hotel rooms or at my friends' houses, all in an effort to work out what I do and don't like in a pillow. 

When I learned that The Lagoon Fox Pillow is adjustable and allows you to design your ideal sleep experience, I was sold. After the first night of sleeping on The Fox, I understood the appeal of this super soft and cozy pillow. It improved my sleep and didn't cause any aches in my neck. I also tried the Lagoon Silk Pillowcase, and suffice to say, I was a fan of that, too. 

I'm part of a sleep product testing team here at H&G. Together, we've sampled some of the world's best pillows. I know all the best places to buy pillows, and I know what I'm looking for in a product: breathable fabric and fill, quality craftsmanship, and a reasonable price point. The Lagoon Fox Pillow ticks all my boxes. 

The Lagoon Fox Pillow review

I tested The Lagoon Fox Pillow for several weeks. I considered the comfort of the pillow, the thermoregulating properties of the fabric and fill, and how well it held its shape over time. I compared The Lagoon Fox Pillow against other adjustable options on the market to show you how to choose the perfect pillow for your sleep needs.

The Lagoon Fox Pillow Specifications

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TypeShredded memory foam
MaterialMemory foam, polyester, bamboo
SizesQueen and King
MSRP$199 - $139.99

Who would The Lagoon Fox Pillow suit?

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  • Everyone: that's the whole point of an adjustable pillow. Whether you're dealing with some neck issues or your pillow thickness preferences change, that's okay – because The Lagoon Fox Pillow lets you adjust the thickness as needed.
  • Anyone who likes a soft pillow: the Lagoon Fox Pillow feels soft and squishy, not as firm as you'd expect from a single block of memory foam. I attribute that to the finely spun microfibers that make up the down alternative fill.

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  • Indecisive shoppers: the Lagoon Fox Pillow comes with a 100-night sleep trial. If you don't love it, you can return it for a full refund or an exchange. 
  • Anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of a silk pillowcase: that's one of the best bits in the Fox Performance Pack. The best silk pillowcases should help to keep your hair frizz-free and provide a cool night of sleep.

What is The Lagoon Fox Pillow like to sleep on?

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I've realized lately that I prefer my pillows on the thinner side, as it helps to align my neck with my spine. My favorite thing about The Lagoon Fox Pillow is that I could continually adjust the thickness, removing and replacing fill until I figured out what worked for me. 

The Lagoon Fox Pillow is easy to adjust. All you need to do is unzip the outer layer and reach down inside to remove or replace the fill. The Lagoon Fox Pillow arrives in a drawstring bag, which I used to store any surplus fill overnight.

To start my testing, I filled The Lagoon Fox Pillow will all the filling provided and then fluffed it in the dryer. The first night sleeping on the pillow wasn't too bad but I felt like it was a bit too tall for my liking. The next day, I pulled out about a quarter of the filling, which resulted in a much better sleep experience. My neck felt more aligned with my spine, especially when I lay on my back or side.

A Lagoon Silk Pillowcase on the Lagoon Fox Pillow.

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The Lagoon Fox Pillow is both plush and soft, which might not be what you expect from a memory foam pillow. Other memory foam pillows I've tested test to feel firm and contour to the shape of your head. Because the memory foam inside the Lagoon Fox Pillow is broken into such small pieces, it lets your head sink further into the surface. The memory foam still responds to the weight of your head to keep you from falling on the way onto the mattress. 

Overall, the Lagoon Fox Pillow improved my sleep. It didn't hurt my neck and it didn't cause me to overheat at night. I liked the plush, fluffy feel of the fill. Across the testing period, I noticed that the height of the Lagoon Fox Pillow lessened, likely because it began to take the shape of my head. Whenever it got too flat, I threw it in the dryer to fluff it up again. 

My mother also slept on the pillow for a few nights. She found the pillow comfortable and the silk cover cooling (more on that in a minute). As a side sleeper. she appreciated that the pillow didn't compress completely when she laid her head on it.

How does the Lagoon Fox Pillow compare to other pillows?

Two Marlow Pillow stacked on top of each other against a beige background.

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The Lagoon Fox Pillow isn't the only adjustable pillow on the market. One of our expert testers just wrapped up her review for the Marlow Pillow, and she can't stop talking about it. The Marlow Pillow features a similar zipper design for intuitive adjustment, but all the fill stays inside the pillow to minimize mess: you're only ever letting out air. 

You can get the Saybrook Adjustable Pillow for about the same price as the Lagoon Fox Pillow. Where the Saybrook Adjustable Pillow differs from the Lagoon Fox Pillow is that the memory foam and microfiber filling is infused with cooling gel, which is supposed to improve the thermoregulation and enhance buoyancy. 

If you're shopping for a cooling pillow, you'll appreciate the EdenCool+ Crescent Pillow by Coop. It's adjustable, just like the Lagoon Fox, but it's fitted with two layers of gel memory foam on either side of the filling. If you flip the pillow one way, you get a cool, plush feel. The other side of the pillow is firmer, but still cool to the touch.

Is the Lagoon Fox Pillow worth it?

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While The Lagoon Fox Pillow is admittedly pricey, it's a top-quality pillow that will improve your sleep. A lot of that has to do with the fact that you can remove or replace the filling and adjust the thickness to your preference. The plush feel, breathability, and hypoallergenic features of the pillow aren't to be overlooked, either. If that wasn't enough, the Lagoon Fox Pillow has a five-year warranty and a 100-night testing trial, which means if you don't like the pillow, you have 100 days to return it for a full refund. 

Ordering the Fox Performance Pack might be a better deal as it includes the pillow, a silk pillowcase, a travel compression bag, and a hat, just for fun. The silk pillowcase is exceptionally smooth, cool to the touch, and soft. It also assists with maintaining and improving the health of your hair and skin.

How we test pillows

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We put a lot of thought into how we test pillows It's more than a matter of sleeping on the job. We test pillows for weeks, if not months, to monitor their performance over time. The best pillow will spring back into shape once you lift your head: it won't flatten out or mold to the shape of your neck and shoulders. We consider the cooling properties of the pillow to assess its suitability for hot sleepers and warmer climes.

Our testing process for adjustable pillows are slightly more extensive. We spend a few nights removing and replacing fill and seeing how it alters the feel and firmness of the pillow. We compare the pillow against other adjustable options to help you work out which might suit you best.

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