Colorful glassware is the perfect way to add a subtle pop of color to any room – these are our favorite buys

Colorful glass decor pieces can bring about a sense of fun to even the most minimalist room

A selection of colorful glass decor
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With the feel of spring in the air, I would say it’s time to bring some brighter, uplifting colors into your home decor scheme as well. While I’m all for adding some spring flowers to your tablescape or purchasing a fuzzy, colorful rug for extra flair, my favorite new interior design trend is a much easier way to add these hues to your home –presenting colored glass decor.

‘While colored glassware has been a staple in homes for a while now, I would argue that the pandemic really did bring extra attention to fun barware and cocktail accessories as we all enjoyed our drinks at home. Colored glass decor has naturally become an extension of that trend in a way that can expand the look beyond just the kitchen or home bar,’ says interior designer Jessica Bennett, founder of Alice Lane Interior Design based in Utah. ‘Think trays, bowls, even lamps – any small piece that brings a sense of joie de vivre to your space.’

jessica bennett
Jessica Bennett

Jessica Bennett is an interior designer based in Utah. She has founded the design firm Alice Lane Interior Design, and serves clients nationwide.

Many retailers are clearly catching on to this trend, allowing for colored glass decor to take the mainstream. From bright greens and plums to more subtle blues and ambers, there are colored glass options for every type of home idea possible. I scoured through hundreds of products to find you my favorites for minimalist and maximalist homes.

The best colored glass decor to give any space a lift

Colorful glass decor FAQ

If you want to add a pop of fun spring color to your home without completely overpowering your existing decor, colorful glass is the best way to do it. These small pieces of joy will let you add this trend to your space with ease, and give your guests something (good!) to talk about.

Nikhita Mahtani
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