Best drink pitchers 2024 - carafes and decanters selected by experts

The best drink pitchers, carafes, and decanters will quench your thirst in style. They're easy to hold and perfect for everything from juice to wine.

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Investing in one of the best drinks pitchers can infuse your hydration routine with that special something. Whether you choose to make your carafe a tablescaping centerpiece or keep it in your bedroom, these stunning pitchers can add the finishing touch to your décor.

Not only are pitchers a stylish staple, they can be incredibly versatile too. Whether you’ve made too much juice in your cold press juicer or you want a tidy way to store your cold brew, a pitcher is all you need. When they’re not being used, carafes can double up as classic vases, which look fabulous with fresh cut flowers in too.

Not only is it important that your pitcher looks beautiful, it needs to be able to hold all the crushed ice, mint, lime and water from your filter jug without cracking. The spout needs to be the perfect angle to pour without spilling and you will want it to be easy to hold . Extra features like filters, infusion towers, and insulating walls can make the all difference too.

I’ve searched through hundreds of drinks pitchers. From ceramic to glass, large to small, and these are the best on the market. They'll make hitting your hydration quota effortless, whilst adding some homely style to your décor.

Best drink pitchers 2024

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Should my drinks pitcher be made of glass?

I tend to prefer using glass or crystal for pitchers, carafes, and decanters. They're easy materials to keep clean and they'll show off your drink inside. Neither material is particularly porous either, so you won't have any lingering flavors from the drink you had before.

Can I use my drinks pitcher as a vase?

Yes. If you have a spare vase, it can make a really homely looking vase for flowers. Just make sure that you clean it thoroughly with dish soap and hot water before you use it for drinks again.

How big should my pitcher be?

I would recommend looking for a pitcher above 30 fl oz, because this gives you enough for multiple drinks. Smaller pitchers are useful for fitting in your refrigerator, but if you're hosting a dinner, a pitcher closer to 70 fl oz will be more useful.

Final Thoughts

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There are lots of beautiful drinks pitchers on the market, perfect for every drink and occasion. If you're not bothered by aesthetics, I would recommend taking a look at our buying guide for the best filter jugs. These are a home essential and, even though lots tend to put functionality over style, there are some lovely options on the market. 

Using a drinks pitcher and presenting your drink nicely can make all the difference to your table if you're hosting brunch, lunch, or dinner, but they're also useful for everyday drinks. If you fill a jug with lemon, ice, and mint, I guarantee you'll hit your hydration quota for the day. A drink from a beautiful decanter is irresistible.

How we test

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Before we recommend any product, we like to test them in-person. In the case of drinks pitchers, we couldn't get our hands on all of them. In the absence of physical tests, I have researched and read reviews for all of these, so that I know everything there is to know about each pitcher. If there's a handy feature or something to bear in mind, I'll know about it. If you want to find out more about how we test, we have a dedicated test page where you can read more details.

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