The best indoor Halloween lights to buy right now – for unique seasonal character and cozy appeal

From traditional jack-o-lanterns to string lights, pumpkins and more, elevate your Halloween scheme with the best indoor Halloween lights

Best indoor Halloween lights
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The best indoor Halloween lights needn't be kept for All Hallows' Eve, they can be used throughout your home in the lead-up to Halloween, making your interior space feel more cozy, warm and in sync with the spooky season. 

When planning Halloween decorating ideas, the right lighting can make all the difference in taking your Halloween decor from simple to show-stopping – and as the days get shorter and the nights longer, we think the more cozy (and spooky) lights you have in your home – the better.

Our favorite indoor Halloween lighting ideas

Just like our round-up of the best indoor Halloween decorations, we've searched high and low for the best indoor Halloween lights from some of our favorite brands. 

Halloween lights can not only bring beautiful seasonal decorations into your home, they can work to create a wonderfully inviting and cozy atmosphere – and they're an easy way to make your home feel more unique and special for Halloween.

Style your space with plenty of pumpkin lights

Metal pumpkin lanterns

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Of course, pumpkins and classic jack-o-lanterns are traditionally associated with outdoor Halloween decor, (we explore some of our favorite pumpkin picks for outside with our best outdoor Halloween decorations), but that doesn't mean they can't be used inside, too. 

Decorating with pumpkins will always prove a timeless decor idea for Halloween, so why not unite tradition with modern illumination and style your space with some of our favorite pumpkin lights?

Create a cozy appeal with lanterns

Halloween lanterns

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Similar to pumpkins, lanterns are often used for Halloween door decor and Halloween porch decor, but they can also create a wonderful glow when placed inside, too. Ideal for placing on an inside window ledge, or for when decorating a mantel for Halloween, lanterns can create a more homey, traditional lighting atmosphere.

Adorn windows, walls and more with string lights

light-up pumpkin garland

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Pretty string lights are perfect for more subtle Halloween decor ideas and can bring twinkling light and elegant decoration to your inside space for the season. Ideal for enhancing an empty wall, hanging in a window, or even as part of your Halloween table decor, they make for a highly versatile addition to your decoration collection.

Embrace more unique lights and decorations

Light-up halloween and fall tree decorations

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Halloween is all about embracing fun and creative decor that you would never normally use at any other time of year – skeletons in spring anyone? 

There are so many creative lighting designs that double up as fun ornaments that you can use to decorate the inside of your home. From modern neon signs to lights that can be used for your fall decor ideas, explore some of our favorites below.

Create a special, seasonal ambience with unique light bulbs

And finally, if you're looking for a super easy way to transform the look, feel (and color) of your home for Halloween, then swapping out regular light bulbs for bulbs that can create colorful and unique lighting effects can establish a wonderfully unique atmosphere – a great option to consider for Halloween party decor, guaranteed to create a talking point for your guests.


How do you light your house for Halloween?

As we have explored in this piece, lighting the inside of your home for Halloween is just as important as lighting the outside. 

From simple, small additions such as string lights, to lanterns, glowing pumpkins and fun decorations, illuminate the areas of your home in which you spend the most time, and where you can really appreciate the seasonal designs. Living rooms, dining rooms and entryways are our suggested spaces.

You can also light up both the inside and outside of your home with Halloween lighting placed in your windows. Light-up garlands and the best Halloween wreaths work wonderfully hanging in a window, as well as ornaments and decor placed on your inside window-ledge.

One other way you can light the inside of your home for Halloween is with candles. Whether you explore the best candles, perfect for using all year round, or shop for new, seasonal scents – we love Magnolia's Gathered Candle, candles can create a warming glow as well as an inviting scent and can be placed all over the home to create a more cozy, inviting and relaxing ambiance.

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