I am utterly obsessed with these two new Le Creuset colors - here's why

Le Creuset just came out with two original colors that are perfect for Valentine’s Day

Le Creuset new colors Rhone and Chambray
(Image credit: Le Creuset)

This is not a drill: the new Le Creuset colors for 2024 are here. The famed French cookware brand is always surprising me with their new takes on classic colors, and their two latest options don’t disappoint in the least. 

Le Creuset have long made some of the best Dutch ovens in the world, and part of that success is the wide range of colors that work in a variety of different kitchens. Rhone and Chambray are no exception, bringing an unctuous burgundy and cool, calm blue-gray.

However, don’t just take my word for it: I’ve rounded up several of my absolute favorite pieces from both color collections, so you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

New Le Creuset color collection

The first new color to grace us this February is Rhone, a red-plum colorway inspired by the lush wine-making region of Cotes du Rhône. Le Creuset has also added beautiful gold accents to the cookware for a touch of elegance and luxury. With tones of cherry and red wine influences, this brand new color will add warmth and richness to any tablescape. 

For those trying to go a bit more minimalist this year, the new Chambray colorway is a relaxed blue with cooling gray undertones for a laidback take on traditional hues. I’m particularly obsessed with this color, since it adds ombré influences and blends into any space with ease. It’s sophisticated and neutral, yet demure.

Le Creuset color FAQ

How many color options does Le Creuset have available to purchase?

Le Creuset currently has 20 colors available for purchase: Cerise, Flame, Nectar, Artichaut, Caribbean, Marseille, Rhone, Olive, Sea Salt, Chambray, Azure, Agave, Thyme, Matte Navy, Oyster, Meringue, Brioche, White, Shallot, and Chiffon Pink.

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