Best Vitamix deals 2024 – save on blenders, food processors, and more

Get a taste of luxury for a premium price tag

The Vitamix E310, Vitamix Food Processor, Vitamix A3500 blender on the H&G border
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There's no question about it, Vitamix makes some of the best blenders on the market. Each model is crafted with an exceptionally powerful motor, aircraft-grade stainless steel blades, and a unique 'vortex' system that optimizes blending. Whilst these credentials are impressive, they often come with a hefty price tag, unless you can shop them in the sales.

Right now, there isn't a nationwide sale on (the next one will be on Labor Day), but don't let that stop you from finding a good deal. Our team is always looking for money off our favorite blenders and Vitamix are right at the top of that list. So, how do you get a Vitamix deal right now?

First, it's important to know exactly what you're shopping for. So, pick the perfect Vitamix for you and your kitchen, and then take a look at what retailers are offering right now. Some shops have their own mini-sales, bundle deals, and discount codes. I've put all the details you need to know below.

Where to shop the best Vitamix deals

All the best places to look for Vitamix deals are below. We can't guarantee that they'll all have sales live, but they might have their own special discounts. It's always worth looking.

The best Vitamix deals on offer

There aren't any big sales live right now, but we've tested and loved plenty of their blenders. We'll let you know when we find a sensational saving. For now, you can shop our favourite models below.


How do I find the best Vitamix deals?

The best time to pick up a good deal is over a national sale. The next one will be on Labor Day, which is quite a long time to wait if you want a blender asap. 

The next best thing you can do is to shop around. Guides to the best Vitamix deals (like this one) are a great place to start, since they're written by experts who devote their days to finding the biggest discounts out there. I'd always recommend doing your research into the best blenders on the market. Every Vitamix model has something different to offer, so knowing which one suits your needs will help you narrow down which deals to look at.

When is Labor Day?

Labor Day falls on September 4th, so that'll be the next best time to pick up a Vitamix. If you miss that, you've got Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Week, and New Year sales afterwards.

What is Vitamix's gold label?

These are gold accents on the outside of the appliance. They will have the same functions, but just with a more obviously premium finish.

Are Vitamix blenders worth the money?

Vitamix blenders are expensive, but they have lots of good reasons for why the price tags sit so high. The steel is airplane-grade, the vortex blend systems are uniquely effective, and the controls feel really premium. If you like luxury, effortless kitchen appliances, Vitamix blenders are worth every penny. If you don't mind a little more plastic, Ninja blenders are half the price and still competitive performance-wise. I've got a guide to the different Ninja blenders over here.

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