I'm an interiors editor – these are the 5 design trends you should be shopping at Walmart right now

Keeping up with the trends can be tricky, but Walmart has made the job easier than ever. These are the styles to keep an eye on in 2024

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The first half of 2024 has already seen some standout interior design trends, from rom-com-inspired to down-to-earth Western. Whether you prefer the academic look of bookshelf wealth, or crave something a bit more whimsical, the interior design world of today is chock-full of characterful style and colorful accents.

While we all love to scroll and admire, getting the best of the trends down at home can prove quite difficult. It often feels like you're being pulled in a million different directions, finding Nancy Meyers-inspired pieces in one place and retro furniture somewhere entirely different.

The good news? Walmart has made the search simple. Offering loads of chic pieces across the board, the site has been one of my go-tos as I hunt down the best decor deals. Plus, Walmart is having a massive sale this week – you won't want to miss out. Here, I've plucked out some of my favorites – and they all emulate the 2024 interior design trends you shouldn't miss.

1. The Nancy Meyers aesthetic

Full of romance and nostalgia, the Nancy Meyers aesthetic has made quite the impression on interior design this year. Bringing subtle pattern and classic charm, it's the rom-com-inspired look you'll want to channel all summer and beyond. Luckily, Walmart has a stunning selection of swoon-worthy furniture and decor that fits the bill – these are some of my top picks.

2. Whimsical decor

The whimsical decor trend is one of my favorites this year – it's bold colors and fun-forward design choices are refreshing after years of beige, minimalist spaces. This is a style that you can really have fun with, and expressing your personality is far from off limits. Here are some of Walmart's pieces that really suit the style, including one from the one and only Drew Barrymore.

3. California casual

The California casual look is exactly how it sounds: coastal, laid-back, and oh-so-airy. It's a style I'm constantly trying to emulate in my own home, and Walmart has made it incredibly easy. With a wide range of wood furniture, calm yet colorful accents, and natural materials to choose from, Walmart is now where I turn for this serene style.

4. Retro decor

Retro home decor is having quite the resurgence this year, with outdated looks from the '60s, '70s, '80s, and '90s coming back into style. Heading to the antique shops is the best way to get the retro look down, but if you're a bit intimidated to shop for vintage furniture and decorate with vintage furniture, look no further. Walmart's got you covered with the perfect items to pair with the real-deal vintage pieces you'll find elsewhere.

5. Nature-inspired style

Biophilic design, or an interior look inspired by nature, isn't a fleeting trend whatsoever, but interior designers and homeowners alike are loving it extra this year. Whether you've filled your home with house plants or simply want a nature-inspired refresh in the kitchen, look to Walmart for furniture and decor that takes cues from the great outdoors.

It's not too late to try out some of 2024's biggest design trends – far from it. Be sure to check out Walmart's summer sale, which has already begun this week, and you'll be channeling the hottest design looks of the season in no time.

Abby Wilson
Interior Design News Editor

I am an Interior Design News Editor at Homes & Gardens. Most recently, I worked with Better Homes & Gardens, where I wrote and edited content about home decor, gardening tips, food news, and more. Before that, I studied Journalism and English Literature at New York University. I’ve moved around quite a bit in the last several years, most recently making the trip to London, and love transforming each new space into a comfortable retreat that feels like home. When it comes to decor, I’m most drawn to unique vintage finds and calming colors.