What you need to know about selling your home in summer – top real estate agents explain

These six summer sales tips will help to ensure a sale, estate agents swear

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Summer is arguably one of the better times to try and sell a house. The weather is perfect for showcasing both the inside and outside of a property and families have more flexibility with their spare time now that school has finished for another year.

That being said, the good weather doesn't, unfortunately, make the actual process of marketing and selling much simpler. While your home might look its best in the sunshine, you still need to entice buyers in a busy market. That is where dressing your home up to reflect the season can help to set you apart.

We talked to top real estate agents to hear their thoughts on what you need to know about selling your home in the summer to put you ahead of other sellers in your area.

What you need to know about selling your home in summer

Much like buying or selling a home in winter, understanding how to market your home during a particular season can make all the difference in enticing prospective buyers. These six seasonal highlights could be the defining factor in a quick sale.

1. Landscaping makes a lot of difference

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Landscaping and curb appeal matter year-round, but we cannot underestimate their sway in summer.

‘When preparing their home for the market, sellers should give equal weight to the outside and garden area of the home,’ begins Fiona Dogan, realtor at Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty. ‘First impressions in the summer months are more important than any other season. If it does not look stunning in the summer, it likely will never look stunning.’

Fiona then recommends focusing first on preparing garden beds and lawns, tending to blooms, and mulching to show the property at its best. Then, ‘ensure decks and patios are in excellent condition and stage them like an interior room. It’s the perfect time to do outdoor "lifestyle" photos – a bottle of wine, glasses, and flowers on a patio table; candles at sunset or twilight.

‘Finish by highlighting special features such as a pool, hot tub, outdoor kitchen, gazebo, sunroom, outdoor sports court or putting green,’ she continues. ‘Take care to showcase anything on the outside of the house that sets it apart in the summer months.'

2. You need to be flexible with viewings

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When it comes to selling a house in summer, one easy hack to speed up the selling of your home is to be as flexible with viewings as possible, says Joe Muck, realtor at J Muck Realty:

‘Selling your home in the summertime is a bit different than other times of the year. One thing I remind clients of is that buyers will have more availability to schedule showings than in other seasons because kids are out of school, so their availability opens up. This means that you, as a seller, should also be more flexible if you are still occupying the home to make it available for showings.’

What’s more, you should be aware that summer, while a peak time for selling, is also a peak time for vacations reminds Jared Bennett, licensed real estate salesperson at Compass Real Estate:

‘People travel on weekends during summer months so it's important to host weekday open houses to avoid a decline in attendance. People who take the time to attend a weekday open house are often more serious and motivated buyers.'

3. Emphasize local schools

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Even if you do not have children yourself, or you are an empty nester, never underestimate the power of local schools to help you sell a home – especially larger family-style homes, suggests Chassaddi Rice, real estate expert and house flipper. It is a great way to sell a house fast.

‘Emphasize the school district in your area, as this is a big reason many people choose to move in the Summer, so they can get settled before the school year,’ she explains. ‘If there are any interesting facts or impressive statistics about the schools near your home, it’s important your realtor shares with any potential buyers, especially during the summer.'

4. Keep the home cool

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Keeping a home cool in a heatwave is another attractive element that will entice new buyers, especially as the summers continue to get hotter and hotter, points out Cindy Raney, global luxury property specialist at Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Properties.

She recommends ‘keeping air conditioning on and temperature cool especially on very warm days. Buyers will feel uncomfortable if they walk into a warm stuffy home.’

5. Lighten up interiors

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Summer offers us plenty of natural light to play with – so emphasize this, urges Mabel Banda, broker associate at Douglas Elliman.

‘Summer is associated with brightness, relaxation, and fun. Remove heavy drapes and clean windows thoroughly to increase natural light in your home. Consider light, neutral colors for any touch-up painting to make spaces feel larger and more inviting.

‘For an added extra touch, consider keeping water in the refrigerator for people touring – everyone appreciates nice cold water in the summer,’ she adds.

6. Avoid overpricing

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It shouldn't be a surprise that pricing your home right is crucial when selling, but this is particularly prudent in summer, suggests Madison Sutton, a commercial and residential licensed salesperson at Serhant:

‘While summer typically brings more buyers to the market, this year we're seeing some unique factors at play. Buyers are out there, but they're more discerning and price-sensitive than before, especially in the NYC market. This is why pricing your property appropriately to the market is crucial.

‘I always advise my clients against overpricing their homes to negotiate later. A well-priced home will get attention and bring people through the doors. At the end of the day, the market will speak for itself, and I'd much rather see my clients fielding multiple offers than dealing with multiple price reductions and extended days on market (DOMs).

‘Accurate pricing from the start can be the difference between a quick, successful sale and a lengthy, frustrating process.'

If you are wondering whether you should sell your house now as the weather warms up, the answer seems to be – yes! Selling in summer offers you plenty of opportunities to showcase the unique features of your home and the surrounding land – just be sure to take steps to show them at their best for quick sale results.

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