Shower floor tile ideas – 10 looks, layouts and colors for an inspiring space

Explore texture, design and color palettes courtesy of our shower floor tile ideas

Shower floor tile ideas
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There is a plethora of choices when it comes to shower floor tile ideas.

Of course shower floor tiles need to be both durable and easy to clean, particularly in high-traffic households, but that shouldn’t preclude them from being stylish, too.

Materials for shower floors are many and varied, ranging from funky vinyl to luxury materials such as solid marble. Be aware, though, that although they are bound to add an air of elegance, many natural stone floors will need an element of maintenance to keep your walk-in shower ideas and shower room ideas looking at their best.

Shower floor tile ideas

Some shower floor tiles are only suitable for walls not floors, some materials are not suitable bathroom flooring ideas since they may be damaged by repeated contact with water or be too slippery, and some are not suitable for underfloor heating. The golden rule? Always check with your supplier before purchase.

1. Use your shower floor tiles to create a colorful impact

geometric green floor and wall tiles in bathroom with wet room, white tub

(Image credit: Victoria + Albert Baths)

'Color can have a huge impact in a shower room,' says Emma Joyce, brand manager EMEAA, Victoria + Albert Baths. 'For those wishing to make a statement, opt for a bold contrasting color on a freestanding bath and basin to contrast with lighter tiles or walls. In reverse, a darker paint or tiles paired with a crisp white bath makes the bath the hero. 

Contrary to popular belief, this can work incredibly well in small bathroom ideas, as dark color can in fact make a room appear bigger.'

2. Create a stand out space with decorative tiles

bathroom with blue Cali style patterned floor tiles, walk in shower, wall hung vanity units

(Image credit: Hub of the House Studio/Meghan Bob Photography)

'The best shower tile ideas call for bold designs, and nothing beats the combination of rich color, a simple repeat, and the durability of properly sealed cement tiles, especially for the shower floor,' says Karen Harautuneian, principal designer at Hub of the House Studio

3. Dazzle with a bold monochromatic scheme

monochromatic shower scheme with black marble walls and black and white floor tiles

(Image credit: Living with Lolo/Life Created)

To craft a really impactful look, create contrast. Decorating with contrasting tones can be tricky to get right, but with a considered eye, this daring tonal duo can be used to create beautifully balanced interiors. 

'Black and white bathroom ideas are always a classic color combination that can reflect many different styles depending on what is styled with it,' says Lauren Lerner, founder and principal designer at Living with Lolo. 'Using black and white in unexpected ways such as shower floor tiles keeps the color combo feeling fresh.'

4. Use small mosaics on your shower floor 

neutral walk in shower with shower bench, mixture of large and small format tiles

(Image credit: Waterworks)

Mosaics allow you to create flexible shower floor tile ideas, and are especially useful for creating shower bench ideas that are both practical and free of sharp edges. 

'Playing with scale is really important if you want to create an interesting space,' says Jennifer Ebert, digital editor, Homes & Gardens. 'Using smaller mosaic tiles on the shower floor with larger format rectangular designs on the walls, but in the same color palette will most definitely create an chic shower room.'

5. Go for a checked tile design to make a statement 

bathroom with white tub, blue and white stripe wallpaper, checked floor tiles, walk in shower

(Image credit: BC Designs/Darren Chung)

'Small bathroom tiles are a great choice for wet room ideas, as they’re easy to lay in a slope towards the drainage hole which is hugely important in the practicalities of having a wet room,' says Barry Cutchie, design director at BC Designs. 'It also means that by using smaller floor tiles, you can continue the flow from the rest of the bathroom floor in the shower.'

'This continuous line helps to make the space look bigger as it is cleaner and less busy without the zoning off of smaller spaces.'

6. Use your shower floor tiles to zone specific areas

blue marble herringbone tiles in walk in shower

(Image credit: Mandarin Stone)

Using color and design to zone different areas of a bathroom is great concept, especially if your bathroom is on the larger side. 

'In this bathroom the ‘scattered herringbone’ tile layout cleverly merges the two areas and creates an eye-catching design,' says Louisa Morgan, creative director at Mandarin Stone 

7. Use the same floor tiles on the walls for a cohesive look

green bathroom with green ceiling, patterned tiles, double gold showers, vanity unit, shutters on window

(Image credit: Drummonds)

'Taking inspiration from Moroccan hammams, the wet room, designed to be one of the major wow factors in Malta's Balluta Building apartments, an Art Nouveau gem, places Drummonds classic bathroomware center-stage,' says James Lentaigne, creative director at Drummonds.

'A pair of floor-standing Grand shower pipes make a dramatic statement within the space. Classic fittings soften the masculine feel of the room whilst the brushed brass finish provides a warm counterbalance to the vibrant green, geometric tiles which adorn the walls and floor.'

8. Choose terrazzo for a timeless shower scheme

Wet room with minimal design

(Image credit: Mandarin Stone)

Large format, terrazzo effect porcelain tiles 'Jagger Light Grey' have been continued from wall to the floor to create a seamless surface making this shower room appear larger. 

'The subtle & stylish terrazzo design provides just enough interest whilst being a practical & durable surface,' explains Louisa Morgan, creative director at Mandarin Stone.

When you are laying bathroom floor tiles in a wet room setting like this, it is worth ensuring that the subfloor is laid with a slight gradient to ensure good drainage and that the grouting and sealing of the tiles is 100% watertight to ensure no water finds its way to the room below.

9. Use a ditsy floor design to contrast against large format wall tiles

Wet room ideas

(Image credit: Future / Mark Bolton)

Using scale in interior design can add instant impact and drama to a scheme – and it is definitely an interior design tip worth knowing when designing a bathroom or shower space.  

'It's always worth having a play with scale as it can trick the eye to your advantage if your shower space is tight,' says Melanie Griffiths, editor, Period Living. 'Using a smaller tile design on the floor will give the bathroom a decorative feel especially if the wall tiles are large.'

10. Create a spa-like feel with alabaster porcelain tiles

Wet room with brick wall focal point

(Image credit: Base Interior)

Creating the ultimate spa bathroom ideas are all about using key materials for your flooring.

'We love this cocooning walk in shower – the textured wall contrasting with the super-smooth alabaster colored porcelain tiles creates a soothing feel,' says Melanie Griffiths. Choosing a paler shade than the walls ensures this space doesn't feel too dark.'

What types of floor tiles are suitable for the shower?

When it comes to shower floor tile ideas, it is important to think about which type of tiles are most suitable for bathrooms and showers.

Family bathrooms that have a lot of traffic will be best served by porcelain or ceramic tiles, which are good non-slip bathroom flooring options. While natural stones can look amazing – book-matched marble or rough textured limestone are a great choice for walk-in shower ideas for instance – they will need regular maintenance to keep them in tip-top condition.

Attractive and durable alternatives include composite materials such as Silestone or Caesarstone or vinyls from companies such as Amtico that can provide the look of a natural material or an encaustic tile without the work those might entail to keep clean.

One of the biggest hazards in a shower room is the risk of slipping. 'As soon as you splash water about, surfaces can get slippery,' agrees Mike Zarghami, designer at Bathwaters. 'Choose shower floor tiles with a honed or anti-slip surface or opt for the alternative of vinyl or rubber flooring that can also bring some welcome color to a family shower room.'

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