Best Vitamix alternatives 2023: tested blenders at lower prices

You don't have to spend top dollar to get a good blender

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1. The list in brief ↴
2. Best overall: Nutribullet Pro 900
3. Best blender and juicer: Breville the Bluicer  
4. Best blender and processor: Ninja Professional Plus
5. Best portable blender: BlendJet 2
6. Best cordless blender: Cuisinart EvolutionX
7. Best budget blender: Nutribullet Smart Touch
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We love almost everything about Vitamix blenders. Vitamix deliver powerful blenders with special features and a premium design − at a premium price point. If you want to buy a blender, but you don't have hundreds of dollars to spare, you'll need to find an alternative. 

That's where we come in. Here at H&G, we have a team of expert product testers. We've tried all the best blenders to find the strongest alternatives to Vitamix. 

These blenders can make everything from pre-workout protein shakes to girl-dinner chunky dips. We've ranked them based on power, capacity, special features, noise levels, and the all-important price. 

The Quick list

If you just want to get shopping already, these are the best Vitamix alternatives at a glance. Scroll down for more specifics.

The best Vitamix alternatives in 2023

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The best Vitamix alternative overall

A NutriBullet 900 blender on a white background

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Best overall


Capacity: 32 oz.
Pitcher: Plastic
Dimensions: 12.01 x 7.72 x 15.94 in
Power: 900W

Reasons to buy

Makes creamy shakes and smoothies
Quick and easy to use

Reasons to avoid

Less suitable for larger servings
Buy it if

You want a bullet blender: they're simple to use. Just push the bar into the motor base to blend.
You want smaller servings: this pitcher is on the smaller side, but it's perfectly sized for single servings.
You're on a budget: you can bag this blender at a bargain price, often under $100.

Don't buy it if:

You want special features: this old-school blender only has a single speed setting.
You want to make multiple servings at once: since the pitcher is on the smaller side, you'd need to make your shakes one at a time,
❌ You want to blend hard vegetables: for dips and sauces, you'll want a blender with more powerful blades.

The bottom line

🔎 NutriBullet Pro 900 performs exceptionally well at its price point.

We were seriously impressed with the NutriBullet Pro 900 Series Blender. For a smaller machine, it packs a punch. This blender can crush ice, open seeds, crack stems, and shred skins to squeeze all the goodness out of your ingredients. Our smoothies and shakes came out perfectly green, with no seeds or fibers left unblended.

This machine is easy to use. All you have to do is push, twist, and blend. With a 32-oz. capacity, this pitcher is on the smaller side, but it's just the right size for single servings. It's almost entirely dishwasher-safe, and the blades only need a rinse under running water.

Just bear in mind that this blender only has a single speed, so you can't set and save your own programs. For simple shakes and smoothies, you won't find a better blender at this price point. 

Our full NutriBullet Pro 900 Series Blender review has more details.

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Test results
PowerProportional to size★★★★
CapacitySuitable for single servings★★★★
AppearanceSleek and chic★★★★★
Easy to cleanAlmost entirely dishwasher-safe★★★★★

The best blender and juicer

3X Bluicer against a white background.

(Image credit: Breville)
Best blender and juicer


Capacity: 50 oz.
Pitcher: Plastic
Dimensions: 16.9 x 12.3 x 10.9 in
Power: 1000W

Reasons to buy

One-touch settings
Extra-wide feed chute
Comes with cleaning accessories

Reasons to avoid

No manual option
Buy it if:

You want to make smoothies and juices: this machine is both a blender and a juicer in one.
You want to use larger fruits: this machine comes with an extra-wide feed chute.
You want to save cleaning time: this blender comes with bespoke cleaning accessories.

Don't buy it if:

You're a control freak: you'll have to stick to the pre-set programs.
You have low cabinets: this blender is almost 17 inches tall.
❌ You don't want to make juice, or you won't get the most out of this machine. 

The bottom line

🔎 Breville's 3X Bluicer is a budget-friendly blender for juice lovers.

The Bluicer brings the best of both worlds. It combines the pressure of a juicer with the blades of a blender to create a multifunctional machine. On test, the Bluicer made delicious shakes, as well as a creamy frozen smoothie bowl. Since it was strong enough to handle hot ingredients, it could make soups and sauces, too. 

We were particularly impressed with the juicer function. The Bluicer produced glasses of refreshing apple and lime juice, with only a small amount of bone-dry pulp. The blender and the juicer share a base, which should save space on your countertops or in your cabinets. 

The pitcher is slightly larger than standard-size. It should be able to accommodate the ingredients for multiple shakes and smoothies, thanks to its 50-oz. capacity. The biggest downside is the height. Almost 17 inches tall, you might struggle to store the Bluicer in smaller cabinets. 

Our full Breville The 3x Bluicer review has more details.

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Test results
PowerOne of the most powerful on test★★★★
CapacityCan accommodate larger quantities★★★★★
AppearanceSpace-saving design★★★★
Easy to cleanComes with cleaning accessories★★★★★