Lick's Color Palette of the Year 2024 invites us to use color in an entirely new way – it will change how you decorate

The collection creates a new sense of balance and harmony – designed to bring out our best selves in the year ahead

Lick Color Palette of the Year
(Image credit: Lick / Douglas Bridge Photography)

Much unlike other color authorities, Lick has decided against sharing a color of the year – and has, instead, announced a collection of hues that will set the tone for 2024. 

The international paint label has shared its 2024 Color Palette of the Year: a collection inspired by three fundamental feelings: Grounding Neutrals, Energising Reds and Oranges, and Uplifting Blues and Greens. All these shades are curated to reshape future paint trends and change how we use color in the year ahead. 

'In 2024, we are going to see people celebrating color in a more contemporary way. Gray-based neutrals are being swapped for warmer, yellow-based neutrals,' Lick's director of interior design, Tash Bradley, explains. 'Enduring and timeless, subtle and soothing, they pair beautifully with the fresher, more vibrant colors in our palette, creating a sense of balance and harmony.'

Lick color palette

(Image credit: Nick Toteda & Anthony Cushion from @studiototeda)
tash bradley from lick paints
Tash Bradley

Tash is trained in color psychology and theory, she helps people around the world bring their dream decorating projects to life and utilize color to impact personal spaces, as well as overall lifestyle and wellness. Tash leverages her expertise in color psychology and theory, as well as interior design, to lead Lick’s design studio and curate the brand’s global paint and wallpaper offerings. To date, she has led 1,000+ color consultations for Lick clients, providing customers the confidence they need to create a home they’ll love.

While Lick curated these shades to tap into color trends of the future, the brand still looked to the (recent) past to influence its forecast. Most notably, the shades draw from nature, or, more specifically, biophilic design, which has enjoyed a particular surge in popularity between 2022-2023. 

Thanks to the biophilia design trend, natural color palettes – that encourages us to slow down and reconnect with the world – have spent many months influencing our design decisions. 

However, while these tones will continue to form the anchor of color palettes in 2024, Lick predicts we will pair them with 'brighter, zestier, more uplifting colors' that reflect a new-found energy, optimism, and desire to have fun with our interiors. And no color is quite as fun (or bold) as red. 

Lick color palette

(Image credit: Douglas Bridge Photography)

'Red and orange are social colors. Red attracts the most physical attention, while orange is optimistic and friendly,' Tash comments.

'Both colors have the ability to stimulate, energize, and spark conversation. When introduced as accent colors in a home, they create a focal talking point, lending themselves particularly well to ceilings.'


(Image credit: Lick)

And, if we're working with a small living room, bedroom, or kitchen, the palette's uplifting blues and greens have their size-enhancing qualities, too.  

'More and more, I’ve seen clients leaning towards these fresher blues and greens due to their uplifting, contemporary feel. They make a room feel bigger and brighter and will leave you feeling refreshed when you’re around them,' she adds. But whichever color (or colors) we may bring into our home, we can rest easy that we're right on trend for 2024 and, likely, a long time ahead. 

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