Viola Davis's 'timeless' gray kitchen cabinet color scheme will have a revival in 2024, say experts

Timeless, elegant, calming – there is a lot to love about a serene pale gray

Viola Davis
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Gray color schemes have had bad press lately, mostly due to their oppressive and cold nature. But, of all the neutrals, gray is one that instantly brings gravitas. 

There are so many possibilities when it comes to gray kitchen ideas. This versatile neutral is still very much the color of the moment: it looks smart and crisp paired with white but can still benefit from a little extra color. 

A new kitchen is a big investment, and updating an existing one can involve a lot of upheaval, so whichever style or color you opt for must have staying power. Traditional cabinetry, like the one seen in Viola Davis and Julius Tennon's kitchen, has a timeless look that won't date and sits well with classic white marble countertops and dark wood kitchen flooring. 

Decorating with gray, especially paler iterations, is calming and can soften a room. In psychology, it represents peace and balance which is so important within a home. It’s practical, simple and reliable,' says Suzanne Francis, kitchen designer at Tom Howley.

‘When it comes to color choice – soft, muted grey tones can create a warm atmosphere for dinner parties without the worry of passing kitchen color trends,’ adds Tom Howley.

Grey kitchen with pendant and wood stools

Similar gray kitchen

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Gray harmonizes well with almost every other hue, making it a most adaptable neutral and giving good reason for its popularity in kitchens, says Helen Shaw, director at Benjamin Moore. She says there are three approaches to using gray as a base.

‘Tonal greys are perfect for anyone looking to add an accent color, as a complementary grey with a matching warm or cool undertone can be chosen for a harmonious look.’ 

Alternatively, she suggests layering a gray paint with a green undertone: this is a fool-proof choice, as gray greens sit at the center of the color wheel and flatter both warm and cool colors. 

Finally, go for corals and pink peach tones to make more of a statement. ‘They create a rich, warm welcoming feel with undertones of red, orange and pink. It works beautifully as an accent to a gray scheme or as a statement wall color,’ she adds

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