What are good themes for bedrooms? 7 favorite looks loved by the experts

These contemporary, sophisticated bedroom themes will transform your space beyond recognition – we have expert design advice, too

What are good themes for bedrooms?
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These are our favorite bedroom themes – bar none. More than any other space in the home, your bedroom is the one place where you want to feel joy and happiness, but when it comes to bedroom themes, deciding which is the best for your home can often prove perplexing for many. 

Having a theme for your bedroom helps to create a coherent look – and while it’s good to keep up with trends, the most important thing is to make sure it’s one that’s true to your personal style and suited to your home. 

With fewer practical constraints than other areas of the house, once you’ve covered the basics, deciding on the theme can be tricky, especially when bedroom trends are constantly changing. 

All great looks start with beautiful and inspiring images, so indulge in a research session with our decorating section, then make a moodboard for your project. 

Read on for all the good bedroom themes and inspiration you need to get your bedroom ideas off the ground in style.

What are good themes for bedrooms?

Designing a bedroom is an intricate and extremely personal process, however there are a few key things you can do to get started,' explains interior designer Emma Sims Hilditch at Sims Hilditch

'First, you need to decide on a theme for the bedroom; this can be inspired by many things – a particular color palette used in a piece of artwork, an item of furniture from a certain era that you particularly like, or you can start from scratch by creating a virtual moodboard on Pinterest. Once you have identified your preferred color scheme and style, you can use this to inform the rest of your bedroom design,' advises Emma Sims Hilditch.

1. New England

new england bedroom with linen covered chair with blue stripe

(Image credit: Georgia Zikas Design/Jane Beiles)

Tap into the enduring appeal of the coast, with a grown-up, elegant take on maritime style. New England style brings a whole range of ideas to mind, from the impressive mansions of the Kennedy, Astor and Vanderbilt families, to rustic beach houses kitted out in jaunty details.

However, the essence of all of this is comfort. Of course, you don't have to live in New England to bring a bit of this classic American style to your home. The quintessential elements are easy to introduce in any bedroom, whether you live in a Californian ranch or a Manhattan apartment. 

Both nautical and coastal style are informed by the colors, textures and materials that form the landscape of sea and shore. But nautical adds in an extra design element inspired by maritime life – yachts and sailing, the heritage of steamships and ocean liners.

When introducing this theme into the bedroom, choose a color palette inspired by the water's edge, mixing fresh neutrals with blue-grey, maritime navy and terracotta for schemes that have seashore appeal. Layer striped linens, painterly designs, rough-hewn wood with curated beach finds and coastal curios for a sophisticated take on seaside living. 

2. Scandinavian 

Scandinavian bedroom with cream walls and textue

(Image credit: Noah Webb / Lucie Ayres / 22 Interiors)

Scandinavian décor is popular for several reasons: pared-back, unfussy, uncluttered spaces – and a winning combination of form and function create aesthetically pleasing, yet practical bedroom interiors. The combination of clean lines, a light and bright ambience, and natural materials that typify one of these rooms has enduring appeal, after all.

‘The reason people like Scandinavian bedroom ideas is because they are so versatile,’ says artist and color expert Annie Sloan. ‘There are so many varying shades of white from warm white to cool white and the great thing about decorating with it is that whatever your style of interior – be it contemporary or country – white-on-white is a scheme that is guaranteed to look chic in a Scandinavian bedroom.’

Designed by Lucie Ayres, founder of 22 Interiors, this space utilizes texture to perfection. Texture in interior design is vital, and is not simply just about how décor and soft furnishings feel, but it's also about 'visual texture' – using different materials to add interest and breathe life into a room. This is an important element of the Scandinavian design ethos.

3. Industrial 

Industrial bedroom with red headboard and black lamp

(Image credit: Future)

With their rugged looks and celebration of raw materials, industrial décor is now more popular than ever – and it is easy to see why this look is desired so highly, even now. 

The industrial look is all about versatility; this is what gives industrial interiors their unmistakable aesthetic. So, when deciding how to decorate your home, the practicality and simplicity of your chosen pieces should always be at the forefront of your mind. 

When it comes to decorating ideas and furnishings, an industrial interior should be practical and uncomplicated. Clean lines, minimalist forms and stark contrasts are a must, but this simplistic approach does not mean you have to compromise on comfort or warmth.

The mainstay of industrial design is unfussy, practical furniture with flat-fronts – it’s a sleek look and one that is ageing incredibly well. In fact, much of what we consider to be modern design dates back to the 1930s. Even the sleek, polished designs so typical of modern industrial design right now have been around since the 1960s.

Thankfully, the current trend for industrial style and minimalist décor is a far warmer affair. The clean lines and a fuss-free finish are still there but with texture, surface finish and soft color that bring character and are easy to live with. The simple lines show off clever engineering, form and finish, and the latest engineering techniques have helped give new life to materials previously out of favor.

4. Art Deco

Art Deco decor bedroom

(Image credit: Richard Powers)

Art Deco style is defined by the glamor and opulence of the early 1920s. With the advent of large-scale manufacturing, interior designers and architects wished to enhance the appearance of mass-produced functional objects. 

This trend was directly reflective of the mass usage of machine-age technology rather than handcrafted methods. Unsurprisingly, the Art Deco ethos diverged from the Art Nouveau style, which further emphasized the uniqueness of handmade objects and featured stylized forms.

Often seen in bathrooms more than any other space in the home, Art Deco has slowly started to move into bedrooms and dressing rooms. The key is to have just a few well-proportioned pieces, not multiple furnishings, which can look disparate and underwhelming. 

Here, interior designer Rebecca Hughes has used a softly patterned wallpaper idea to draw the walls in. The extra-wide bed and corresponding ottoman help to fill out the space, while a pair of large-scale matching artworks harnesses the scheme. 'Opt for three or four statement pieces, says Rebecca, 'using symmetry to add a little grandeur and subtle pattern for depth.'

5. Mid-century 

Mid century modern decor with bedroom hessian wallpaper

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

With their classic looks and pared-back style, mid-century modern decor ideas are enduringly popular – and it is easy to see why this look is revered so highly, even in the bedroom. 

Spanning the decade between the Thirties and the Seventies, these simple shapes were inspired by earlier design movements, including the Bauhaus school in Germany. Materials such as moulded plastics allowed world's best interior designers to explore new textures, colors and forms.  

For a cozier take on the open-plan look, this mid-century modern bedroom has a walk-in wardrobe finished in the same textured hessian fabric as the wall behind the bed. It’s in an apartment designed by Italian brand Cassina at the Television Centre in west London, a mid-century landmark recently revamped by architects Allford Hall Monaghan Morris. 

The warmth of the natural hessian is accentuated with wooden shelving in the dressing room, amber glass lights – Ficupala by Cassina – and a pale plush carpet, which heightens the sense of enveloping softness. But to maintain a light feel, the surrounding walls and the ceiling are simply painted in an off-white shade.

6. Bohemian

A bohemian child's bedroom with a sculptural pink and white headboard and an elephant shaped bedside lamp

(Image credit: Future)

Popular during the Seventies – when rattan furniture, clashing colors and indoor plants reigned supreme – Bohemian bedroom ideas are having something of a resurgence in the bedroom.

A good choice for the maximalist at heart, Boho style is all is all about embracing excess. Sometimes in decorating, you just need to stop worrying about what goes with what and go with the flow, follow your instincts and choose patterns, colors and furniture that make you happy – and the Bohemian bedroom is amongst the most relaxed of bedroom themes. 

Emily Henson, author of Bohemian Modern agrees: ‘The modern bohemian bedroom is a place where creativity, individuality, and a wild mix of color and pattern meet in a contemporary environment.' 

If you’re unsure, start by looking at your wardrobe as we’re usually better at expressing ourselves with fashion choices than our homes. Is it a riot of color and pattern? Then you’re probably something of a maximalist. 

7. Modern farmhouse 

farmhouse bedrooms with layered bedding and accessories

(Image credit: The Cotswold Company)

Farmhouse bedroom ideas have been having its moment in the spotlight over the past few years – and for good reason. This laid-back bedroom trend strikes the perfect balance between sophisticated and rustic; like an escape to the countryside without leaving the city limits.  

The modern farmhouse style is the perfect blend of the traditional country look with the more minimal contemporary design. Clean lines and a sleek aesthetic has been the go-to interiors style for a while, but with so much happening in the world these days, we're craving a touch of the more comforting, cozy elements for our bedrooms.

When you hear the word 'farmhouse' you might imagine the classic rustic look, perhaps slightly cluttered and without any strong design thread. This is where the 'modern' element of this style is important. Emma Sims-Hilditch, founder of Sims Hilditch comments that although people often crave the charm of a country style home, 'they also want their home to be practical and to work for their needs.'

Modern farmhouse is the contemporary take on the rustic style, so everything is tailored and thoughtful. This bedroom theme embodies comfort,' adds Emma. 'To us, modern farmhouse style is all about creating a warm interior with layers, pattern and color. One way to get this look (if budget allows) is to open up ceilings to expose the rafters and make the most of the height.'

'Keep within a fairly strict color palette, too. This will prevent the look from becoming too eclectic and rustic, and instead feel curated and considered, as one might expect from a modern bedroom.

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