Best lavender paints as chosen by designers – 6 favorite varieties of this calming, pastel color

Designers recommend these lavender paints from leading paint brands

lavender paints used in various interior schemes
(Image credit: Sasha Bikoff/Genevieve Garrupo, Betsy Wentz Interior Design/Nick Sargent, Farrow & Ball)

Decorating with lavender is a refreshing color to incorporate into the home, especially at this time of year. 

Known to have calming qualities, lavender feels reminiscent of springtime and is a go-to hue for creating slightly feminine spaces, particularly in restful spaces such as bedrooms. 

From saturated lavenders to more muted variants of this color, lavender paints vary in intensity to cater to a wide range of room types and decor styles but are generally a less intense way of decorating with purple. We asked designers for their top picks to narrow down the very best among them. 

6 best lavender paints

For any of the below lavender paint ideas, it's worth considering which colors pair best with this pastel hue. Interior designer Robin Gannon shares her top color pairings: 

'I love lavender paired with charcoal gray, cream, and olive green. These colors complement each other beautifully. Lavender tends to have a bit more gray in it – it's a little softer – and charcoal gives it some grounding. I like a really rich cream – almost like a cake batter cream – as it balances out any brightness in the lavender. And then olive green gives you a little bit of an organic element – it just feels like springtime.'

1. Peignoir, Farrow & Ball

lavender painted bedroom with traditional upholstered chair

(Image credit: Sasha Bikoff, photography Genevieve Garrupo)

'My favorite lavender paint color is Farrow & Ball's Peignoir,' says interior designer Sasha Bikoff, part of The New York Design Center Access to Design program, who used this paint color on the walls here. 'It’s a very elegant lavender that has a moody gray undertone.'

According to Farrow & Ball, this is one of the brand's most popular purple paints due to its muted quality, making it a very liveable wall color. 

Farrow & Ball's brand ambassador Patrick O'Donnell shares some of his favorite ways to style this understated lavender paint throughout the home: 'Its gentle, muted qualities look wonderful simply teamed with Strong White on your trim and ceiling, perfect for adding a touch of romantic whimsy to a kitchen scheme. Or, use Peignoir over the walls, ceiling, and woodwork in our new matt Dead Flat finish, for a cocooning room that exudes a sense of calm. Peignoir pairs beautifully with the deeper lavender of Brassica, or with the green-blue depth of Inchyra Blue for a pop of color.'

2. Queen's Wreath, Benjamin Moore

lilac powder room with traditional fixtures

(Image credit: Betsy Wentz Interior Design, photography Nick Sargent)

Benjamin Moore's Queen's Wreath is a much darker lavender paint that's a favorite for interior designer Betsy Wentz

'Queen's wreath is a soft, yet deep shade of lavender that plays well with almost every other color in the rainbow,' shares Betsy. 'Because of its depth and versatility, it’s perfect for lacquer mirrors and light fixtures. This is demonstrated in this colorful powder room, where Betsy used this lavender paint across the frame of the mirror. 

3. Dove Tale, Farrow & Ball

staircase painted lavender with yellow edging

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Interior designer, Lauren Sullivan of Well x Design recommends Farrow & Ball's Dove Tale as a favorite lavender paint: 'It’s a soft, subtle lavender with just the right amount of depth so that it doesn’t scream purple. I completely color-drenched my laundry room from floor to ceiling in this hue – and what could have been just an average, utilitarian space feels calm and welcoming instead.'

Of all the favorite lavender paints, this is the most subtle. With plenty of gray tones, this paint reads almost neutral which gives it a relaxing quality and doesn't feel at all overbearing. 

4. Iced Lavender, Benjamin Moore

purple wall with artwork and flower vase

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

'I love Iced Lavender by Benjamin Moore,' shares interior designer Kathy Kuo. 'This is a really subtle and versatile shade of lavender that has a sophisticated feel thanks to cool gray undertones. This paint pairs beautifully with French country and modern farmhouse design motifs because it takes a look that might read as a bit rustic and elevates it instantly.'

Iced Lavender is also a favorite for designer Dara Segbefia of The Zen Experience. She adds that it 'pairs harmoniously with a variety of colors, making it versatile for different design schemes.'

5. Sugared Almond, Farrow & Ball

lavender painted outdoor bench

(Image credit: Louise Hane Interior Design, Becca Bond Photography.)

Another popular lavender paint by Farrow & Ball is Sugared Almond, a slightly more saturated and playful take on this color trend.

'Farrow and Balls Sugar Almond is a refreshing color that adds a sophisticated yet whimsical personality to a space,' says interior designer Louise Hane of Louise Hane Interior Design. 'Painting furniture with this color is a creative way to incorporate the refreshing hue without committing to a whole room.'

6. Grape Mist, Sherwin-Williams

Grape Mist by Sherwin Williams

(Image credit: Sherwin Williams)

'I love Sherwin-Williams Grape Mist,' says interior designer Olivia Westboorks.  'It has a gray undertone which brings down the vibrancy. I could see this color on a cabinet paired with lilac or Calacatta Viola marble for a luxury designer look in a bathroom.'

If you're looking for a classic lavender paint color, Grape Mist is a good choice. It has just enough gray tones to ensure it's liveable throughout the home, without feeling too muted or neutral. 

Whether you're on the lookout for a muted lavender paint to act as a backdrop color, or a more vibrant lavender to make a colorful statement, these paints cover all bases and work well for so many interior design styles.

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