Best paint brands chosen by interior designers – their top picks revealed

Which paint brands do interiors professionals prefer and why? This is the scoop

Blue living room by Farrow & Ball
(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Do you want to know what the professionals use for decorating? These are the best paint brands chosen by interior designers along with their reasons for selecting them.

There’s a wide choice of paint brands on offer when you begin an interiors project in your home and assessing which is the pick of the bunch can be tough. But who better to ask about the quality of paint finishes along with factors such as the range of colors, durability, ease of application, and more?

Whether you’re painting a room yourself or bringing in a contractor to do the job, you can follow the designers’ lead with this guide.

5 best paint brands: chosen by interior designers

When you’re embarking on a room refresh, using paint that will bring great results is a must. A high-quality paint will offer great coverage and depth of color and stay looking its very best for longer. 

Specifying paint that delivers on every count is part of the decisions interior designers make every day, so we asked them to divulge what the best paint brands are and these are their insights.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Palette of the Year 2023 - North Sea Green

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Interior designer and architect Michael Dolatowski is a fan of Benjamin Moore. ‘Benjamin Moore is my go-to paint brand,’ he says. ‘Their design tools are super useful for a wide range of projects. I absolutely love the lighting feature on their website. It’s such a great way to help clients understand the depth, range, and life of color and why it’s so important to sample in the actual space. They also have such a robust range of colors I always feel I can find the right fit for my project no matter the emotion I’m trying to convey.’

Michael has some current preferences, too. ‘My favorite colors at the moment are: Berber White for a deep and stone-like white that blends incredibly well with earth tones and organic neutrals. 

‘Navy Masterpiece paired with walnut furniture and black glazed ceramic finish creates a very sexy moody space. 

‘Weekend Getaway is the most peaceful mid-tone green and clients love it.

‘Conch Shell is a fresh take on pink, an almost pencil-eraser color that can play supporting and lead roles. 

‘Dark Basalt is a color that I've been working into my projects for a while now. Try it as the finish on a custom piece of furniture like a coffee table instead of black for more depth and dimension.’

Leah Ring, principal of LA-based interior design firm Another Human, also prefers Benjamin Moore. ‘Our design process at Another Human is very color driven and we love Benjamin Moore paint in our office for the wide range of colors and the number of bright, saturated colors they offer,’ she says. 

‘The color range is very comprehensive so we can achieve soft, bold, or moody palettes all with the same paint brand which ensures a consistent quality throughout a project.’



(Image credit: Behr)

Devin Shaffer, lead interior designer at Decorilla, also likes Benjamin Moore, but he also favors Behr as a paint brand. ‘In both my residential and commercial projects, my go-to paint brands are Benjamin Moore and Behr,’ he says. ‘They not only offer an extensive range of colors but also have great quality and performance, not to mention amazing customer feedback and reviews. 

‘Behr paints have a resilience that withstands the daily wear and tear of household life, making it a top choice on projects for our clients with kids and (or) pets. Their range of finishes, from matte paint to glossy paint, allows us to tailor the paint to the specific needs of each space, be it an overly bright living room or a moisture-prone bathroom.’

Farrow & Ball

Green painted walls alongside upcycled blue drawers with flowers

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball, Breakfast Room Green No.81)

Interior designer Artem Kropovinsky selects Farrow & Ball as one of the best paint brands. ‘Farrow & Ball gives any space an air of sophistication by providing it with a depth and richness in its palette,’ he says.

‘Specifically, their darker colors, such as Hague Blue and Railings, offer a dramatic atmosphere, ideal for accent walls or statement rooms. These colors do not only provide visual appeal but also form a setting against which art and furniture stand out. 

‘The amazing aspect of Farrow & Ball paint is its coverage: impressive pigmentation, which translates into fewer coats for a lush and smooth result. Saving time is among the features of the product that not only makes it attractive but also ensures that even a DIY lover can get professional results.’

Artem Kropovinsky
Artem Kropovinsky

Based in New York, Artem Kropovinsky boasts extensive global design
experience spanning a decade. With a commitment to sustainability and
authenticity, Artem, alongside his dedicated team, undertakes projects
both in the US and internationally, earning recognition through
prestigious design awards. Artem is the founder of Arsight, an esteemed global design firm known for its expertise in residential and commercial interior design.

Ecos Paints

Living room in mint green with leather sofas

(Image credit: ECOS Paints/Max Kim-Bee)

Looking for a paint brand that emphasizes eco-friendliness. ‘I cannot say enough good things about Ecos Paints,’ says Thomas Borcherding, lead designer and owner of Homestar Design Remodel. 

‘Ecos Paints are non-toxic and have zero VOCs, ensuring you and your family maximize your health. They even have a paint line that absorbs VOCs. Their color selection is both modern and future-proof at the same time, and their pricing is fair. I strongly recommend ordering samples from them at the very least.’

JH Wall Paints

Rustic style kitchen with limewashed walls and painted cabinetry

(Image credit: Our Food Stories)

Looking for limewash? Michael Dolatowski likes JH Wall Paints. ‘They are great for limewash paints,’ he says. ‘They provide interior exterior, primer, and sealer to pull off this desirable finish. Although it’s certainly trendy, limewash paint has been around since Roman times so I think we can put it firmly into the timeless category. 

‘JH wall paints come out so beautifully matte in finish and they handle light almost like suede. We love it, especially on curved surfaces. I’ve been using 105 over 104 for a very natural and soothing stone-like finish. Also, try the 150 over 152 with white accents and styling for an unexpected and undeniably cool environment.’


What brand of paint do professional painters use?

Professional painters use a range of brands. Max Mattes, lead painter and owner of MaxPaint & Restoration, often highly recommends three, based on needs. ‘For durability and a smooth, professional finish, you can’t go wrong with Benjamin Moore paints,’ he says. ‘Their Regal line stands up well to washings, scrubbings, nicks and dings from active family spaces. It hides imperfections beautifully, too.

‘For those who live and entertain a lot and want the brightest, boldest colors on their walls, Behr Premium Plus is tough to beat,’ he continues.

‘Smaller living spaces or tight budgets tend to favor Dunn-Edwards,’ he adds. ‘Their paint spreads further than others I’ve used while providing full opaque coverage. It’s also very affordable for full home makeovers.’

As well as choosing high-quality paint, it’s vital to be sure of the right technique for painting a wall to ensure good results. If it’s color inspiration you need, living room paint ideas, bedroom paint ideas, dining room paint ideas, and bathroom paint ideas can all be a great starting point. And if you have leftovers from a project, be sure to dispose of paint safely.

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