Is modern rustic decor still on trend? We asked designers if this much-loved look is here to stay for 2024

Modern rustic decor has been incredibly popular in the world of interiors over the last few years, but will this style remain as a timeless trend?

Is modern rustic decor still on trend? Kitchen, living room and entryway
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Combining a beautiful blend of rustic farmhouse and contemporary interior design, there is much to love about a modern rustic look, but as 2023 comes to a close and we look forward to next year's interior design trends, we have asked a collection of interior designers to share their thoughts on whether this style will still remain on trend for 2024.

A modern rustic style often combines the traditional, cozy, and natural elements of farmhouse decor, such as plenty of warming wood and cozy, tactile texture, with more modern finishes and color palettes, making it a highly versatile design style that can seamlessly integrate into a whole host of spaces. 

We've asked a collection of interior designers for their take on a modern rustic aesthetic, and whether it will still prove popular for next year's interior design trends (spoiler, it's a resounding yes.)

Is modern rustic decor still on trend?

'This trend has been popular for the reason that it is an extremely flexible style, meaning it's suitable for many different decor tastes. It’s unlikely the modern rustic trend is going anywhere anytime soon, since it is so versatile and can work with a plethora of other looks,' says Brooke Burdon, chief design officer at Nathan James Home.

Brooke continues, 'Modern rustic design often incorporates natural textures like untreated wood which is blended with clean, geometric forms to infuse a modern twist. Additionally, it frequently embraces decorating with earthy colors, mainly across fabrics and paint.'

Brooke Burdon
Brooke Burdon

Brooke Burdon is the founder and CEO of homeware brand, Nathan James, based in Montreal, QC, CA, and has been working in the design industry since 2014.

entryway with wallpaper and white panelling Prescott Design

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Designer and CEO of Amos Lighting + Home, David Amos, says, 'Modern rustic decor, blending contemporary style with rustic warmth, remains a strong and enduring trend, popular for its seamless fusion of sleek finishes and natural elements like reclaimed wood. Distinct from farmhouse decor, it emphasizes cleaner lines and a more minimalist approach.

Widely embraced in recent years, this trend is likely to remain popular in 2024, with homeowners continuing to incorporate traditional lighting, reclaimed materials, and eclectic touches for a timeless and sought-after interior style.'

One of the biggest trends to come out of 2023 is how many designers and homeowners alike are using their homes to establish an elegant fusion of the old with the new, helping to create a more eclectic and unique look, and as David explains, a modern rustic style is ideal for this. 

From pairing antique furniture with contemporary room color ideas to keeping it more subtle with rustic, vintage accessories, there are no rules over which design elements need to be rustic and which need to be modern, the choice is yours.

David Amos
David Amos

David Amos founded Amos Lighting + Home in 2000, the brand specializes in selling bespoke lighting solutions and a selected range of luxurious home furnishings.

Modern rustic kitchen, pink and natural wood cabinetry

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A popular place to embrace a modern rustic look in the home is in the kitchen. These practical, busy hubs of the home are often in need of some warming, rustic design features to make them feel more cozy and inviting, but they also need to be sleek and practical, too, so a modern rustic style, which can elegantly do both, is perfect.

'While warm, modern rustic kitchens have been in style for a while now, we saw a big increase in their popularity in 2023 and are excited to keep the trend going for next year. Exposed beamed ceiling ideas, light oak kitchen cabinets, antique bronze hardware, and Zellige tile backsplashes are just a few of the ways we created this look for our clients,' says interior designer, Jennifer Verruto, founder and CEO, Blythe Interiors.

Jennifer Verruto
Jennifer Verruto

Jennifer Verruto is Founder and CEO of Blythe Interiors. Blythe Interiors has of a team in Spokane, WA, and a San Diego Design studio/showroom as well as an online shop.

Modern rustic living room, beamed ceiling, fireplace, cozy seating

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Another key feature of modern rustic decor that will be everywhere for 2024 color trends is taking inspiration from the beauty of nature and embracing earthy color palettes.

'Earth tones will reign supreme in 2024,' says Peak Petersen, interior design principal at Hoedemaker Pfeiffer. 'Warm neutrals, such as Benjamin Moore - Fossil, as well as soft greens, such as Farrow & Ball - Card Room Green, are sure to be crowd-pleasers. Other organic elements like curved cabinetry and natural stones will also be used for modern rustic kitchens.'

Keira Schultz, owner and principal designer at KS Designs also supports this and says, 'Modern rustic is still going to be relevant in 2024 with earthy, warm color palettes and layers of textures through textiles. One difference that I think we will see however is more personalization of modern rustic spaces through art and decor, like ceramics, showcasing a more curated and collected approach.'

Peak Petersen
Peak Petersen

Peak Petersen is an interior design principal at Hoedemaker Pfeiffer, and interior design and architecture studio based in Seattle, WA. Peak is an experienced interior designer with a demonstrated history of working in the residential interiors industry.

Modern rustic bedroom, beamed ceiling, cozy bed

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'The modern rustic trend will always be a popular aesthetic in the home. Homeowners are always seeking ways to embrace more natural textures while staying current. Modern rustic is a trend that captures the harmonious balance between modern functionality and timeless design. It’s all about minimalist forms and the use of reclaimed wood, evoking a sense of authenticity and connection to nature while accommodating the practical needs of contemporary living,' say Sally and Sarah Wilkie, founders of Home Barn.

Keira Schultz
Keira Schultz

Keira Schultz is an Arizona based interior designer. She has a degree in Textiles from Arizona State University and a degree in Interior Design from Northern Arizona University Magna Cum Laude. She is an Allied member of ASID and an Associate member of IIDA

Double vanity bathroom idea with wallpapered wall and gilted mirrors over

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Is rustic furniture in style for 2024?

As we have explored in this piece, modern rustic decor is very much here to stay for 2024 interior design trends, and using rustic furniture is a great way to achieve the look. 

There is so much fun to be had in decorating with antiques and decorating with vintage furniture in the home. These items are not only perfect for creating a rustic, characterful look, shopping secondhand is also wonderfully sustainable, too.

From rustic dining tables crafted from reclaimed wood, to chairs, side tables and cabinetry, there are so many options to choose from.

Our designers are in agreement that modern rustic decor is very much here to stay for future design trends, and that the style will always work to be wonderfully cozy, timeless and characterful.

For further inspiration on creating a modern rustic look in your home, we explore the ever so similar, modern farmhouse style, in our dedicated feature.

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