Lick unveils iconic ketchup-red paint color in its newest collaboration with Heinz – a bold hue for 2024

Channel your favorite condiment in your home decor with the newest Lick color

red kitchen
(Image credit: Lick)

Color-centric home décor brand Lick has announced its newest collaboration with Heinz: a new shade of paint in the iconic tomato ketchup color.

The new limited edition shade, Red HTK 57, allows homeowners and interior designers to bring the much-loved ketchup color into home decor and interior projects for a bold and playful take on design.

Although it may sound daring, the color trend has been crafted carefully to maintain balance in the home, with a range of different ways to use the color to create a timeless feel that energizes the senses. 

Red kitchen

(Image credit: Lick)

The new hue is a deep red that has been created using Lick’s unique formula and includes black and yellow undertones that help capture the iconic ketchup color. Whether used as a primary color in the home for a statement look or as an accent color for a more reserved approach, there are many ways to adopt decorating with red in the home. 

Red is a warming and rich color that is known for its ability to boost the appetite and encourage conversation, which makes it a strong color choice for social rooms in the home, such as kitchen ideas and dining room ideas

Tash Bradley, director of interior design at Lick and color psychologist explains: ‘In color psychology, red is incredibly stimulating and triggers a powerful physical response in the body. It symbolizes excitement, courage, strength, energy and warmth. When red is used in the right proportions, it really commands attention and makes an impact.’

How to use the ketchup color in your home

Red walls and radiator

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Color drenching has been noted by Lick color experts as a visually compelling way of using the new shade in the home. Bradley explains: ‘Colour drenching means wrapping a whole room with your color of choice - in this case, Red HTK 57. We’ve designed Red HTK 57 with a dose of black pigment to tone down its intensity and give you the confidence to drench all four walls and your ceiling in color.’

By contrast, if you prefer a more subtle look, opting to focus the color on the accents in a room is another expert-approved way to channel the ketchup red. 

red kitchen

(Image credit: Lick)

Red HTK 57 would make an amazing accent color,’ Bradley explains. ‘We never see color in isolation, so when red is used as an accent color against softer tones, it really stands out. Red has the longest wavelength of all the colors, meaning that it advances towards you and you’ll be drawn to it the most. With such a strong energizing quality, a pop of Red HTK 57 has the power to elevate its surroundings and uplift the whole room.’

You can also further extend the paint color to kitchen furniture for a cohesive look, as Bradley explains: 'We’ve softened the liveliest qualities of red with black, yellow and blue pigments so it doesn’t overwhelm your space - a kitchen cabinet or dining chairs would look incredible in Red HTK 57. To really tie the color into your home, I’d suggest matching a few pieces around the room - this will create a cohesive look.’


Where can I purchase Red HTK 57?

From today, the new ketchup red color is available to purchase exclusively at, for a limited time only. 

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