What is the most motivating color? What to pick if you need more oomph

Designers and color experts have their say on the most motivating color for your home

Green home office with desk and rattan chair / A dining room with a modern glass and brass chandelier with traditional cornicing painted in bright blue / Black chest of drawers on a wooden floor, walls decorated in yellow with coving and yellow curtains with pelmets
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If you are working from home, or are looking for a little more inspiration in your everyday life, you may wonder what is the most motivating color to add to your space.

Choosing the right room color ideas can have a defining impact on the final feeling of a space and can fundamentally change how you interact with a room, whether you are planning out your home office ideas or simply want more motivating living room ideas

Here, we speak to some of our favorite paint and color experts to hear their thoughts on the most motivating color for your home.

What is the most motivating color?

When it comes to motivating colors, there is no one defining color that is more motivating than others, however, there are some shades that can create a more impactful space than others, especially if you are looking for home office productivity tips.

Blue as a motivating color

A dining room with a modern glass and brass chandelier with traditional cornicing painted in bright blue

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Experts suggest that decorating with blue is one of the best ways to achieve a motivating space. Blue is an incredibly versatile color, with blue room ideas encompassing some of the most relaxing colors as well as being a color to make a room feel happy.

When it comes to choosing home office paint colors, the right blue tone can change how the color feels in the space, and picking the right undertones can create a blue that is more motivating and energizing than relaxing, suggests Natasha Bradley, director of interior design at Lick.

'When choosing a motivating color you want to select colors that increase your heart rate but that are not over stimulating,' she advises. 'We want clarity of thought. A teal-based blue is a color for the mind, for example. Going for our Teal 01 or a rich blue such as our Blue 07 which has a heavy green undertone, or Teal 04 is incredibly motivating. 

'Blues are good for your mind,' Tash continues, 'and they are good for your energy level. They also pair very well with other colors so you can easily bring in pinks or even burnt orange. Orange is a really good color for social interaction so if you are looking at doing a home office and you are on Zoom a lot, doing a dark teal or dark bluey-green color behind you with an orange accent in a chair or something like that is a really good motivating combo.'

Green as a calming yet inspiring shade

Desk with rattan chair

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The color of nature, green is yet another versatile shade that can find a place almost anywhere around the home. Decorating with green can be either calming and mindful, or vibrant and thought-provoking – both can inspire motivation and energy in different ways, however. 

'Bold, bright colors such as 'Phthalo Green’ or ‘Sage & Onions’ will create a vibrant impact, evoking energy and productivity, they are perfect for busy and fun spaces within the home, naturally lifting the mood and reflecting the energy of the space,' says Ruth Mottershead, creative director at Little Greene

'If you're looking to feel motivated by your interiors, choosing mid-toned, herby green is a good start,' continues UK director of Benjamin Moore, Helen Shaw. 'They are versatile enough to create a cozy feeling when paired with the ambient lighting, but also feel fresh and bright when we need to be productive. We’re seeing these mid-tone hues grow in popularity as the demand for spaces to have multiple purposes increases as well as the home office.'

Bright yellows to motivate 

Black chest of drawers on a wooden floor, walls decorated in yellow with coving and yellow curtains with pelmets

(Image credit: Davide Lovati)

Looking for happy room ideas to get you motivated? Yellow rooms are certainly a bold choice when it comes to decorating a whole room, however, decorating with yellow is a wonderful motivating color to add throughout your home whether it be in large swathes or small, more concentrated home decor ideas.

'Whilst yellows such as ‘Marigold’ or ‘Sunlight’ work particularly well for lifting the mood and increasing energy in a space so will be well suited to cheerful, busy spaces such as kitchens, creating a sense of warmth and happiness when you’re having your first cup of coffee, helping you feel motivated to start the day,' suggests Ruth. 'If you don’t wish to include bold color on all four walls, consider adding a burst of energy-boosting color on trim, a window frame, or a door; a single color highlight can lift the mood of the entire room.’  

How to use motivating colors

curved off white chairs, blue and green custom bookcase and marble table

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Choosing a motivating color for your home is not just about picking the best color, however, Ruth suggests. 'When decorating, it’s important to always consider how you use the space and the atmosphere you want to create; this is particularly true when it comes to choosing paint. 

The colors you choose to surround yourself with are key to determining how the space will make you feel.  Very often we feel the effects of color psychology even when it is used as a backdrop to support other textiles, accessories and design pieces. 

'Warmer and cooler tones will evoke very different feelings, but there are subtle differences too, it’s not just about considering the color, but also the brightness, the base tones, and depth of color. '

What colors make you productive?

When it comes to boosting productivity, a bright bold shade such as red can help improve your focus and inspire productivity. Red doesn't have to be bright and overwhelming, however, instead, opt for a more muted shade to invoke a positive physical response and avoid overwhelming your mind and hindering your work.

What color reduces stress?

While there are many calming colors, blue is considered one of the most relaxing shade to use in your homes. Due to its relaxing tone, blue is best suited for use in the bedroom or living room, but can also be used in a home office for an uplifting, motivating scheme. 

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