The vacuum cleaner storage mistakes that experts warn could be damaging your appliance

Keep your vacuum safely stowed by making note of these storage mistakes

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A powerful vacuum cleaner makes cleaning a breeze, but they're often a little awkward to store away. 

And because of this, there are various vacuum cleaner storage mistakes we end up making, particularly in small spaces, say experts. Vacuums are an investment, but when looked after well they will keep working for years to come. Treat them badly and you have an expensive replacement on your hands.

Avoid damaging your best vacuum or creating trip hazards by noting down these common errors, shared by cleaning experts.

Vacuum cleaner storage mistakes

The number one rule when it comes to storage ideas in any area of the home is accessibility, and given how often you should vacuum, it's good to have yours easily on hand.

An under stairs idea with a green painted cleaning cupboard

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1. Storing unsafely

Professional home organizer Laura Price says the biggest vacuum cleaner storage mistake we can make is to keep it somewhere it will get damaged. If putting it in your under stair storage means cramming it into a tight space that makes it awkward to get in and out, find somewhere else for it to go, or follow our decluttering tips to create more space. 

Ideally, your vacuum will be stored somewhere where it won't be knocked and won't keep falling over, as this will cause wear and tear over time, shortening the lifespan of your appliance. 

The Samsung Bespoke Jet Pro Extra (link takes you to our review), comes with its own cleaning station that holds it upright when not in use. This means there's no need to drill any holes in walls to mount it, as is the case with some other cordless models.

2. Choosing an inaccessible spot

Another thing that makes our lives harder when cleaning is not thinking about convenience and accessibility, continues Laura Price. 'If it's tricky to put the vacuum away, chances are it won't be!' 

Left out in the open it'll be a trip  hazard and it takes up precious floor space in high traffic areas.

So keep your vacuum in a closet that's easy to reach. If it's near a power outlet, all the better, unless you have one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners or are just using a smaller handheld vacuum for a quick clean. 

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser | $79.95 at Amazon

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser | $79.95 at Amazon
The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is a great small handheld vacuum for removing embedded dirt and pet hair from upholstery thanks to its motorized brush tool.
What's more, Bissell donates $5 to pet charities with every purchase. 

3. Not using a wall-mounted hook

'Use a wall-mounted bracket to keep it off the floor and out of the way,' advises Karina Toner, from Spekless Cleaning. 'This not only saves floor space but also protects the vacuum from being knocked over or damaged.' 

This is great for models with a vacuum hose as it stop it from resting coiled up. Inexpensive garage wall utility hooks, at Amazon are a good option.

4. Forgetting to clean it beforehand

vacuum cleaner filter filled with dust

Change the vacuum dust filter regularly to keep your machine functioning properly

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'Remember to properly clean and maintain your vacuum before storing it to prolong its lifespan and ensure it's ready to use the next time you need it,' recommends Karina Toner. Empty out the vacuum bag, clean the filter regularly, and remove excess dust and dander from the floor head before putting it away.

To keep your vacuum dust-free between uses, you could consider purchasing a vacuum cleaner storage bag, at Amazon. This will also protect it from scratches.


Can you keep a vacuum in the garage?

'While it might seem like a good idea, it's not recommended unless your garage is climate-controlled,' comments Karina Toner. 'If it's not, you risk damaging the vacuum's motor and other components due to extreme temperatures and humidity. 

'If you absolutely must store your vacuum in the garage, make sure it's in a dry, protected area and shielded from direct sunlight,' she said. We would also recommend storing it near the dor to the house so it's within easy reach.

What is the best place to store a vacuum cleaner?

'In my experience, the ideal spot to store a vacuum cleaner is a cool, dry place. I personally like to keep mine tucked away in the laundry room, where it's out of sight but still within easy reach,' says cleaning expert Jenna Shaughnessy. 'The laundry room is a great spot because it's shielded from sunlight and moisture, which helps prevent any potential damage to the vacuum.'

Jenna Shaughnessy

Jenna Shaughnessy is the founder of the e-design business and lifestyle blog, Jenna Kate at Home. Her goal is to help her clients and readers achieve a healthy, beautiful home no matter the budget. 

We never want our vacuum cleaners to take up unnecessary space in our living spaces, but they're often bulky and hard to store away. Finding a dedicated spot for them will make weekly cleans easier, just avoid storing under the bed if possible, as no one needs a reminder of chores before heading to bed.

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