Five key bathroom designs you can plan from your sofa

Are you a maximalist, monochrome maven or traditional devotee?

With the nation set to spend more time indoors than ever before, now is our opportunity to hunker down, settle in and start planning a new renovation project. It can really boost your mood to have something to look forward to by planning out future projects - and these dream bathroom designs are the perfect inspiration.

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Whilst booking in the contractors might not be the first thing on your radar in the current climate, getting an idea of the design, colour scheme and mood will give you a head start. On this occasion, long lead times are actually a bonus – normally, you would have to wait a few months before a bath is delivered – whereas now, it works in your favour to get extra-organised.

One big project that is often postponed is the bathroom. Many interior designers stress that the bathroom is actually the one room you should aim to finish first. And, more importantly, to finish it well. It goes without saying that a wonderful bathroom to wipe off the muck from other projects will be greatly appreciated later on.

Whether you’re looking for a simple and serene spa space or all-out-colour sensation - we’ve rounded up a selection from iconic brands Victoria + Albert Baths and Bisque Radiators to get you planning for that dream bathroom.

5 stylish bathrooms you can plan from your sofa:


If you’re looking for a timeless colour scheme that exudes effortless style, then a monochromatic look could be your answer. The new 100% matte finish from Victoria + Albert is an easy way to create a serene, calming and spa-like sensation without the use of colour.

Bathroom designs

(Image credit: Victoria + Albert)


Stark white bathrooms not for you? Brighten up your bathing space with pops of colour to add a playful sense of fun. Victoria + Albert recently introduced 194 RAL colourways to its existing portfolio of products, offering over 25,000 different variants across its entire collection of freestanding baths and basins. Meanwhile, Bisque Radiators has enjoyed a long history of experimenting with colour, thanks to its colour-match service, which can cater to anything from Farrow & Ball to Little Greene.

bathroom designs

decorative panel radiator.
(Image credit: Bisque)


Maximalist design is all about more. More colour, more texture, more finishes. It’s a design that naturally lends itself to building a unique and eclectic style. Thanks to Victoria + Albert’s 194 RAL colourways and Bisque’s bespoke colour matching service, the colour combination possibilities are endless.

(Image credit: Victoria + Albert)


Period properties with outstanding original features deserve a bathroom to match. Traditional roll topped baths, like Victoria + Albert’s Cheshire, paired with vintage fittings are an ideal combo for this look. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that a period theme limits the use of modern designs. Take Bisque’s Quill radiator here, a super modern chrome rad, which melds perfectly into this traditional space.


(Image credit: Victoria + Albert)


With restrictions on travel getting tighter each day, why not bring the world to you and draw inspiration from lands afar by introducing well-travelled treasures into your bathing space?Victoria + Albert’s pristine white baths are the perfect centrepiece to start building a collection of eclectic accessories around. Think plenty of Nordic inspired wood, a Persian rug, Moroccan tiles and plenty of plants - then you’re good to go.


(Image credit: Murphy Design)

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