Best Buy's Outlet Event - deals better than Amazon Prime Day?

Best Buy is hosting a sales event for the whole of October. There will be 50% off appliances and tech for a month. That might be better than Prime Day

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Best Buy's Outlet Event is the place to go if you're looking for a new large appliance. I've seen thousands taken off household brands, including LG and Samsung. I promise you won't find prices like this anywhere else. That's a personal promise.

Whilst Amazon Prime Big Deals Days promise some incredible early discounts on small appliances, they won't rival Best Buy's large appliance deals. As a shopping expert, I couldn't resist taking a look at what Best Buy has to offer. Whether you're looking to replace your washing machine, dishwasher, or something smaller, this is the place to look.

It's worth saying that these discounts come on refurbished appliances, but, in many ways, that's better than buying brand-new. Refurbishing an appliance means that it functions like a fresh model, but you have also saved surplus, unnecessary waste from entering into the environment. 

If the Prime Day deals don't have what you're looking for, I'd recommend taking a look at these excellent deals. 

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Best Buy's Outlet Even is here for one month only. Our shopping experts have been through every single deal, finding the best ways to save you thousands of dollars. If you're keen to get shopping for yourself, here are the places to visit:

Best refrigerator deals


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Refrigerators are at the heart of every kitchen. Not only are they the aesthetic focal point, they keep your food fresh. The best refrigerators are efficient, smart, practical, and reliable. With thousands to save, these are the biggest discounts available on refrigerators at Best Buy.

Samsung Bespoke French Door| Was $2,789.99

Samsung Bespoke French Door| Was $2,789.99, now $1,999.99 at Best Buy
Made from stainless steel, this smart refrigerator can cover all your kitchen needs. It has a water dispenser and ice maker, perfect for large families. The huge $790 discount is not to be missed.

LG French InstaView| Was $2,899.99

LG French InstaView| Was $2,899.99 , now $1,499.99 at Best Buy
With savings of $1,400, this is an incredible deal. The useful door is perfect for all your drinks; you can access them without opening up and heating up your refrigerator. 

Frigidaire Gallery 4 Door| Was $3,799.99

Frigidaire Gallery 4 Door| Was $3,799.99, now $2,049.99
This incredibly useful fridge-freeze is a popular option at Best Buy. It has 21 cubic feet of capacity and four useful doors, giving you easy access to the range of adjustable shelves. The stylish design will seamlessly blend into any kitchen.

Best dishwasher deals

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I think dishwashers are some of the most unappreciated appliances in the home. They can save you hours of washing up, delivering sparkly, clean, and dry dishes in super-quick time. These are some of the best dishwashers on the market, it just so happens that they're discounted heavily too.

LG Top Control Tub Washer| Was $1,499.99

LG Top Control Tub Washer| Was $1,499.99 , now $649.99 at Best Buy
Post-party cleanup has never been so easy than with this washer. It has QuadWash technologies, using an extra two spray arms to ensure a thorough wash of your grubbiest dishes. It comes with a useful app for tracking wash cycles, too.

Samsung Front Control| Was $719.99

Samsung Front Control| Was $719.99 , now $449.99 at Best Buy
Simple and easy to use, this dishwasher is all about convenience. The third rack and recessed handle makes this an effortless clean. It's also super quiet, with a 51 dBA silent setting - just read the reviews if you don't believe it.

GE Top Control Tub Washer| Was $809.99

GE Top Control Tub Washer| Was $809.99 , now $499.99 at Best Buy
Silently efficient, this dishwasher is all about subtle cleanliness. It has a fingerprint resistant finish and a hidden control panel, perfect for a sleek finish. The speed wash setting takes under an hour and is incredibly effective too. With nearly $500 off the price, it's a must-have.

Best washing machine and dryer deals

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These are some of the best washing machines and dryers on the market. They are easy to use, with excellent capacity. It helps that they are sleek and smart operators too. We've researched these extensively, so can guarantee that they'll be excellent investments. 

Samsung 7.5 Cu.Ft Stackable Dryer| Was $1,034.99

Samsung 7.5 Cu.Ft Stackable Dryer| Was $1,034.99 , now $319.99 at Best Buy
A $715 saving is hard to believe. Samsung's stackable dryer is incredible. It's really smart looking and functional too; this dryer has 12 pre-set cycles and 10 extra options. Don't miss this deal.

LG Front Load Washer| Was $1,649.99

LG Front Load Washer| Was $1,649.99 , now $599.99 at Best Buy
Incredibly effective and super-smart, this stackable washer is fitted with TurboWash technology and an intelligent ThinQ app. The 5.0 cu. ft capacity means it's well-suited for large households, especially with $1,090 off.

Samsung High Efficiency Washer| Was $899.99

Samsung High Efficiency Washer| Was $899.99 , now $359.99 at Best Buy
Top load washers are really useful to have in your laundry room. It has an ActiveWave Agitator which ensures the most thorough cleaning cycles. It has 10 presets, a 4.4 cu ft capacity, and over $500 off the retail price.

Best small appliance deals

An air fryer on a wooden countertop

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Sales periods are the best times to refresh your kitchen. Whether it's investing in a nice-to-have extra or a need to have appliance, there's plenty on offer. Compared to the large appliance sales, these deals are modest. However, we did still want to share them with you, so here they are.

Ninja Professional Plus Blender | Was $219.99

Ninja Professional Plus Blender | Was $219.99, now $181.99 at Best Buy
This is our favorite blender/food processor combination. With a huge 72 oz capacity and five speed settings, it can cover all your basic blending needs and so much more.

Ninja Foodi 6-In-1 |  W

Ninja Foodi 6-In-1 | Was $199.99, now $179.99 at Best Buy
This is the air fryer that all of our experts use. The dual baskets mean that you can fry, roast, broil, bake, reheat, and dehydrate two different foods at the same time. $20 isn't a huge discount, but a saving is a saving. Plus, this isn't yet reduced at Amazon.

Keurig K-Select Single| Was $149.99

Keurig K-Select Single| Was $149.99 now $99.99 at Best Buy
Keurigs don't make the best coffee in the world, but this is a good bet for an unfussy dose of caffeine. This compact option is one of the best investments you can make, especially if you're looking for space-saving options. The $50 saving makes this a bargain.

Breville Barista Express | Was $699.05

Breville Barista Express | Was $699.05, now $685.95 at Best Buy
This is one of the best espresso machines on the market. Complete with pre-infusion technology and temperature sensors, it's an essential for aspiring baristas, though this is hardly the best deal you'll ever see. 

You can find out more in our Breville Barista Express review.

KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer | Was $329.99

KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer | Was $329.99, now $294.99 at Best Buy
There's no rivalling KitchenAid and their iconic stand mixers. The Classic is the predecessor to the Artisan, and while not quite as good, it's far cheaper. This model is great for everyday baking. A $35 discount isn't huge, but it does make this the cheapest KitchenAid on offer.

All the detail is our full KitchenAid Classic stand mixer review.


Is it worth buying in Best Buy's sale?

Best Buy's sale has discounts of over $1,000 on some luxury appliances, so it is full of incredible investments. It's always worth comparing prices across sites, but that's what I'm here for. All these appliances have my guarantee. They're excellent deals.

Is Best Buy's sale better than Amazon Prime's Big Deal Days?

For large appliances, I would recommend shopping in Best Buy's sale instead of Amazon. However, if you're looking for big discounts on your favorite small appliance sales, Amazon Prime Big Deals Days has some unbeatable discounts with plenty more to come.

Final thoughts

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Best Buy's appliance sale is packed with incredible deals. If you're shopping for a large appliance over Amazon Amazon Prime's Big Deals Days, this is the best place to pick up a bargain. All of these appliances are refurbished, but they work like brand new. You can save thousands of pounds on household brands, such as LG and Samsung, so there's no reason to hesitate. Now is the time to buy and these are the appliances to invest in. If you're looking for something smaller, there's no harm in looking at our Amazon deals pages too; they're curated by our shopping experts.

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