Cardi B embraces the 'mega island trend' in her kitchen – we just can't get over its size

The musician just made the most impressive statement we've seen this year (so far) – but is it replicable in our kitchens?

Cardi B
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Last weekend, rapper Cardi B shared a look at her new kitchen island, and, if we're honest, it's taken us a few days to get over the sheer size of her new statement piece. 

'My kitchen island is soooo big!' Cardi announced, and she wasn't joking. We're yet to see an island of such scale elsewhere – and the best part? It's not even finished yet. The rapper, who unveiled the island on Twitter, was seen strutting on the black and white feature piece, and of course, her followers were equally as impressed. 'What island? ... that's a stage,' commented one user. 'It's a runway,' said another.

The book-matched marble kitchen island is undoubtedly the statement piece in Cardi B's space (perhaps her entire home)  – and it beautifully complements the rest of her luxe black and white kitchen color scheme – most notably her similarly-hued marble backsplash

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However, how does an island of this size translate to our homes? And, dare we ask if these pieces could define future kitchen trends?

'While we're seeing many "chopped" kitchen islands coming through that save space in smaller rooms, in a kitchen as spacious as Cardi B's, choosing the right size kitchen island can be done with more of a flourish,' says Lucy Searle, Editor in Chief of Homes & Gardens

'Typically, there is a sizing rule that says an island should only take up 10% of your kitchen's floor space, though I suspect this exceeds this. However, the dramatic book-matched finish makes it a real focal point, elevating Cardi's monochromatic color scheme and offering ample room for food preparation, eating – and, of course, hosting. I love how it's centered across from the gold cooker hood, too.'

Principal designer Elizabeth from Elizabeth P. Lord Residential Design LLC agrees. However, she warns that it is essential to consider the size of our rooms before overwhelming it with a large island.

In Cardi B's home, the size works because her kitchen is spacious, meaning it doesn't look disproportional. Though, we need to tread more carefully when working with small kitchens

'Massive kitchen islands are an absolute focal point and an asset… in the right kitchen. It has to meet the scale of the exterior and surrounding spaces,' she says.

'A kitchen with height and square footage can accommodate a large island, which can be multipurpose and functional for a space. But if the island size is too big for the room, it can look overwhelming and out of place.'

Erin Fearins
Erin Fearins

Erin Fearins is a partner and lead interior designer, Erin Fearins, at Studio SFW.  Her design and architecture firm has designed, renovated, and decorated homes in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, and beyond New York. Described as an accomplished practice with a decidedly southern sensibility, Studio SFW brings to its work more than two decades of collaborative creativity and hands-on design development and implementation.

'Wow, that's some island! It does seem to be catching on, though. I see more and more huge islands like that these days,' says Erin Fearins, the lead designer at Studio SFW.

'The fear in the past was that it might be difficult to reach the center of such a big island rendering it useless space – but I see it as a way to keep beautifully displayed items out to be enjoyed while not right in your way. It's an excellent way for someone to display a collection of majolica, for instance. Or in a sunny kitchen, it's a beautiful place for herbs grown in gorgeous antique terracotta pots,' she says. 

Cardi B

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'I feel like Cardi is more likely to favor a dramatic display, perhaps a structural flower arrangement or even a piece of sculpture,' concludes Lucy Searle. 'Whatever you display on an island of this size and in such a dramatic material, it has to be unapologetic.'

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