7 expert tips for decorating your guest bedroom post-lockdown

Transform your spare room into a stylish retreat...

The day many of us have been waiting for is arriving this weekend; we are now allowed to host family and friends in our homes. Apart from the joy of entertaining for all of those hosts with the most, it’s time to make sure the guest bedroom is ready to do justice to your long-awaited visitors.

Here are the top tips that will help you transform this dormant room back to its former glory.


'Whether it’s the spare room or a sofa in the living room, the area should be clean and cool (between 16-21 degrees), and guests should be able to make it as dark as possible,' informs Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, Silentnight’s sleep expert. 'If you don’t have blackout curtains, why not get them an eye mask ahead of their stay.'

guest bedroom post-lockdown

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'Whether your door has stayed closed, the children have been den making, or it’s become a glorified laundry room, your guest room will need a good clean and sort out,' says Jo James, founder of Bedfolk. 'Give all soft furnishings a wash, dust surfaces and bookcases, clear up any clothes, vacuum the carpet, open a window and make the bed up with fresh bed linen.'

'Preparation is more important than ever – bedrooms and bathrooms can be hotbeds for germs, so making sure you are taking precautions and cleaning regularly and efficiently between guests is essential at this time,' says James Montgomery-Castle,Soak&Sleep’s in-house Sleep Expert. 'There are some simple things you can do to make your life easier when hosting guests, like using mattress protectors, duvet protectors and pillow protectors which means you can really deep clean your spare bed when your guests go home.'


'Reward your cleaning efforts with some luxurious bedding that will wrap visitors in comfort and calm,' explains Jo. 'No-one enjoys sleeping on scratchy or worn out sheets that have been on the main bed for ten years before being relegated to the guest room. An added bonus to perfect bedding is that your guests may feel so comfortable that they miss breakfast – extra sleep for you!

'A hotel style percale cotton, is ideal to extend a real feeling of hospitality. Classic has a crisp and cool quality that you find in boutique hotels, making it an absolute hit with guests.'

guest bedroom post-lockdown

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Not everyone sleeps at the same temperature during the night. Cater to everyone’s needs and make your guest bedroom extra comfortable and easily personalised by layering the bed with blankets, throws, and pillows. Guests can then tailor the bed to their liking and personal comfort.

Different bedding styles can also feel different in terms of warmth so it’s worth knowing what will suit your room or home. Percale cotton is cooler to the touch and is suited to hot sleepers, whilst sateen cotton has a naturally heavier drape, making it ideal for those that feel cold in the night. The addition of a natural linen sheet can satisfy both sides of the camp as it is a natural insulator to trap more heat under a duvet at the same time as being temperature regulating and comfortable to sleep under on its own.

guest bedroom post-lockdown

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'It’s the little touches that really make the difference. Calming bedside lights rather than a glaring bright overhead light,' says Jo. 'A carafe of water with glasses on the bedside and a towel on the end of the bed. Storage if guests are staying for longer than one night will help them live in organised harmony. Bathroom spares for forgotten essentials. A flickering candle on a nightstand to relax and aid good sleep, books and magazines to help them wind down well and a universal phone charger to avoid the dreaded dead battery – these touches will make guests feel welcome as soon as they arrive.'

guest bedroom post-lockdown

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Encourage your guests to kick back and leave their shoes and the door, ideally swapping to slippers or bed socks. There is some evidence that germs can spread on the soles of shoes so you don’t want them being padded through your home. Instead, have a basket at the front door where outside shoes can be left and welcome your guests with their indoor footwear.

guest bedroom post-lockdown

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One thing that’s not going to go away for a while is the need to handwash as frequently as possible. Invest in some nice hand soap and leave out some fluffy hand towels and encourage your guests to freshen up as they move around your home.

guest bedroom post-lockdown

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